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Author Topic: The Syndicate (M/M/X 1980s Crime Game) [Closed]  (Read 564 times)

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The Syndicate (M/M/X 1980s Crime Game) [Closed]
« on: December 05, 2013, 04:42:48 am »
This story has been taken.


Pairing: Male/Male/Your Character
Themes: Crime, Kidnapping, Battle of Wits, Asian Culture.
Setting: 1980s Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The plot: Three young Japanese men arrive in Vancouver, Canada from Japan on order to strengthen their underground trade ties with the homeland and undermine the current Chinese controlled streets. They have a small base of operation, the element of surprise and a hitman whose notorious reputation had him nicknamed "Maou". Two brothers and Maou find an easy job: The Chinese are doing a meet with a biker gang from south of the border for a large shipment of heroin. No big names, they enter to kill and grab the merchandise along with the money. No ones left alive to say it was them and no ones the wiser the Japanese are even making a move for Vancouver.

Things don't always go as planned however and when the youngest brother feigns to show it's left to Maou and Katsu. They enter with surprise and level house only for Katsu to call off his hound when he sees them: The Angel. They couldn't be more than eighteen and no older than twenty one, yet they had the money and the drugs in their possession and didn't even carry a gun. Katsu goes soft and against Maou's advice to kill them takes them hostage and back to the base with the two. Then they find out why the Angel was so calm; they're the only heir of the strongest Chinese crime boss in the province. Now they have dirty money, briefcases of heroin and an entire city on lookout for them and the Angel.

My thoughts on this: I will be playing Katsu and Maou respectively against the Angel. I don't mind if you want to play the Angel as a male or a female, but I'm looking for a certain air about them. Your character is your own, but I wish this story to be a constant fight between the two men and your character while all around being a battle of wits. The Angel would be calm and collected under pressure; have an understanding of how the underworld works and the strength not to fall under threats, physical or otherwise. There is potential for an M/M/YC scene we can play out non-con or con, it all depends on how your character interacts with the two very different men and how the story unfolds. The youngest brother will not be in the story much other than potentially used as a poker chip later down the line in the story if we deem necessary.

A short introductory post to show you my style of writing and my vision for the plot, however I can edit any bit we discuss and find needs editing or do a completely new post all together:
Introductory Post
Katsu sat on the ebony metal chair with a cup of steaming hot coffee in his left hand and a fleshly lit cigarette in his right. Everything had gone to hell, the perfect score had been ruined because of one miscalculation and he wanted to know what went wrong. The truth of the matter was that he knew what went wrong but he didn't know why, their information had been without error every time they checked the specifics. He brought the cigarette to his lips as he inhaled hard to let the smoke pollute his lungs in a minor ecstasy while sat in this hell. He told himself he needed to think on this and go over everything from the beginning...

Katsu's old man was a syndicate crime boss who always valued business more than family. It came of no surprise when the order came out for him and his brother to venture across the Pacific Ocean and secure this metro-hub for their own business ventures. It allowed Katsu and his younger brother Sadao to make a name for themselves in the syndicate while earning payroll. Sadao jumped ship on the idea because it allowed him to be far away from the eyes of his watchful Father so he could indulge in his degenerate habits. Their Father's parting gift to his two sons was a hitman only known as Maou to men of his stature within the family.

It started when the three men boarded Flight 167 of Japan Airlines headed from Tokyo International Airport to Vancouver. They landed, fresh off the boat and immediately met up with the fat slob who had been lazily running the syndicate's business with orders for him to step down and act as a guide and advisor for the three men who outranked and outclassed the sloth in every regard. He was only given this charge because he was the nephew of someone important, someone important who wasn't around any more he reminded himself.

They found the epitome of the best starting score, a job that would net them the income they needed to set up shop all while letting them stay under the radar. The cops, the Chinese and everyone else in the streets would not be the wiser the Japanese were making a move. The job was simple: Bikers came up south from Washington every so often with product and the Chinese bought it from them with capital. It was easier than getting it shipped across the Ocean and producing the stuff inside the country was proving difficult with the cops cracking down so hard in recent times because of a cocaine explosion.

The job was dangerously simple, so simple Katsu believed it couldn't fail with how good their information was. Sadao would drive and keep watch, Maou would handle personnel and loose ends and Katsu would seal the deal and make sure the merchandise was counted for. Neither the Chinese nor the bikers would show up with a lot of armed men in Canadian soil to risk a war; gun control laws were too strict and bloodshed was unnecessary and not accounted for as they had been doing deals with each other for so often.

Everything went wrong from the very beginning. Sadao never showed up because he was most likely too high, drunk and neck deep in women to ever be accountable. Maou drove and Katsu had to stomach leaving the car unmanned while the job went down. That much he could handle, but when the job actually began things only got worse. Bodies fell left and right faster than Katsu could keep up with, he had seen murder before but this wasn't playground games. Maou used a fully automatic rifle with such finesse and precision that once the first shout was made of intrusion half of the bodies were already dead. It took Katsu only a split second to see that one person, however.

The angel stood in the middle of the deal unarmed and with the drugs, the money and an air about them that made his heart stop for a moment. Time slowed as he gazed upon them, an angel among demons who showed no signs of fear or anger to Katsu. He shouted his order for Maou to stand down as he alone went to recover the goods... and take the angel with him. He didn't know why, Maou stated to kill them along with the rest to not jeopardize the plan but Katsu couldn't allow it. Katsu took the briefcases, the money, the drugs, and the angel back with him to the car. The bodies would be left to be found whenever the warehouse was due for inspection, the bullets left on the floor were so common you could find them in hardware stores across the border. The make of gun was a cheap but effective Russian model that an amateur would think to use. The Japanese had never been on the radar to any crime family or the cops in this area. It was supposed to be the perfect first score.

They had come quietly and without restraint, surrendering themselves to being restrained. It bothered Katsu that they seemed almost as calm and collected as Maou and they were being taken hostage against their whim. They gave up the goods and came quietly, too quietly. Both of the Syndicate men found out why when they arrived at the hideout as planned to meet up with the slob who went red in the face and almost shit himself the moment he saw the hostage. Then it all became clear, they had kidnapped and bound the heir to the strongest Chinese crime lord in Vancouver. They went from being so under the radar and unexpected that they could move the shipment in two weeks to realizing they would have an entire army scouring the streets looking for any clue of them. When Katsu realized what he had done he too almost shit himself at the seriousness of the matter, yet Maou had simply walked over to the kitchen to make coffee while keeping an eye on their hostage.

As Katsu came back to reality and looked to his right to see Maou, the man of mystery who had been his old man's only parting gift to his eldest son. He knew Maou was older than him, though he guessed not by much. Maou was a businessman in the business of jobs others could not or would not do. He did everything he was asked, no he didn't simply do them, he perfected them. Pregnant women, elderly, children, police. It didn't matter to him and it didn't matter to whoever held his leash and gave the order. Maou perfected every job he was given and didn't leave a scent for even the sharpest nose to find behind. While Katsu had short to the point black hair, Maou had meticulously cared for long straight hair. While Katsu was muscular in bulk and size for strength of body and soul, Maou was lean and efficient in musculature. Katsu was taller, but not by much. Both of the men were dressed in simple black suits as the air was heavy.

Tired of the silence from both the hostage and from Maou, Katsu broke the air as he spoke aloud. "I'm going to keep you tied up while we decide what to do with you." His words were simple and to the point and he forced himself to sound as calm as could be. The fact of the matter that out of the three of them that mattered right now, he was the only one he guessed that wasn't calm. 
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