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Author Topic: Violet's Ideas: Romance, Adventure, kink, and the unknown (M for any) (MF, MM)  (Read 1913 times)

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Offline violetchiralityTopic starter

 I want to play a male in a MxF or MxM role play.
I am interested in a romantic or vanilla role play, though I fine with most scenarios so long as there is some emotional connection between the Characters. (sex and smut is good, but I want some story too)
I am also sometimes interested in transformation and fantasy, also hyper
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
hyper=extra large penises or breasts; huge cock, large penis, big dick, hyper cock, etc.
(transformation/ hyper is not necessary, if you are not a fan)
I am not too picky about details of character or worlds, but you can check my ons and offs
I prefer to play intelligent characters who explore their world.
I love to build lore/worlds from scratch with my rp partner, if they like that.
With any scenarios I am willing to alter or discuss things, and feel free to message me with your ideas.
(Most of these scenarios can be MxM or MxF, or altered to be)
(If you like a scenario that's taken message me, I may still be interested)

 Pictures that could inspire a role-play or influence a character
Favorite!   Love sexy nerds!     male or female    character or partner
Sexy Pictures

NSFW *comic  ;D Would love to do an RP based off of this MxF

Possible scenarios, but I am open to suggestions
Romance in the Harry potter world 
    Handsome nerd and lover  ;D M nerd x any    can go lots of directions
Explorers Romance
Can be steam punk, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, other. My character is an explorer/scientist, yours is your choice. While exploring the wonders of the world/universe a romance develops. Definitely room for fetishes, if desired.

Nerd and Jock
James is tall and handsome but shy and nerdy. James tutors one of the college athletes to make some money, but they don't seem to get along. One day The athlete invites James to run who reluctantly accepts. The athlete glimpses the 13 inches James is packing in the locker room, and their relationship begins to change.
angel x demon
  Nahir walked down the sidewalk whistling. A small boy ran out into the road and the driver of the car coming down the road was on the cellphone and didn’t see him. Nahir entered their minds in dark whispers. “Run left,” he said to the boy. “Swerve right,” he said to the driver. He sighed in relief as they did as he suggested and no one was hurt.
      A figure formed from the shadows in front of him. Oh no, he thought. Someone must have seen that. It was a demon. Large horns curved from the forehead, sharp teeth glittered in the mouth, bat wings hung from its back, and cold black eyes stared at him. “Another good deed,” it said.
    “No it wasn’t, the boy can’t sin if he’s dead. We would have lost a lifetime of sins,” Nahir said without much conviction.
      “Bah, you haven’t spread evil or brought us souls in millennia,” said the demon.
     “That’s not true. I tempt people every day with this body. I’m sure quite a few people have to go masturbate after seeing me. And I got them to put that statue with the huge cock in the public park,” Nahir said.
   The demon sighed. “Watch yourself, ‘Human’” And it disappeared.
      Human, that was supposed to be derogatory among demons, but it didn’t bother Nahir. He basically looked human and acted human. But he wasn’t. And because of that he was lonely. He didn’t fit with the other demons, he knew that. He could probably find a human lover he could appreciate, but there might be repercussions and he didn’t want to corrupt  or taint anyone. And in what was a very short time to him they would die and He would be both heartbroken and alone. (He was cursed to inhabit the mortal world for eternity)

Name: Eros
    Most angels are as pure as white silk, Eros must have been used to wipe up someone’s lipstick.
         Eros is an old angel and been known by many names, Cupid and Eros among them.
Eros is handsome with blue eyes, high cheek bones, full sculpted lips and a prominent but delicate jaw. Despite being ageless and masculine many of his features suggest youth and effeminate qualities. His sandy brown hair goes to his neck.  He used to go around naked but humans frown on that now. Now he wears a sexy white silk suit. He ditched the Bow for a handgun tranquilizer dart gun, but it’s mostly symbolic anyway.  He’s supposed to encourage love and he does, but he doesn’t mind throwing in a little lust.


Name: Nahir
   Nahir is a fallen angel, most fell from heaven, Nahir probably fell from a step ladder.
    Nahir is very tall and handsome with blue eyes, high cheek bones, full sculpted lips and a strong square jaw. He has small horns protruding from his dark hair, and when he is visible to humans often wears a stylish fedora to ensure they are concealed. He hides his long spade tail down his trousers leg, but that’s not the only thing he hides. Nahir sometimes wears stylish glasses, as a demon he doesn’t need them to see, but he thinks they make him look bright.

Mermaid and Human romance
It is the early 1800's, the age of discovery. The survey ship is headed to Copenhagen to resupply before it continues on its global journey. There is a loud thump on the deck. "Oi, get Doc," someone shouts.  After a few minutes a tall young man with blue eyes and windblown brown hair comes up. He doesn't have the air of a sailor, nor the dress.
   "OK, Jon what is it? Are you drunk already? It's not even noon yet," he says.
   "No sir Doc, I's just slipped is all. You hit yer head on the doors and rigging all the time," said Jon.
    "You're right I do," he said with a smile on his handsome square jawed face." But be careful. I may be the medic, but I am also the ships naturalist and I would rather be stitching up specimens, than you lot." Then He carefully cleaned and bandaged the wound.
     Another commotion rose from some of the sailors who were fishing. "What is it now?" he said.
     "I's a girl caught in the net," yelled a sailor.
      "What is she doing out here? nevermind, just pull her up. carefully." The men manage to pull her up, and she still seems alive, but injured. He's saved drowning men many time before. He puts his lips to hers and breaths out, but something isn't right. Her lungs don't fill up, the air is escaping form somewhere else. Her neck? gills? Puzzled he takes a better look at her then he did in his haste. "Dear God," he whispers, "a mermaid."

Virgin Incubus MxF, MxM
Raymond is a 20 year old nerd. And he's still a virgin. This isn't necessarily surprising, except that Raymond is actually an Incubus. Can you help Raymond change that? He doesn't want your soul, just your heart.

Island love
Two people get stranded alone on an island. Is it a bit cliché? yes. Does it still make for great stories? yes
Very open scenario. May not like each other to start, but that may change.  Should be fun. MxF or MxM

DiscWorld Romance
A romance set in Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Absurdity will ensue. 

Sci-Fi romance (multiple body individuals)
I've read sci-fi  stories where a single person can have multiple bodies with their minds linked together, either clones or all different. This makes an interesting situation where a loving monogamous relationship can include orgies and harems. It makes for an interesting story and dynamic.

Sci-Fi romance (MMF marriage)
It's the future, and equal marriages between more than one partner are accepted. You have the aloof intellectual, the cute hung one, and the strong female. It makes for an interesting dynamic in mundane life and between the sheets. 

Man in the high castle romance (alt history)
The US is split into the Japanese ruled pacific states and the greater american reich run by the Nazis after the Axis powers won WWII. (a mxm story would be particularly interesting considering it would be illegal and punishable by euthanization.) 

The Rings
Mitch had someone he always had his eye on, but he didn't think they saw him. When perusing a creepy old antique shop for good deals, he saw a pair of strange looking rings, labeled love rings. The ancient man said that they caused two people who wore them to fall in love. He figured it was crap, but they were cheap so he bought them. He gives one to his crush anomalously, and wears the other. He's excited when he sees the other person wearing theirs. But things start to get weird when he seems to be getting taller, and he remembers that his crush likes tall guys. Then he notices his crushes eyes are now blue from their original brown, and he has a thing for blue eyes.

Alice in wonderland MxF, MxM
   Alice is older, an adult now, and finds herself back in wonder land. But it's not the same Wonderland she remembers. It seems to have matured along with her. Eat Me? It still makes you larger, just not all of you. Will she make it home? Maybe. Maybe she'll even find a little romance.
   A great silly setting for a fun romance, with great potential for transformation.
 (I could be another character like the Mad Hatter, or it can be Alex in wonderland if you prefer.)

World of "corruption of champions"
Roleplay in the World of "corruption of champions", a porn text game featuring transformation.  -play game

World of Claves: midnight marauder  MxM
homosexual erotica stories featuring magic, transformation, and hyper
 see link to read stories,_the_midnight_marauder

Sci-Fi romance (genetic engineering)
It's the future, the stars are colonized, and genetically engineered humans are the norm.It can make interaction between different groups of humans a challenge, that's to say nothing of romance and lovemaking   

Size Queen
Jeff was secretly a major size queen. He'd never acted on it, though. It didn't help that he was a shy awkward virginal bisexual nerd. He's recently moved to a new town, and he hasn't made any new friends yet. But his horizons are about to be stretched, along with other things.
mad scientist and assistant/subject
   Adventuring: Wizard and warrior
   Warehouse 13- OC roleplay
    Dr. Jekyl/ Mr. Hyde
Axis Hetalia
     America x Britain
     America x Japan
     America x any
Cowboy bebop
Deathnote - I'd love to play L

I will do fandom, but greatly prefer OC's    * means canon characters fine
Star trek
Warehouse 13
How to train your Dragon *older
Almost Human
Avatar: LAB, or LoK
Mass Effect
Dragon age
We can work out the details.
  If you are interested you can pm me, if you have general questions PM me or post here.
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Offline violetchiralityTopic starter

Re: romance, fantasy, sci-fi roleplay, possibly hyper, m seeks f or m
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2014, 10:03:05 PM »
Heavily updated. Cleaned up. number of new ideas and pictures.

Offline violetchiralityTopic starter

Re: romance, fantasy, sci-fi roleplay, possibly hyper (m seeks f or m)
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2014, 02:25:16 AM »
Cleaned up. Updates. Added new scenarios and pictures.

Offline violetchiralityTopic starter

Re: Romance and Adventure (MxM, MxF ; m seeks f or m)
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2014, 11:39:45 AM »
General clean up. Added new scenario. looking for rp's.

Offline violetchiralityTopic starter

Re: Romance and Adventure (M seeks F or M characters)
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2014, 11:18:21 PM »
I've been away from the site for a while, but I'm going to try starting back. I'm looking for Rp's now, but probably only one or two; currently I'm doing none. So feel free to message me.

Online Usani

Re: Romance and Adventure (M seeks F or M characters)
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2014, 01:21:30 AM »
I am a huge Hetalia fan so I give you a friendly bump! :3

Offline violetchiralityTopic starter

Re: Romance and Adventure (M seeks F or M characters) (MxF, MxM)
« Reply #6 on: January 03, 2016, 11:22:32 PM »
I've been away from the site for a while, but I'm going to try starting back. I'm looking forward to rping on Elliquiy again. I'm looking for Rp's now.
I've added a few more rp ideas as well.
So feel free to message me.