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Author Topic: Outlaws and Motorcycles (M/F seeking Male Character)  (Read 604 times)

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Outlaws and Motorcycles (M/F seeking Male Character)
« on: November 26, 2013, 10:55:25 am »
Taken For Now

Hello and thank you in advance for stopping by and checking out my idea. Below you will find my idea and what it is I am looking for. If you are interested please check out my o/o's as well as preferences listed below my avatar. Send any interest via pm, instead of posting here. I will not reply to interest checks listed here.
1.) Male character, your real life gender is not an issue, as long as you can write a convincing male.

2.) Literacy, I am not a spelling, grammar, or word count Nazi. I do prefer multiple paragraph posting that I can read and understand. As long as it is legible and I can understand it, is all I ask.  I will not complain at a 800 word post, I also will not complain at a 150 word post, I will complain if the post is less than one good paragraph.  Again I would prefer multiple paragraphs, at least two.

3.) Posting times, this of course is negotiable as long as you let me know up front. I do prefer once a week but if you can only post twice a year, I am willing to accommodate, if you are honest about it.

4.) Joint story telling. It is role playing, and you should bring your own ideas to the table. I have mine and you should have yours. It's not only easier but also a lot more enjoyable if we both contribute.

5.) I am not looking to write a cannon story, character, or etc. set within Sons of Anarchy, as I am looking to write an original story that is set within a biker gang. There will be similarities as it would be hard to escape, and if you have a need to write Jax Teller, please at least change his name.

6.) This role play is not and will not be for the squeamish. As much as I do enjoy romance and it will be incorporated there is also violence, murder, mayhem, steamy erotic scenes, drug usage and whatever else we can come up with. (Extreme due to the violent nature of the game and not the sexual aspects, o/o’s still are implied and if and only if we agree beforehand to break what may or may not be on my off’s.)

7.)  Characters will eventually embark upon a romantic journey, but that doesn’t mean the love/hate aspect goes out the window.  Characters should have just as much story going on with their relationship as they do with other enemies.  In other words, they cannot and or will not always get along.  Quite possibly and after we have discussed it, possible betrayals and backstabbing from time to time.

8.)  The ability to write out multiple npc’s.  I will be doing that as well.

Hopefully you are still with me here, below is the character that I have created and intend to use.  If you’re interested in writing with me, please pm so we can discuss further details, again thank you for taking the time to read this.

My Character
My character I was looking to play has been in and out of the club scene her whole life.   Krystal Yates, not only the daughter of a club member at the table, but also former old lady of another charter members president.  She has knowledge of the life and not much happened within her husband’s charter or elsewhere that she didn't know about.  After all there were only two ways to make a marriage work while being a club member, tell the wife everything or nothing.  Anything in between was only asking for trouble.  Krystal keeps her mouth shut.

Keeping her mouth shut has caused trouble for her.  The district attorney within her county sought to actively take down her husband’s club using her as bait.  Setting her up for a huge drug charge unless she gave up the club and its members, she refused and ended up in the state penitentiary for five years, reduced to two for good behavior.  Her husband was killed while she was on the inside but that did much to help the d.a. who pointed fingers at other club members.  The club and Krystal both know her charges and the clubs involvement of her husband’s murder was bull shit.

Before her stint in prison, she had started her own escort service, offering the women protection to bring in money for her.  After all they were doing it anyway, why shouldn't she benefit from what she can bring to the table.  Running her business from her prison cell, she took the company from basic whores to uptown and classy whores, they bring in money.  After her husband was gunned down, the club has done what they could do to keep her girls safe but with things growing out of control with the home charter, her father decides it’s time for his little girl to come home.

The service is moved to the hometown and the club has been taking care of the girls, of course the men get free services for their protection.    Upon the move Krystal's time is up and she is released a free woman.  Prison hasn't hardened her nor has it softened her.  She is still the gorgeous creature she was when she went in, soft and desirable.  She is also the woman who can be quiet cruel in revenge when crossed while being a savior if you’re good to her.  It all depends on how you want to play with her, cross her she isn't above shooting you.  Defend her; she isn't opposed to shooting your enemy. 

The club is family.  It always has been and always will be.  Her escort service is run out of an old camping lodge on the outskirts of town.  There is in-service as well as out-service when it comes to girls.  The location of the service helps to keep law enforcement out of their business, even though it is legal and all of the paper work in order.
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