Sugarcube Straight Smut Role-plays? { F char seeking M chars}

Started by TeacupTwink, December 01, 2013, 12:27:11 AM

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Salutations, though I am homosexual - I do enjoy playing as women from time to time. I have to admit, they can be quite fun and sometimes I have ideas that I can't do as a M x M or don't have the same spark as one. Please, do not message me if you can not keep up posting wise. I can't settle for less than two paragraphs per post. I'm willing to talk over changes on scenarios as well.

If you like a specific kind of woman, let me know. I don't mind knowing your preferences. Whether they be a little over dramatic in some aspects or not. Everyone has a fetish.

♥ Must be able to post at least 2 paragraphs.
♥ Must be willing to exchange small character profiles with me.
♥ Real Photos of Character Only

♥ | Scenarios | ♥

The Land-Lady - My character is an older woman in the 30-40 age range. Though she is still quite sexy, she rents out her homes or apartments only to good looking younger men, whether it is on purpose or your character just by chance. Usually younger men, 18-25 only to seduce them. Or allows them to seduce her, I would gladly welcome those wishing to play two characters. I am open to playing women of any race and would in fact love to play this game in Asia. Personally though this is a rare I love the idea of playing a slightly bimbo-ish woman with oversized breasts for this. I have no specific idea for the male role outside of him being younger. He can be skinny, fat, short, tall, muscular, muscle-chub, black, white, Asian, Latin and or have any form of style you like from nerd to prison boy, jock , prep.

Bad Influence - Same sort of character as above, doesn't need the over-sized breasts though -- you're my character's son's friend. Preferably a year or two older, maybe more. However, after either meeting YC or seeing YC around - seeing YC do something either illegal or rude - maybe even just hearing about it. YC comes over one day when her son isn't home, so she takes advantage and fucks your character  in exchange to keep him away from her sweet boy. Possibilities including her either being raped by him or him only promising to keep that exchange if he gets to keep having sex with her. --- Or perhaps she even enjoys it so much , instead he becomes her friend?

Mother x Son I - Either the father is dead or gone on long trips for work, regardless this needy mother can't help herself. One day she comes home to find her +18 son in the shower, she's a bit overbearing however. Even getting in the shower with him, telling him not to be shy and so on. Perhaps even telling him to clean himself better and doing it instead herself. Things perhaps getting sexual then and there.

Mother x Stepson I??!? - Your character holds blackmail over his father's new wife's head using her as a sex object so that the truth of her past isn't unveiled.

Mother x Stepson II - MC marries YC's father, however when he's gone at work it seems that the new mommy has her eyes set on a younger prize.