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May 22, 2022, 06:45:24 pm

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Author Topic: Eclectic ideas - NC or Extreme (F for M or GM)  (Read 1250 times)

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Eclectic ideas - NC or Extreme (F for M or GM)
« on: December 13, 2013, 10:34:12 pm »
I am rather running out of hope of finding a game based on one of my ideas that will last more than a week, but here is another attempt I guess.  If you have to be nagged into posting, or won't tell me if you dislike the roleplay but instead just stop replying, please don't bother responding as it will be a waste of both of our time.  I do get that real life happens, and don't hold that against people (since it has happened to me), so I don't mind a slow posting rate or occasional absences (though my preference is a post every day or two).  But if you are posting elsewhere but can't respond to me, that is a different story.  If you don't like my writing I get it (and at this point I kind of assume there is something wrong with it), but if everyone just vanishes on me without saying what is wrong with it, I may as well give up.  Constructive criticism is a positive thing.

I am looking for stories with a good mix of plot and smut.  I am quite happy with system games, freeform roleplays, or something that mixes both.  I am not interested in romantic situations, rather I am mostly looking for non-consensual situations preferably involving multiple partners.  Beyond that, I am fairly open as to what to include.  I generally prefer the other person takes the role of GM, however I am willing to work together to create a story if the other person always wants to play a female character. 

Below are a mix of System and Freeform games/roleplays I am looking for.

World of Darkness (Old)

I'd like an Old World of Darkness Werewolf game focused on a Khan (Bastet) character.  The general character concept is a woman who is originally from Russia but came to the USA (or wherever you want to set the game, it may be fun to do something elsewhere) for reasons I haven't determined.  She probably has a 'day job' as a model, but is mostly focused on battling a Corporation or similar.  She carries a klaive that she acquired from a Black Spiral Dancer pack, a pack who wants the klaive back and are hunting her.   

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Irina Sarkova
Tribe: Bastet, Khan
Breed: Homid
Pryio: Daylight
Rage:      5
Gnosis:    3 (2)
Willpower: 4

STR: 3  CHA: 2  PER: 2
DEX: 4  MAN: 2  INT: 2
STA: 4  APP: 4  WIT: 2
Dex: Preternatural Grace
App: Alluring
Sta: Resilient

Alertness:    2     Animal-Ken:  0     Academics:     1
Athletics:    3     Crafts:      0     Computer:      1 
Brawl:        2     Drive:       1     Enigmas:       0
Empathy:      1     Etiquette:   0     Investigation: 1
Expression:   1     Firearms:    2     Law:           0
Intimidation: 0     Larceny:     1     Medicine:      1
Leadership:   0     Melee:       2     Occult:        0
Primal-Urge:  2     Performance: 1     Rituals:       1
Streetwise:   1     Stealth:     2     Science:       0
Subterfuge:   1     Survival:    0     Technology:    0

Fetish: 4
Resources 3
Rites: 2

Skin of Jade
Diamond Claws
Cat Claws

Rite of Cleansing
Rite of the Questing Stone

Sex Appeal
Animal Magnetism
Language, English (default: Russian)

Enemy, Black Spiral Dancer pack
Banned Transformation, Touching Iron


Shadowrun 4th

I have several ideas for Shadowrun 4th and 5th, one of which is included below.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Tania Solveig
Metatype: Human
Lifestyle: Medium

BOD: 3
AGI: 2
REA: 3
STR: 2
CHA: 3
INT: 4
LOG: 4
WIL: 4

INI: 7 (1 PASS)

Magic: 5
Edge: 2
Essence: 6

 + Qualities
Magician (15)
Mentor Spirit, Fire-Bringer (5)
Spirit Affinity (10, Fire)

 - Qualities
Big Regret (5, Mother's Death) (Summoned and bound a spirit that ended up killing her mother, high force water spirit?)
Distinctive Style (5, Flaming Hair) (Has hair designed to look like it is constantly on fire)
Spirit Bane (10, Water)
Poor Self Control, Thrill Seeker (5)
Incompetent, Gymnastics (5)
Sinner (5)


Language: English (N)

Automatics (AGI): 2
Unarmed Combat (AGI): 1
Arcana (LOG): 3
Assensing (INT): 3
Astral Combat (WIL): 3
Enchanting (MAG): 1
Perception (INT): 2
Pilot Ground Craft (REA): 1
Con (CHA): 2
Counterspelling (MAG): 4
Ritual Spellcasting (MAG): 1
Spellcasting (MAG): 5
Banishing (MAG)
Binding (MAG)
Summoning (MAG)

-Ares Macrotechnology: 4
-Security Companies: 1

-Astronomy: 2
-History: 3
-Literature: 3

-Military: 1
-Security Design: 1, Magical
-Spirit Identification: 3

-Action Trids: 3
-Club Music: 2

Combat Sense
Increase Reflexes
Mana Barrier


--4 Spare Clips
--Concealable Holster
--300 Regular Ammo

Actioneer Business Clothes

Novatech Airware w/ Isis Orb
--Subvocal Microphone
--AR Gloves
--Basic User (Analyze 2, Browse 2, Command 1, Edit 2)

Micro-Transceiver 6


Certified Credstick

Glasses 4
--Flare Compensation
--Image Link
--Low-Light Vision

Spellcasting Focus 2

Counterspelling Focus 2

Sustaining Focus 2

Fake SIN 2: Elizabeth White

Full-Body Suit (Form-Fitting Body Armour)

Berwick Line
-Suit Jacket

Sven Solveig - Father (Ares Manager): 4L/2C
Tarmoir Colton - Mentor (Magician): 3L/3C

Tania was born to a pair of Ares employees.  They were lower management in different areas, and one or both were often away on business for days at a time.  Tania was raised to follow in their footsteps.  When she began to exhibit magical talent, her parents hired her a private tutor to ensure she got the proper training.

The bulk of Tania's childhood was spent in lessons, either school, indoctrination towards Ares, or magical.  Although clumsy, she exhibited a flare for combat magic.  She was obsessed with the soldiers she saw, and the magicians on trideo, and devoted herself to becoming one of them.  This went well until the age of sixteen when she attempted, on her own time, to summon and bind a powerful water spirit.  She failed, badly, and released a pissed off spirit into her own home.  Her life was saved by that of her tutor, but her mother wasn't so lucky.  In the years that followed, her relationship with her father grew distant, and Tania was eventually sent off for training at a specialized academy.

Tania is now nineteen, and has set out to become a Shadowrunner.  She is still clumsy, but her skill with magic is enough for most others to overlook that.  She has a flare for the dramatic, and her waist length hair has been modified to look like it is constantly on fire, shifting through shades of red, orange, and yellow.  She is still distant from her father, though he doesn't have much in the way of influence anyway, and her decision to devote herself to combat, as well as the incident with the water spirit, has alienated her somewhat from her tutor, though they still remain in contact.

Edge of the Empire (Star Wars)

I have a few character ideas for this one, but it depends on what sort of game we want to run.  I think a Colonist (Scholar) who has gone into debt to a Hutt trying to fund an expedition would be interesting.  However, so could a Bounty Hunter or Explorerer. 

Superheroine (Freeform)

I am open on the type of character I play, from a non-powered vigilante to someone on par with superman.  I do want them to be relatively successful, but with a habit of being defeated at least once by each villain before they come out on top. 

There are three specific ideas I'd like to explore.  The first is the superheroine, while in her cover identity, getting caught in a hostage situation.  She can't reveal herself for fear of punishment by the authorities, and the mooks are getting frisky.  The second would focus on mind/reality control, with my character fighting against someone who has the power to change pretty much anything.  The third is a character losing her powers in the middle of a fight.  She tosses someone through a wall, then suddenly finds herself with no more power than a regular human, and in the middle of a crowd of men. 

Modern (Freeform)

Most of my modern ideas would be fairly smut focused.  I wouldn't mind a secret agent roleplay, with a character performing missions around the world.  Other than that, the ideas would be things like a home invasion, a vacation gone wrong, and similar.

Historical (Freeform)

I'd like a roleplay set in World War II.  My general thought is an OSS or SOE agent being dropped in occupied Europe or the Far East.  The exact mission(s) are open to discussion, and it being over the top, supernatural, or realistic is fine.

Dragon Age

I have the system, but don't mind going freeform.  I'd like a roleplay focused on fighting Darkspawn, especially if it explores what happened to House Branka (though playing as a human or elf). 

Mass Effect

I have only played the first two games, and am not really interested in the Reaper plot.  Instead, I'd like something focused on a human agent carrying out missions in the Attican Traverse/Terminus Systems, Omega, and so on. 

High Fantasy or Pathfinder

I'm fine going freeform or using the Pathfinder system.  Either way, I'd like to play a heroine in a high fantasy setting. 

Hack/Slash Inspired
An idea loosely inspired by what little I’ve been able to read of Hack/Slash.  I’d be looking for someone to play the villains/monsters/slashers/etc. 

Patricia was a slightly above-average student at an unremarkable school when it happened.  Her brother, always a bit of an oddball, went insane.  He killed their family and more than a dozen others, and was only defeated when Patricia put a bullet through his head.  Now she wanders the country battling the monsters, psychopaths, and demons that prey on humanity.

This idea is also a mix of sexual content and story.  I see it as being divided into episodes, each focused on a different monster/villain of the week.  In the end I’d like her to always defeat the bad guy, but I’d prefer she generally comes off rather the worse for wear. 

Western (Freeform or Deadlands)

Victoria Lavern, the fastest gun in the west.  At least, that was what she told herself.  So when a Mexican gang jumped the border and destroyed her family's ranch, she swore vengeance.  She would not return home until every member of the gang was dead and buried. 


I wouldn't mind a game based on Maid, either using the rules or freeform.  I don't mind a group game for this.  The general idea would be a new Maid, sent to serve some Master who turns out to be a pervert and a sadist.  She can't leave for whatever reason, and so finds herself at his mercy while trying to serve him and protect the mansion.
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Re: Pathfinder style NC or Extreme (F for GM)
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2013, 10:08:33 pm »
completed revamped

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Re: Looking for a GM for various systems - NC or Extreme (F for GM)
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2013, 11:47:20 pm »
What kind of superheroine would you play in a M&M3E game?

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Re: Looking for a GM for various ideas - NC or Extreme (F for GM)
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2014, 01:58:16 am »
revamped and added to

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Re: Eclectic ideas - NC or Extreme (F for M or GM)
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2014, 01:23:59 am »
revamped and expanded with new ideas.