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Author Topic: [m/m | m/f | f/f] (looking for bucky barnes and steve/tony)  (Read 8728 times)

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[m/m | m/f | f/f] (looking for bucky barnes and steve/tony)
« on: November 19, 2013, 10:30:01 AM »
hullo. ;3 welcome to my search thread. you may call me bucky. here you'll find some very basic dos and don'ts when it comes to what i enjoy and some ideas i've got. please read them over and if they appeal to you, send me a message and we'll see if we can't work something out. =3 also, if something has a strike through it that means i've already got an rp running with that plot, however, that doesn't mean i'm not willing to take up another. talk to me and we shall see what's up. i love plotting and i love making friends so gimme a reason and i'm your bro. please pm me for my skype or my aim sns.

turn ons;;

detailed posts
character development
manly men opposite pretty boys
strong character dichotomies
friendly rp partners
long-term plots
meaningful smut
height differences
chest hair
physical contrasts
dominant men
racial diversity
age gaps
fatherly/paternal figures

turn offs;;

lack of communication
short-term plots
poorly written smut
non-con (unless it serves the plot)
anime pictures
being asked to top (let me get there on my own, pls)
not reading this thread before messaging me (happens a lot lol)


philip lombard (aidan turner hnnng) from and then there were none [m/m]
bucky barnes [m/m | m/f]
steve/tony. rly need someone to write tony, pls. [m/m]
sam wilson would be nice [m/m]
THE LAST OF US. pls give me joel <3 [m/m]
vikings and such [m/m]
death personified seeking romance?? idk [m/m]
more poc characters, seriously, just give me someone who isn't white [m/m]
a healthy take on 50 shades of grey? [m/m | m/f]
divorced men seeking to experiment with other men [m/m]
daddies, daddies, daddies [m/m | m/f]
instant hookups in bars, seedy glory holes, men scared of commitment [m/m]
stern professors being tempted by pretty students [m/f | m/m]
arrow? gimme an oliver queen pls [m/m]
game of thrones? specifically wanting a robb stark and major plus if he's modernized [m/m]
gothic horror, haunted castles, small towns, secrets [m/m]
sleeping-walking, ghosts, stalkers, secrets, daddies [m/m]
small towns and mechanics and bikers and boys in sun dresses [m/m]
polygamy and religious cults and compounds and young husbands? think big love. [m/m | m/f | f/f]
something with stockholm syndrome [m/m]
winter soldier! gimme a bucky [m/m]
need for speed! gimme a tobey marshall [m/m]
true detective? please gimme a rust cohle [m/m]
something within the hobbit universe concerning thorin oakenshield [m/m]
something within the hunger games universe [m/m]
something with businessmen and bdsm [m/m]
breaking bad? jesse pinkman, saul goodman [m/m]
something along the lines of dracula? angry vampires and reincarnated loves [m/m]
recovering junkie/sober companion [m/m | m/f | f/f]
blind guy/seeing guy [m/m]
something avengers-based [m/m | m/f]
crime genre - fbi, nypd, cia, serial killers, organised crime [m/m]
something hannibal-based, pls gimme a will graham [m/m | m/f]
something man of steel-based, pls gimme a clark kent [m/m]
professor/student and this time the professor's the one getting porked [m/m]
something based loosely on the evil dead remake [m/m]
inappropriate father/son relationships, father doesn't have to be biological/literal [m/m]
something within the true blood universe with canons and ocs [m/m | m/f | f/f]
psychologists, therapy, damaged people, bromances [m/m | m/f | f/f]
established gay porn star stud/rising rookie porn star twink [m/m]
men who collect strays and feel compelled to fix them [m/m]
something doctor who-related [m/m]


'til kingdom come

he's his dad's eldest and rising star in the mma community. the more he wins, the better the business. the new guy his dad hired at the gym gets ragged on a lot for being pretty and a part of him wishes he didn't agree as much as he did, but damn is he ever pretty. [m/m need me an mma fighter for this and expect some inner-turmoil/internalised homophobia]

glory and gore go hand in hand;;

he's a successful lawyer with the world at his fingertips and a sickly child to care for. deciding to take his son to the countryside to see if the air suits, he quickly discovers that the looming gothic estate will only work to feed his boy's overactive imagination. of course, being a practical man, he believes in neither the ghost stories nor the alleged true accounts. but why is his son having night terrors and why are the townsfolk so very secretive? [m/m i need me a dad and this could be either an old-timey setting or modern depending on partner preference]

all your perfect imperfections;;

he's new to the apartment building. his neighbour is quirky but keeps to himself but he's also the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. the attraction is electric and before long they find themselves in a tangle of limbs. having got off a rocky engagement, he couldn't be any happier to have found someone so alive, but he's crushed to discover out that his lovely find won't let him in. it's just sex, he says, nothing more. but he can't settle and he'll do anything to know him. he's a romantic and a part of him still wants to believe that love can conquer all. and maybe this lost soul is his key to happiness. [m/m need a new neighbour for a lot of fluff and maybe some angst]

'cause you're a hard soul to save with an ocean in the way;;

he's been depressed for ages. life's a bitch when no one seems to be hearing you. but every week he drives up to the beach and finds that one shell and in it a letter written especially for him. and every week he responds in kind. he doesn't know who this voice is, reaching out to him, and maybe he doesn't care. it's nice to have a confidant he can't see. [m/m this could be angsty and fluffy and all kinds of things]

feral love;;

falling for a human is the last thing he needs. his people have struggled long and hard to survive amongst them. they might have assimilated, but the resentment towards man runs strong. wolves are for the wolves, or so he's been told his entire life. but he can't shake this obsession with the boy who has sunlight in his hair. after all, not all wolves are good, and not all people are bad. maybe some day he'll have the courage to hop on his bike and carry his boy off and never look back. until then, he watches and waits because there's no harm in wanting. [m/m need a were for some interspecies romance but no anthros please]

white trash beautiful;;

they were high school sweethearts who married young in a small-town. he drives a truck to keep them going but he can't help but feel like he's failing as a husband. after all, he promised to give him the world but all they've known is hicksville and shame. [m/m need a truck-driving hubby.]

now is the winter of our discontent;; a captain america: the winter soldier au

bucky's struggling to come to terms with his past and all he's done. he teeters on the edge of blind rage and is doing his best not to melt down. he's been let down and for the first time in forever, he chooses to save a life rather than end it. but why does he suddenly feel responsible for said life? maybe because it was his first, his first in many moons. [m/m i need a bucky barnes, pls <3]

bus bus bus;; a need for speed au

tobey's out of jail. the old crew is still up and running but it's been a long time since he's seen the kid. well, maybe he isn't a kid anymore and tobey's noticing things he never has before. he's just about the prettiest boy that ever lived, tobey is convinced, but why the hell is he thinking of him like that? [m/m i'd kill for a tobey marshall]

the yellow king;; a true detective au

rust cohle isn't crazy about working with a deception expert. it's all a pseudo-science anyway but when the feds call this kid on the case, he has no choice but to cooperate. [m/m desperately searching for a rust cohle]

loki & therapy: a thor the dark world au;;

with loki locked away in his cell post-war, frigga is desperate to reach out to her son. in her desperation she calls upon a midgardian with a very specific skill-set - he detects lies and reads people like open books. having been under fury's radar, the midgardian is no stranger to trading barbs with the jotun and agrees to travel between realms and break past the self-imposed barriers of one loki laufeyson. [m/m need a loki pls]

i have crossed oceans of time to find you: a vampire!loki au;;

he's a young billionaire with the world at his feet and a dark secret only known to a select few. loki is an ancient vampire seeking vengeance. having moved to new york to better track his foes, he finds himself keeping face and hosting charity galas. it's during one of these black-tie events that he comes face-to-face with the spitting image of his deceased lover. certain events are set into motion and loki is forced to decide what he intends to do with his newfound discoveries. [m/m still need a loki]

i don't want to go: a doctor who au;;

he's hacked into s.h.i.e.l.d.'s network for one of several reasons. he's been tracking this mysterious figure who has shown up in history over the centuries for months and when the men in suits finally arrive he's on the run. his unlikely saviour comes in the form of his latest obsession and drags him into a mysterious box that's much larger on the inside than his amazed mind can comprehend [m/m once again, need a loki :)]

the boy who waited: a doctor who au;;

they go to the same university and he's never seen anything so beautiful in all his life. he doesn't dare approach him but when he sees him running towards a blue box with men in hot pursuit he has to intervene. and just how is it possible that this box is bigger on the inside? [m/m looking for an oc male or a doctor or both.]

well, jesus christ i'm alone again: a thor au;;

he's just an enforcer when it comes down to it. he might be odin's son, but he's never really felt like anything more than an outsider. still, it's his job to do as he's told. his family's reputation in the crime world is unprecedented. they are royalty here in south boston and are rivaled only by the fitzgeralds in new york. when the youngest son the fitzgerald clan waltzes onto their turf he feels compelled to do something he's never done before - save a life. after all, this kid's a kid and he draws the line at tuning up kids. [m/m loki need a loki :B]

then again, maybe i won't;;

it's been four months since he touched a syringe but a well-to-do family means upholding a certain image and his father will spend every last penny he has to ensure he doesn't stray from his righteous path. he doesn't want nor need a sober companion but like a lot of others things in his life, he's lost control and he'll have to suffer through living with another person for an unknown period of time [need a former addict for this m/m | m/f]

better call saul: a breaking bad au;;

saul's not supposed to be doing these kinds of things. there's a certain amount of leeway with lawyer/client privileges but when the kid shows up in his office half-baked out of his mind and needing a psychiatrist he knows he has to draw the line somewhere. but there's something about this kid that saul can't shake and saul doesn't like that. [m/m need a saul]

the ghost of you;;

it was a horrible accident. his car had been totalled and he was knocked out for a week but he recovered and so did his best friend. they were fortunate, he knew, not many people got to walk away from an car crash that severe and yet, something feels off. maybe his head's still fuzzy or maybe it's the fact that his best friend's dead and he doesn't seem to know it. [m/m need someone to play the dead bestie]

nice to know you;;

he's the bastard child of a dead succubus and a human father who can't handle him. sent to live with his grandparents, he grows up knowing damn well what he is and why he can never know another human being on an intimate level. still, he has his good days and his bad and what will he do when someone falls for him? [m/m looking for a potential love interest for my half-incubus]

little boy with a red hood;;

he's been visiting his grandparents in a small-town and doesn't have much to do. he doesn't know any better than to go wandering off into the woods during the winter but it wasn't that cold when he stepped out. now it's getting darker and all he has is his red hoodie, not knowing that the wolf watches his every step, enchanted by the smell of him and his pretty golden hair. [m/m oh god gimme a wolf]

to dungeons deep: a hobbit au;;

thorin oakenshield really doesn't like elves, or so he tells himself every time he goes to meet the light-footed, golden creature under the moonlight. thorin knows he shouldn't but there's peace to be found here in the secrecy of their affair. [m/m need a thorin oakenshield. can be pre-hobbit or post-hobbit or during the events of the hobbit.]

and may the odds be ever in your favour: a hunger games au;;

he's been selected in the reaping along with his twin sister and hasn't a clue what's in store for him. he's a good hunter and she's quick on her feet and maybe if they try hard enough they can survive this. after all, he promised his grandmother he'd take care of brea and he will. [m/m need someone from another district for a possible alliance]


he's a wealthy businessman with an interest in teenagers that frustrates him like nothing else. for the most part, he keeps these taboo tendencies at bay but when the newest intern, a boy with pretty pink lips and hair like spun gold, wanders into his nest, he can't resist. he'll make it his personal mission to introduce this young man to the wonders of being a willing pet to a man capable of rewarding him handsomely. and if not, he has ways of breaking the best of them. [m/m need a businessman]

kissing in the blue dark;;

he's a paramedic, he's an astrophysicist in the making. they pass each other every day on the subway and he's never had the courage to tell him he thinks he's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. one night he's particularly lonely while browsing through porn sites and to his complete shock he finds his subway companion. unable to look away, he watches scene after scene of the boy he knows so little about. eventually he works up the courage to ask him out and is surprised to find how easy it is to fall for someone you barely know. [m/m need a paramedic]

tell me your name: a thor au;;

loki's fashioned himself a whole new life. he has a history. he was born, he was raised, he grew up, he fell in love. but not everything about his story adds up and the object of his desires is too clever let this go. when presented with the question, loki knows that for once the god of lies must tell the truth. "i am loki of asgard and i came to earth to find you" [m/m as always, i need a loki]

let me be your eyes;;

they meet at a party he had no intentions of going to. he's been with a lot of guys but never one so sweet and disabled. when he discovers that this soft-spoken young man is blind, he feels something inside of him stir and is compelled to make a relationship work for the first time in his life. [m/m need a blind guy please~]

unholy knight;;

he's the pope's youngest son and the jewel of rome. when his father marries him off to the aging conte of naples, the boy keeps an open mind. sure, his husband may not be handsome and young but he is kind and has promised to be a gallant suitor, that is, until they leave the safety of the papacy. his husband's true nature is revealed, he is an alcoholic and an abuser, hell-bent of mistreating his new bride and keeping him firmly in his pocket. no one is there to answer the boy's cries, save for one bastard lord with a fleet of ships and a growing thirst for power. he is young, he is handsome, and he is cunning enough to see the merit of stealing this soon-to-be-widow and binding himself to the papal family. can the child's unlikely saviour come in the form of this young lord? [m/m i would like a loki for this but i'm willing to go for an oc as well]

the smell of you;;

he's being stalked and he doesn't understand why. after all, he's only a teen with no conceivable wealth. he works in a coffee shop and spends his time having a high iq and dodging social protocols; why would anyone want to stalk him? as things continue to get progressively stranger, the only person he can turn to is his one and only friend. maybe together they can figure out why he keeps finding pictures of himself taken by an unknown figure and why he's started sleepwalking for the first time in years. [m/m need some oc male to play the friend, preferably an older boy]

the king in the north;; slight game of thrones au

in an alliance that'll surely satisfy his greedy host, he's sold off to the barbarian king of the north for marriage. he's just a boy, he's only heard frightening tales of the man who is said to change his skin and become a wolf during the night. his fear takes him hard but the silent hulking figure approaching him is not all he seesm. past the stony mask of indifference, there is a kindness in those eyes. and while he may not speak the same tongue, he understands the desire he sees on his husband's face when they first look upon one another. [m/m need the king in the north]

russian roulette;;

he's been stuck in a russian prison for decades, falsely accused of murder. finally out, he looks to change his life around and heads to the states. working with troubled youth and hoping to reform those in need of help, he finds himself face to face with the most beautiful young man he's ever seen. he doesn't mean to, but he can't keep away. [m/m need an ex russian convict]

will you still love me when i'm no longer young and beautiful;;

they fell in love back when they were teens. he had to leave for england but he always vowed to return and rekindle what they had. now a millionaire, he's back and in search of his young love who has grown into a beautiful young man thriving in a decade of cultural change and sustained economic prosperity. he's afraid to approach him at first. it's been almost 8 years and his boy's beauty takes his breath away. he comes to see him sing and hides himself in the back, waiting for the opportune moment to slip out of the shadows and remind him of the love they once shared. [m/m need me a millionaire and please expect some crossdressing and mild age gaps as well as obvious great gatsby influences]

wise men say only fools rush in;;

they met online through a psychology forum. they were both in search of some solace, both needed to reach out and find someone else who understood their strong sense of isolation. what started off as a simple friendship turned into a stronger bond than either of them would ever have anticipated, but neither of them have seen the other. they're from different cities, they don't know each other's true names and one day they decide to do something drastic and meet face to face in a restaurant. [m/m | m/f need a male or female character for this]


Tom Hiddleston
Aaron Paul
Sean Bean
Sebastian Stan
Travis Fimmel
Richard Armitage
Christian Bale
Richard Madden
Mads Mikkelsen
Hugh Dancy
Stephen Amell
Robert Kazinsky
Idris Elba
Jason Momoa
Michael Fassbender
Jared Leto
Jamie Bamber
Matthew Gray Gubler
Shemar Moore
Tyson Beckford
Rob Evans
Matthew McConaughey
Bradley Cooper
Chris Evans
Chris Hemsworth
Charlie Hunnam
Frank Grillo

note* please understand that i'm open to discussing anything but prefer to do that over private messages. if you have any questions regarding plots or characters just ask!
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updated with the doctor who, mafia and sober companion plots~

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updated with the boy who waited plot~

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2013, 02:24:02 PM »
updated with the ghost bestie, half-incubus plot and little boy with a red hood plots ;o
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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2013, 12:37:22 PM »
updated with the hobbit au plot =3

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the hunger games and closer plots :]

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the kissing in the blue dark plot as well as a current playbys wanted list~

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the tell me your name plot c:

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the let me be your eyes plot as well as the current playbys wanted

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the unholy knight plot

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the smell of you and king in the north plots as well as the current playbys wanted

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the russian roulette plot

also hannibal~

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the young and beautiful plot~

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the "wise men say only fools rush in" plot as well as the current playbys wanted list

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with plots and current playbys wanted

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updated with the yellow king plot and current playbys wanted list

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updated with the need for speed plot and the current playbys wanted list

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updated with the winter soldier plot as well as the current playbys wanted list

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with plots

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with polygamy/big love plot :3

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the white trash beautiful plot

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated several plots.

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated more plots~

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with two new plots!

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Re: pure i m a g i n a t i o n [m/m | m/f | f/f]
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updated with the all your perfect imperfections plot~