Showing Off [m/m]

Started by traci80, December 14, 2013, 08:00:34 AM

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  A sixteen year-old boy in love with video games decides to go and see Mr. Wood about the advertisement on the school bulletin board searching for someone to model for his art class. It offered twenty dollars for each class he posed for. He would be wearing a tiny Speedo. Sure he had been naked before in front of other boys in the shower after gym, but this time all eyes would be on him for most of an hour. It was an all boys school so at least there would be no girls. Mr. Wood told him if this went well he knew the photography club teacher was looking for a model and paid even more.

  The teen thinks of himself as straight. He has had a few girlfriends but the relationships haven't lasted long. He hasn't gone further than kissing. He finds them boring and preferred hanging out with his buds playing video games and eating pizza. The boy is not a jock by any means. He is just a bit shorter than most of the guys in his class. He is almost as smooth as a girl except for a small bush of pubic hair at the base of his dick. Being cute and being in possesion of a curvy, little ass are his strong suit.

  One of us would be the by. The other would be his best friend and various other characters.