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May 26, 2018, 04:50:56 PM

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Author Topic: Mxf - Mind & Body Control, Body Alteration & Transformation  (Read 284 times)

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Offline SpynmasterTopic starter

Mxf - Mind & Body Control, Body Alteration & Transformation
« on: December 13, 2013, 09:35:01 PM »

Greetings, RPers.

I greatly hunger for players willing to play out innocent and naive characters to be changed into the ultimate, perfect woman. Doting wives, ideal servants, and bottomless bimbos. I plan to be as detailed and descriptive about said transformations as I can get, but don't expect any essays. We're trying to move the RP along, after all. I don't care if the player is female or male, just as long as the character is female.

I'm available for threads & PMs.

My F-list is available for viewing. Please look at it before applying. Those who want to know more about my kinks, please PM me. Anal & Ass is a must. If it is in your anti-kink list, don't bother applying.

Please check out my list of pre-made plot ideas:

Oh My Darling - Modern Fantasy, Mind & Body Control & Transformation

An internet matching site pairs up a couple for what seems to be a normal relationship. However, it becomes anything but as the woman begins doing things that she would never, ever do on a first date, like flirting, touching, grinding, flaunting, or even kissing. But she is so compelled to do these things for a man she hardly knows, while something from deep inside her mind tells her to make her want him with all intent, to let go of her inhibitions and do everything he wants. As she looks at herself in the mirror, her body has completely changed...and she loves it.

Cum and Play With Me - Modern Fantasy, Hypnosis & Mind Control

A male college freshman knows his way around electronics and cybernetics, to the point where he makes something very special. However, in order to test it, he needs a guinea pig. So, he brings a cute girl to his place to play his vast selection of games . She has a ball with him, loving his co-op & competition spirit and ability to have fun. Little does she realize that she's being hypnotized, her brain "programmed" to do whatever he wants, with her being none the wiser. Soon, she's doing naughty things for him while he watches her, slowly becoming his naughty little puppet, day after day, as her mind, her body becomes his, and she doesn't even know it.

Have At Thee! - Medieval Fantasy, Hypnosis & Mind Control

A queen is at her wits' end with her haughty, bratty, self-absorbed princess of a daughter, whose hobbies consist of wearing the most beautiful & sexy of clothes, dualing, and having her way with men. One night, the princess notices a young man of impressive combat skill, combined with being handsome, and wants him all to herself. To her luck, the man has come to propose to the princess, being eligible due to his heroic nobility. The queen dreads herself as the princess is all over the man with all abandon. However, the man is undeterred as he announces that he can bring the princess to be a proper lady with his training. The princess is amazed with his brazen attitude, and wants to take him on herself. However, as the fight progresses, she finds herself slipping out of focus, missing moves she normally wouldn't, and leaving herself open to his advances. Eventually, the man conquers her utterly in combat, leaving her dumbstruck, while the queen has a smirk of approval. The princess, humiliated before her servants, retreats to her room. But the suitor follows. Her rage is unleashed on him, which he defends, and before she can comprehend her actions, she is sucking his cock. Soon after, the princess slowly becomes a presentable public. Out of the viewing eye is another matter as she transforms into a unsatisfied harlot. Later, the queen visits him in his room, thanking him formally for his miracle work on her pleasuring him. And thus, his plan to take over the kingdom is set in motion.

If you have ideas and plots, please let me know. If you're interested, either PM or post here. I look forward to seeing who's interested.
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