The Great Game [Arsène Lupin/Sherlock Holmes Crossover]

Started by Le Immortelle, November 14, 2013, 07:30:52 AM

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Le Immortelle

The Great Game

This is a peculiar fandom story craving which has been nagging me for last few days featuring two of my absolute favorite characters, namely Sherlock Holmes and Arsène Lupin. For this I am willing to play either, but find myself leaning towards playing Arsène Lupin. Alternatively, I also don't mind writing this with a FemArsène or a FemLock.

Indigo Moon is a diamond which was unearthed from diamond mines in Kimberly, South Africa around thirty years ago. Since then it's path has been muddled with blood, starting right from a shootout among the workers who unearthed it before being recovered by the miners who owned them. Then it was cut, polished before being sold to a Turkish nobleman whose wife murdered him in a crime of passion upon being gifted to one of his mistresses. One grisly incident followed another before it was finally acquired by one Leonard Hutton, a British cabinet minister and an avid collector of rare stones in a secret auction held in Prague and presented in an exhibition where it would be showcased to the whole world along with some rare stones which Mr. Hutton had acquired during his various sojourns all over the world.

The word of exhibition spreads like wildfire and even before it has even taken place, a letter from infamous Arsène Lupin, the Gentleman Thief rushes into London. Announcing in his usual brash manner about how he wishes for the stone and that it ought to be kept ready for him, if not he shall simply claim it. The man has raised hell in France and the letter at best perplexes Scotland Yard who aren't overly willing to take it seriously. Guerchard, on trail of Lupin as ever himself rushes all the way down from Paris to London only to be shut down on foreign shores obviously. But Mr. Hutton is no fool, for he is worried and knows well of Arsène Lupin's reputation. He in turn approaches Sherlock Holmes to be present at the exhibition at all hours, keeping his keen eye. A challenge most incredible to the famous detective. It is further compounded when Lupin sends a letter to Holmes as well, congratulating him and also telling what an honor it is to face an adversary like him. This, kicks off an extraordinary mystery.

The place is meticulously guarded. With Holmes, is Guerchard. Arsène plans to strike come what may with his small group or maybe even alone. Nobody has any idea whatsoever. This, is where our story kicks off. I aim to create something which consists of action, adventure laced with plenty of drama and twists thrown in for good measure. Everything in the scenario above is amendable. The only requirement I have is a creative partner who would be willing to develop this with me from this kernel. Also I would like to point out that it is very likely the story would contain very little or maybe almost no sex and focusing more on mystery and tension.

Please PM me if this intrigues you. Thank you for reading.