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Author Topic: Perils of a Sexual Nature [female looking for male characters]  (Read 3216 times)

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Perils of a Sexual Nature [female looking for male characters]
« on: November 12, 2013, 06:02:24 PM »
Perils of A Sexual Nature

I have been involved with a bunch of groups of late but have desired to try some one on ones...My blonde brain gets all sorts of ideas so I thought I would toss out a couple here. I would perfer to be PMed and use the forums or Mirc for any of these!


The Perils of Sue Richards, The Invisible Woman:
Sue Richards aka the Invisible Woman has always been a personal favorite with me and after reading Secret Invasions story line I had a very naughty idea.

While Susan is on a lecture tour in Vancouver, B.C., a Skrull posing as Mister Fantastic ambushes her, applying pressure to her skull with an invisible force field and knocking her out cold. In the Canon version Susan was placed in a large prison ship with other heroes that had been replaced. This is where my idea comes in.

What if instead Sue is not sent to the prison ship but kept by a super skrull leader to force his personal revenge on the Fantastic Four by corrupting and changing the heart of the team. Tamed, ravaged even carried off when the invasion failed. What would Reed do to find her? How far would she fall? Would she enjoy becoming a sexual toy for the skrulls? As in all comics she should escape or be rescued at some point, but how would it change her? Can the skrull strip the essence of who she is or bury it under something else.

The Peril of the Wasp
I have also liked Jan van Dkye Aka 'The Wasp' and have wanted to see what sort of peril she could be forced into...maybe forced to stay in her wasp form and ravaged by insects or small animals controlled by an evil villain.
Maybe forced to become the sex toy of Ultron!

Not sure what could be done but I am open to suggestions.

The Perils of Supergirl

Of course this is a favorite for many guys but still can be done and have fun with... I would perfer some plot and thought put into this since not every Tom, Dick or Harry is gonna have krytonite. Lex Luthor has also been worked to death in this sort of setting some
So I am looking for something new and different and with a decent but naughty story and plot!
I do not mind magic or even Krytonite [as long as there is a reason for it to exsist in the villains hands]

Perils of Wonderland:
Wonderland does Alice!
Do you like the idea of a modern woman [18?] finding her way to Wonderland? A decidedly different Wonderland that in the story one that is much less a fairy tale and more a porn story. Of course her name should be Alice. After all Alice is a name of power [at least after the first Alice defeated the Queen]. And everyone and everything will want to control and use that Power. Clothes! Ha this Alice won't need clothes except maybe some lovely jewelry. You know a jeweled collar, lovely gold nipple rings and maybe a delicate clit ring, finger rings, toe rings. All nice and adorned. After all everyone knows that a Power like Alice needs pretty shiny things to keep her from going all loco.

Perils of Wonderland-NSFW

Perils of Oz:
The Wonderful Lands of Oz!
I actually have a story idea for here.
The original stories and there were a bunch, told of a magical land that appealed to children and the Victorian sensibilities of the time.
In this Version the true story was told to the author by a young woman named Dorothy and was far from what was written. Of course there was some truth, there was a Dorothy, a Land called Oz, slippers adorned with rubies [rubies are a mark of royalty and power] and a nasty tornado, witches, wizards, an Emerald city and their denizens.
But then It shifted...nudity, monsters, flying monkeys that did more then fly ... a dastardly wizard as well as a lusty evil witch
The rest is well much more than the normal Victorian mind could handle and considering some of what went on then, that says a lot.

Perils of Oz-NSFW

Perils of a Different World
The idea is for a modern female to be transported to a fantasy world. Either in her own body or processing another. A very smart and capable woman that could change much in the fantasy world.
The idea is based on a Korean TV series though in this case I would perfer a fantasy world instead of just in the past. She could arrive with items and gear. Maybe she was somehow recruited to come to the world and allowed to brings things. Maybe she fell through a magic portal. Or stepped into an ultra dimension space like what is in a portable hole. I would like a story and reasons for her being where she is now but also clearly sexual aspects as well.
I Like the idea of a person out of place but one also skilled in her own right. After all what would the powers that be think should she bring gunpowder into the world...or something as simple as stirrips [which were unknown in greek and roman times].

Perils of the pulp era:
Think a female Doc Savage or the Shadow in the mid 30s. All sorts of mad scientists, evil germans, nasty Japanese, Chinese mandarins, hidden societies.
Big robots made of tubes and a bulky batteries. I would love to play a heroine in this setting, of course with an "E" twist.

Perils of the Dragon Rider:
 There are great legends of the Dragon rider knights flying into battle to aid the forces of justice and light. That is of course before they were betrayed. Legends also often have things a bit off... In the legends the knights were strong men with gleaming swords. The truth was a good bit different. Every single dragon rider was female astride a male dragon. Male dragons bond with their rider. psychically, emotionally and physically [yes to include sex] becoming something more. I would like to play a female that goes searching for the legendary knights to aid the lands that have fallen under dark times...only to discover that what she thought was true was not. Would she pay the price to become a 'rider' herself?

Perils of the Dragon Rider-NSFW

Perils of the Princess:  <<story in the works
 [more to follow]
Perils of the Fae:
 [more to follow]
Perils of the Super Spy
 [more to follow]
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Re: Perils of a Sexual Nature [f for male characters]
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2013, 12:41:00 PM »
"Perils of a Different World" and "Perils of the Pulp Era"


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Re: Perils of a Sexual Nature [f for male characters]
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2014, 07:19:45 PM »
added a couple of perils to the superheroine section and exapnding in the fable section [bump]

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Re: Perils of a Sexual Nature [female looking for male characters]
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2014, 10:24:46 AM »
added "perils of the dragon rider" and updated and expanded 'Perils of another world'


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Re: Perils of a Sexual Nature [female looking for male characters]
« Reply #4 on: March 09, 2014, 07:03:08 PM »
added pictures tp Sue Richards, Wonderland, Oz

Updated status of Pulp perils and Perils of the princess/queen


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Re: Perils of a Sexual Nature [female looking for male characters]
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2015, 04:03:22 AM »
Bumped since it has been a while since I did so!


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Re: Perils of a Sexual Nature [female looking for male characters]
« Reply #6 on: March 01, 2015, 06:31:44 PM »
I am working on details for perils of the super spy!