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Started by drakarifire, November 15, 2013, 02:06:14 PM

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Alright, so I haven't been around much lately but I'm looking for some new partners and so here I am. Diving back into the swing of things to get my mind off well...stuff. I've got some basic ideas, nothing too fleshed out since I prefer to do that with my partners once we have a feel for the direction our characters are going. Sound good? So I'm just going to put a list of genres/ things I'm into. If you find yourself drawn to any of them just shoot me a message and we'll hammer something out, or just wing it. Those can be fun too!

Some things before we start:

- I'm open to f/f and m/m but am looking primarily for f/m right now. (this does not mean plots for the others will be turned down)
- You can ask for my AIM, but I ask that you remember me and my character are TWO separate people. Don't try to drag me into the roleplay, don't try to layer my character's kinks and interests onto me. Understand? I have had some very bad and uncomfortable experiences in the past because of that, and I'd really rather it didn't happen again.

other than that I really have no rules so onto the list

any incest pairings (father/daughter, brother/sister mostly)
group/gangbang type thing
light bondage
monarch or royalty/servant or slave
anything supernatural related (the fandom or just plain supernatural genre)
dc comics ( batman/superman, superman/supergirl to name a few)

nothing really specific here.
I'm not looking for too many people either.
and this can be long term or short term whatever you want.
if you've got plots/suggestions/ideas that are not on the list I will happily listen to them
I like to try everything at least once so keep that in mind <3