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Author Topic: Darklink's Desire(Bondage to Non-con)  (Read 445 times)

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Darklink's Desire(Bondage to Non-con)
« on: December 15, 2013, 05:06:08 AM »
About me:
I'm a person who is consider by many to be Calm and Carefree. I enjoy Casual role-playing, Reading, Writing, Video games, Action movies, and Anime. I'm capable of posting 2-4 paragraphs on average,at least one or twice a day. I am a patience man,and expect patients in return. I'm also a guy who hate to fail someone,so if you think that there something that needs fixing please let me know,I"ll try to work with you if i can,just don't go overboard and change the whole plot.

My excpections:
Other then patients i expect you to post at least 2 or 3 lines when possible,and to at least try me if you want to drop the rp.
I also would mind if the other person I'm playing with happen to be a male as long he doesn't try to make it a MxM roleplay.

Yes's,maybe's,and hell no's
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
modern day setting
Asian influences
mythology(Big fan)
Bondage(tying or being tied)
S and M
Orgasm Denial
sexual toys
multiple orgasm's
lesbian action


Enemas: Though i like the idea of someone getting something stocked up there butt and humiliation I"m not a big fan of scat;Therefore I will allow this in my rp if you can agree to skip the part you know what happens.

Pissing: Humiliation and humiliation purposes only, nothing else.

Mutilation,Ambulation,Gore,and Violence: Use only for combat and plot purposes only, please don't Mutilation my character for sexual purposes.


The Assassins Creed Fantasy Version(Based on the Assassin's Creed franchise)Bondage

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Backstory(feel free to skip if you know what this series is about.):
Long since civilization have been establish, Long since history have been recorded two sides had fought against each other a continuous, recondite war. One side wishes for all intelligent lifeforms to be remain free to live with there choices, while the other wish to control all living beings in order to create a new world order. Both sides are rarely heard of by common people since both sides had fought in secret,most by assist in wars of other groups.

In today day in age these who fight for control are known by the other side as the Templar's. This side ruled entire kingdoms from the shadows and had sparked wars in order to establish their goals, while those who fight for peace are Known by the other side as Assassins. This side fights for peace and freedom, had bought a premature end to many of those who abused their power.

Setting: The Event of this role-player will take place in a fantasy world full of mythological creature such as Elves,Nekoes,and fairies during a Renaissance like Era.

The plot: YC is a descended of the assassins, who live a common life until her whole family was execute for crimes they did not commit, YC manage to escape but not before the guard find her and try to arrest her for her crime her family commit against the kingdom. That where my Role comes in, MC saves your by killing the guards and teaches YC how to become a Assassin so she could fulfill the duty of her heritage and get revenge on the the ones responsible for dishonoring and killing her family.

Crime and punishment(a Sci-fi BDSM rp, Non-con)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the near future there are complains from the public that all the correctional facility are doing is housing convicted felons until their sentence have been fulfilled before they can commit the same crime that landed them in prison the first time, so to respond to the public the Government decide to test a new system where a repeat offender is given a shorter sentence,by there are sent to a secret prison where repeat offence are torture,humiliated,and possible raped in order to brake them so they wouldn't do it again,and wouldn't you know it your character happen to be one of the repeat offenders sent to MC care....

Abducted by alien women(Sci-fi,fendom,NC)Craving.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character was minding his(or her) owned business When all of a sudden he was blinded by a bright light. When found himself bound to a metal table, on a alien space ship inhabit by peaceful all female alien race who want to learn about him through a series of conversations, experiments, and of course sexually activist.

To catch a imp.(Who human size) (Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance, Bdsm) craving
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There this creature from the netherworld called a imp;which is a lower class demon that cause misfortune to happen in the world of the living. though most of them are not evil they are naughty and creatures that use there magic to to plank people causing all kind of mischief and for that reason paid to caught one causing problems in small town,after he catches her he ties her up,punishes her,and later decides to keep her as a pet.

Important note Note: the Imp would be mostly humanoid.

The Princess' Pet(FxF, slavery, Fantasy)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is a theft who thought she could get away from stealing from one of country most powerful family,she turn out to be dead wrong. After being captured by the guards she was tortured,before being put in cell where she was found by the daughter of the king. The daughter quickly took in interest and convince her father to her keep the theft as her slave.

More ideas coming soon.

Other plots
Master X Anthro
Master X Enslave anthro
Master x slave
Kidnapper X princess
Demon Prince X human prince
Prince/Princess x imprison enemy solder.
Vampire x Human

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Re: Darklink's Desire(Bondage to Non-con)
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permitted bump plus revised.