The Pentakill Party(M looking for F)

Started by godfang, November 15, 2013, 09:10:19 AM

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If you knew what a pentakill is, then you're most likely into League of Legends. This request is rather simple. A pentakill Party is a little tale whispered amongst the champions of the League of Legends. Specifically, it means a sexual act where one champion makes five partners at once cum in rapid succession before he himself climax. It is an act that takes great sexual skills and endurance, and the idea that one man can outlast five girls in peak physical condition, but the story is there.

I'm looking for a female player willing to play up to five League of Legends female character and i play one male character. On the flipside, i'm also willing to return the favor and have them play 1 female champion and i play five male champions. PM if interested!