Borderlands Interest Check (Update! Need one more female character!)

Started by BassBX, December 05, 2013, 01:36:40 PM

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Okay, so I would like to do a group game on Borderlands. As of this moment, to kind of keep with the game's premise, there will only be three slots open since only four players are allowed in the game at once.

We will follow the events of the first game for now, because I still need to beat BL2 to get all the story details. But for those of you who haven't played much, don't worry! I'm sure others (myself included) will be able to fill you in!

So let's see....looking for one male and two female characters. TO keep it interesting.

It will be a freeform kind of game, with no real system used. If you take the time to explain it to me, I might consider using a system. Maybe.

Here are the character slots!

1. Jakob Helios (BassBX)
2. Rohn Jambo (giantmutantcrab)
3. Seras Isaacs (Frozen Star)

Come on! I know people are out there! The Vault is real, and we can find it!

Cold Heritage

I am interested in taking that free male slot. I am pretty well-versed in Borderlands: according to Steam I've logged 154 hours in the first and 351 in the second. However I am by no means a lore-purist or guru and am completely amenable to altering or omitting anything that makes for a more inclusive and fun game.
Thank you, fellow Elliquiyan, and have a wonderful day.


I want one of the female slots. Give me a sheet! I need to be on this team. I'm up for playing one of the undiscovered two sirens, with a heavy focus on sniping skills / remote viewing.
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I am interested! *Waves and Ticks interested box for Female Position*



If a slot opens up for that other male character, let me know.  I'd love to get a chance to play Brick again.  Who wouldn't want a huge, muscular, burly mountain of a man in their team.  :)


Okay, so Cold Heritage, Brittleby, and Frozen Star are my candidates! Here is the sheet!

Name: (First and Last)
Alias(If applicable)
Physical appearance:
Weapon Specialty:
Starting Equipment:

And that's all I can think up!


Player: Frozen Star                                                                         
Name: Seras Isaacs
Alias: Killamity Jane
Class: Psycho
Physical appearance: (Below)
Eyes: Blue
Personality: For the most part, Seras is the silent type. Not really getting involved with anyone, she's definitely the loner type, though when she has to she will team up with others.
                    She's actually quite pleasant, carefree... until someone gets on her bad side. When someone or something aggravates her, Seras will go ballistic. Her motto is something no one's ever
                    heard, either because they don't survive to spread the word or because the sound of her guns blazing makes it inaudible. She's really a Bi-Polar nut-case.
History: History to be explained through Role Playing
Weapon Speciality: Pistols, Fists
Starting Equipment: Fury & Rage (Dual Wield Pistols), Fine Revolver.
Sexuality: Bi-Curious




Name: Jakob Helios
Alias: Shadow
Class: Assassin
Personality: Jakob may seem from first impression that he is cold and dismissive, but once you get to know him, he is a strong willed, brave man with a heart of gold. He gets a bit talkative when weapons are part of the conversation, tending to ramble on about his favorite weapon manufacturer. That quirk aside, he gets quiet and shy, and even blushes, when he is flirted with by pretty women.
History: His history is a complete blank. He woke up on a starship headed to Pandora.
Weapon Specialty: Shotguns, blades, and snipers.
Starting Equipment: Angel's Fury (Sword), An Atlas Shotgun, and a Maliwan fire element sniper rifle.
Sexuality: Straight

Physical appearance:


Player: Giantmutantcrab
Name: Rohn Jambo (yes, it is a pun.  Yes, you just switch the first letter from each name.)
Class: Shock trooper
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Thousand-yard stare.  Likes knives.  Worked for Atlas.
History: To be revealed through RP.
Weapon Specialty: He is profecient in all weapons, but prefers assault rifles, explosives and stealth weapons
Starting Equipment: Bow & arrows, combat knife, Dahl combat rifle.
Sexuality: Straight...?



Name: Hitzel Schusswunde
Alias(If applicable) Lieutenant Hex
Class: Siren
Hair: Lavender
Eyes: Yellow


With a severe substance abuse habit, she has an admitted addiction to liquor, nicotine, illicit narcotics, licit pharmaceuticals, pez, eridium and vintage sci-fi. Not technically military trained, she has watched all 6 seasons of "Interstellar Combat Romance" and all but one of the movies. She feels this adequately qualifies her to speak in all matters of strategery and diplomacy (as well as being informed of military law as it pertains to oral sex between officers).

While she is not in fact qualified in any of these matters, (nor is her self awarded rank as lieutenant by any stretch of the imagination legitimate) she is one of the most dangerous snipers on Pandora. Without moral compass aside from hedonism and greed, she is a complete stranger to the concept of remorse. She is a vicious killer with no concept of mercy wrapped in a sugar coating of delusions of grandeur.

Huh, when you put it like that, maybe she is qualified to speak on military matters.

... possibly over qualified.


There are those who argue that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but those people are feeble minded twonks. Hired on by Hyperion fresh out of a Granotia sweat shop at the age of 8, Hitzel was put to work as an efficiency auditor for their accuracy improving software. Hyperion is all about accuracy and she had a natural aptitude for hyper-geometry algorithms that bordered on supernatural.

It was only as she hit her late teens that they were forced to terminate her contract, as she began to return algorithm tests that no one else could duplicate, even with the classified levels of Hyperion aiming correction software. It was suggested she falsified her studies, as one report in particular involved an accurate kill shot two miles away, in which the entry wound came from the opposite direction.

The fact of the matter was, her perceptions had increased to such a point, she was no longer limited by the petty constrains of distance and mass. Retiring on Pandora at the age of 16 with a fat pension, she managed to squander it all on booze, drugs and sex toys by the time she was 17 and a half. Given that she had no other skills and no interest in gaining more, she put herself to the task of shooting people.

She is notorious throughout Pandora in equal parts for her deadly skills and her appalling laziness, with a hundred percent kill record and record breaking 132 consecutive hours of television viewing (minus beer runs and bathroom breaks). You want someone dead, she wants someone to pay her cable bill.

It's win-win, right?

Weapon Specialty: Sniper rifle, Rocket Launcher

Starting Equipment: Jakobs Sniper Rifle (Razreg Droog), Bandit Rocket Launcher (Roket Pawkeet Zooka!), Maliwan Corrosive Spike Shield (Impaler)

Sexuality: Bisexual, with a strong leaning towards women. They also say she has an unsettling relationship with her Rifle...

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Wow brittlby, I love your chaarcter!! <3

And Rohn is looking smexy ~.^


Alright! We have all of our charries! Is everyone ready to start?


Did you want to start it off, Bass?  If you're not feeling like it, or are busy, I could always smack up the intro post for ya.

I love Borderlands, and can't wait to see how this is gonna roll out.  We basically have all four classes, just with cooler characters.  :)

I love brittlby's avatar picture.   *winks, makes the "call me" sign*

And Frozen Star, I can't WAIT to see your psycho chick at work.  *grin*

Bass, sir, you win +5 internet swag.


Go ahead and do the opening. And don't forget we're on Marcus' bus!


^_^ Can't wait, could someone link me once we get rolling. As I am ready and rocking to roll.


Okay, so someone approached me with an offer for being some NPCs. Now I see no problem for it. Maybe he can co-GM as well? What do you guys think?


I think that's a great idea! And thank him for his/her participation!


Considering alternate looks for my character, opinions?

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Well...  I like both of them, for different reasons.

The first alt. character looks much more seductive and sultry in her approach.  Whereas the "original" picture gives her a rough, rugged edge.

The second picture...  Well, a hot chick with legs that stretch up to the moon is always a winning situation.  :P


Ok, I suggest that we all write in the cool little intro scene for each character.  Then, I'll mop up the intro, give over the reins to Bass, and we'll start kicking ass and looting corpses.  :)


Alrighty then! I'll post next! And I'll get the guy on board!


The second alt. look is full of sexy win!


Okay, guys. Prosak is going to join as our Co-GM and as the NPCs! Let's give him a warm welcome!