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Author Topic: Pick a card, any card - Crimson Caine's story ideas  (Read 1115 times)

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Pick a card, any card - Crimson Caine's story ideas
« on: November 22, 2013, 10:40:13 pm »
Hello [you].  Thank you for visiting my request thread.

I like to consider myself a decent writer.  I can be overly lengthy in early post as a pace is set, matching my writing partners.  I can only be as good as my partner in these types of stories and I love the work that can come from these pairings.   If you are not sure, PM me.  I'm a nice guy and keep my evil side well in check. I’m a detailed driven writer and I like to make my post extensive, not novella length but 3 or 4 paragraphs is fairly normally unless there’s a reason to keep the post short. 

I write multiple types of stories and characters.  I love to stretch myself as a writer and to exercise my imagination.  These stories are, for me, an intellectual exercise to broaden my writing and my imagination, to come at things in ways I never would have before.  I’ve been coming up with stories since I could play with action figures and I’ve been writing stories since my teens.  I try to post once a day but right now it's looking more like 3 times a week as work is quite busy for me right now.

I am a male.  I normally write a male character, but I have played females and transgender characters, and probably will in the future as well.  My preference in romantic or erotic story is for someone with feminine curves.  This normally will mean a woman.  But it can also mean a transsexual, transvestite or or a feminine male for the occasional M/M story.

Writing partner:
Since I understand life happens, I can deal with one or two post a week or once a day.  I have no specific need on length, but I do get a little perturbed if I write a long, detailed post and I get a one line answer.  I understand that some post will be short, especially if the action is getting built up.  You don’t want to write to much and step on your partner’s character.

I think my only hard and fast rule for a writing partner is they never ‘godmod’ my character, never write how or what he is feeling or thinking or doing.  If you want to include something of a reaction immediately in your post, I expect a message asking would your character do this?  I would do the same should the situation arise. 

Things I love in my story:

Story, story and more story.  There was a time when I’d write a post just for the jollies of writing.  After my long absence from writing, I don’t want to waste the imagination.  I want an interesting story, a titillating idea.  I want to have fun exploring the story of the characters involved and what is happening.  The erotic preferences above pretty much remain the same.  If not sure, feel free to ask.

If you don't see a story idea here you like or a simple idea you think might be interesting, feel free to drop me a PM. I usually only write out the multitude of story ideas that come to me, I don't usually bother with list of pairs not that two interested parties can't work out an idea.  I love to work with other writers to craft a unique story that will be all our own.

Story ideas:

M/F/F or Other idea.  Posted it in group as well but since it's two I'm adding to my one on one.

In the Deep Black

So, this is a little strange idea I've been thinking on and decided to throw out to see if there is any interest from other players.

MC has been assigned to a deep space mission to expand the star maps and find new resources for the colonies. Because it is a solo mission that requires a human to monitor all the data and make extrapolations to alter their course the colonial navy has designed an AI unit to the ship to see to the pilots needs. Alternative,  instead of a android AI the ship companion could be a genetic modified creation to take care of the crew member.

Flying to the last habitated planet, the companion not yet active, the pilot partakes of the alien culture there as they get few visitors. They have a celebration and he is forcibly introduced to a woman while there who later makes sure his cup is full and he gets a good helping of food. The alcohol is more powerful then he initially thought and it isn't long before he is effected by it. Heading back to the ship, the woman escorts him as he can barely stand where he collapses into bed.

The ship has been set up to automatically take off once secure on its designated course into unknown territory. When the pilot wakes up he realizes the woman from last night is in his bed and the ship is moving, both distressing situations. The ships companion has also been activated on launch and she is there suddenly to help. The woman he finally learns was given to him as a wife for his bravery at facing the deep black for his people. The ship is on autopilot as it has to go through an asteroid belt that no human can navigate so will not release controls. They are stuck together.

So, this is a strange little idea that has been rattling around in my head and is a little different. I see this more as a character study detailing how these disparate personalities stuck together deal and grow. There will certainly be some story and adventure as the journey wasn't meant for two, the will need to resupply and clean the air scrubbers and such more often. But the focus is on the character in this idea. Is the alien happy having been given to this human? How does the companion feel about this alien as she was designed to keep the crew member company. A lot of potential conflict and growth.

I'm pretty open as far as what I would be looking for in the two roles, they are there for the other writer to design and make their own. The companion could be an android or it could be a genetic engineered humanoid with aspects of other creatures. If an android was she built with sexual pleasure in mind, having the parts for it, or if the relationship evolves that way will it require the writers creativity for sexual congress. While I'd like the alien to be humanoid, beyond that the exact design is up for discussion. I would assume the character would be feminine in looks to have drawn the pilots interest but that doesn't mean their people and humans have the same thing as expected between their legs.

I want my partners to be able own their characters and help creat the backdrop and craft the story of these three characters. While I see these three coming together what that might mean will be determined by the writers of the story. I don't have any expectations as to this moving quickly to adult situations though eventually they would, how quickly and what it might entail will be determined by the writers and the characters.   Because of the type of RP, I would prefer partners that can write at least three detailed paragraphs.  I am not a prolific poster averaging about a post or two a week depending on life and the muse though I'm always trying for more.

Cries in Vain - Fantasy Noir idea

The city of Naveen is a trade cross roads for mining and Dwarven crafts out of the Black Mountains and wood and Elven crafts from the Hivrile Forrest making it an important hold in the kingdom.  The town began as a small way station but has ballooned into a large city on the edge of the human empire.  Born of a free market, the people have always preferred a more frontier sensibility in taking care of issues.  But, with tensions between the lands high, and a city filled with embassies, the kingdom has been trying to instil some law and order in the city and bring it out of its reputation for harboring criminals and it’s perchance for frontier justice.  After installing a number of sheriffs, onto of bolstering the city guards, they have found themselves at an impasse to find a Sheriff they feel confident in to uphold the integrity of the empire.

After multiple names being put forth and rejected, they have finally given the position to a distinguished veteran of war who asked for the job, though many have reservations about his character.  Kreighton Nashell has been appointed to the position of Sheriff of Naveen.  To make matters worse, an elven diplomat has been found dead in his study, apparently murdered.

(Writing Partner:  The other character could be either a deputy under his command or a member of the city guard or a member of the Elven establishment in the city he’s forced to work with.  Or it could be a citizen that is involved or who’s help he needs.  I’m seeing the setting as a mix of Eberron and Iron Kingdoms for inspiration.  I want to play the mystery part of things as well as the Noir aspects of the story but I also want to keep the option open for romance to bloom though Nash may be a tough shell to crack.  Also, there may be some industry/steampunk aspects with the Iron Kingdoms influence, I’ve not fully set it all in my mind.  I’m pretty easy to work with and don’t really have any set idea for the partner, I leave it all up to my writing partner.)

Kreighton Nashell ‘Nash’

Age: 34

Personality: Nash is a little gruff and not known for his social graces though he has always shown respect to those who deserve or earn it.  Despite his reputation, he is not one to rush into things without a plan or rely on instinct alone.  For those who earn his friendship, there is little he wouldn’t do for them but for those who earn his enmity, he is an enemy that never forgets.  Unlike many veterans, he does not talk much about the war or display foolish bravado.  Cool headed, he is sick of battle and happy to enjoy the desk work as Sheriff and head any investigations in the city.

History:  Born the second son of diplomats, Kreighton was destined for service in the army and a post as a general.  Still, he took well to his tutoring in all subjects, devouring everything he was given and excelling in his studies.  He was given a post as commander of a small battalion in the central part of the kingdom where he grew quickly bored and often helped out the local constabulary and citizens.  This gained him a reputation for poking his nose into things where they didn’t belong and eventually lead to his transfer to a new battalion and station on the southern frontier, amid farmers and rolling hills.

There, he fell in love with one of the local farmer’s daughter and a romance soon developed.  They married and started their own small farm near town and lived a quiet life, though many farmers still came to him when they had problems.  The area was considered a quiet place to throw the less desirables as most of the tension was on the northwestern boards with the Dwarves and Elves.  So, it was a surprise when the orc tribes attacked, driven to desperation due to starvation caused by disease and a bad drought.  Despite overwhelming numbers, the battalion of old soldiers and outcast held the line against the first few waves before being broken, the land in the south soon overwhelmed by the invaders.

Nash left his dead and wounded to be tended to while he ran home, only to find his farm burning and stripped of everything.  Inside, he found his dead wife and newborn son lying in the smoldering ashes.  After burying his family, he returned to his men who were soon joined by reinforcements.  None of the men who remained ever spoke up about him abandoning his post, knowing what he had found, and soon they were at war.  Nash eagerly took command of a fresh battalion of men and led the fight to the orcs who’d broken through.  A number of skirmishes ended with no invader left alive.  Taking a small scouting party to a distant city of the main route, he found orcs holding the walled down.  Sending word back, he was ordered to stand down and return to the main body of the army pursuing the larger force.  Disobeying direct orders, he led the small group through the catacombs into the main city, past the walls, and took back the city in a night time raid.  The local lord, a relative of the king, insisted afterward he be awarded the Golden Blade, the highest honor in the military.

With the war over, and his demons ground to dust, he decided a change was needed and requested the Sheriff’s position.  He has quickly inserted himself into the town, taking up residence and been seen visiting the less desirable parts of the city.  His award sits in a small draw in his desk.  Although pressured from both sides, he refuses to do anything but his best in his position and keep order in the city.

(Originally conceived as a three player game, it has only generated one player's interest so I am posting it here as possibly being restructured to be a one on one game.)


Loki Unbound

(This is not based on Marvel’s Thor in anyway but inspired by Loki from Norse mythology.)

(Yes I am choosing to use the image of Tom Hiddleston for the characters look.  I love his presence and voice in the choices he made for the movie as well as his performances in other stuff I’ve seen of him.  So sue me.)

I’ve been reading a lot about Norse mythology recently because of Heathen friends and interest, and I’ve become fascinated by Loki and his relation with the other Aesir.  Traditionally, Loki is seen as a villain and evil as depicted in the Eddas but modern scholarship and translations of other material are giving a new picture of Loki and his role in the world, the Aesir and ancient myth.  I don’t want to go into the scholarship of things but my interpretation of Loki will be informed based on these new ideas and interpretations.  (For those interested in the story I’ll gladly share these ideas though.)

The relationship between Loki, Sigyn and Skaldi have always interested me and are the ones I want to explore in this RP.  Sigyn is Loki’s wife and his loyal companion after he is bound.  She is sparsely mentioned in lore but she has always stuck me as very loving, loyal and submissive.  Skaldi is often depicted as a strong, cold woman and considering Loki was responsible for her father’s death she has a hatred for him, she is the one that bound him happily.  Yet, because of Loki, she become a Goddess, a Jotun bride, and he is the only one to make her laugh.  Because of these facts I have always thought there could be something between these two.

My idea is that when the world changed and Christianity beat its way into the north, the gods submerged themselves into humanity.  The Norse Soul is a complex animal, more than Egyptian even, and I figure part of their souls went into humans and a part stayed in some sacred space.  These soul parts have moved down through the generations until the present. (Though I would be open to a Sci Fi future if others would like, I was considering both.)  The time of Ragnorok has come and the souls are emerging, humans who are now gods remembering the old times while still remembering the human life.  Strangely, the three that were Loki, Sigyn and Skaldi were already in each other’s life in some way.  Perhaps one was the others spouse or perhaps they are just friends at work, it can all be discussed.

Because Loki is a pivotal person at the end, the Eddas say he will be leading the bad guys but some say it will actually be Surt and Loki was only thrown in to continue his role, he is one that both sides are looking to control or destroy.  They all know what they must do, they must survive the forces against them and find a way to the plain where the battle with take place, reuniting them with the rest of their soul parts.

I imagine the story will touch on some D/s in both relationships and some BDSM, at least because one of my ideas is the new interpretation of the Binding of Loki which would be a long way down the road in the story.  The story can include any variation on these that all three can agree on.  The only thing I would want to avoid is non-consensual.

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Re: Pick a card, any card - Crimson Caine's story ideas
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2013, 10:43:41 pm »
Added 'Tears Don't Fall'  Apparently my title muse has left me in recent years so most of my titles are based on songs from groups I like or friends like.  I'm always willing to change them for a better one if my partner has a good title.

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Re: Pick a card, any card - Crimson Caine's story ideas
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2013, 11:27:37 pm »
Added - Cries in Vain - Fantasy Noir idea

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Craving some Ninja Action.
« Reply #3 on: December 07, 2013, 09:22:02 pm »
Added Ninja craving and story idea.
And now for some photo inspiration:
Ninja images

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Re: Pick a card, any card - Crimson Caine's story ideas
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2014, 08:50:48 pm »
Added 'The Impossible Romance', the only story unique story idea I'm craving right now.

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Re: Pick a card, any card - Crimson Caine's story ideas
« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2014, 09:20:30 pm »
Added a three person idea that I'm cross posting in the group area as well.