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Author Topic: Krisje's little request corner! (FxF)  (Read 751 times)

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Krisje's little request corner! (FxF)
« on: November 11, 2013, 07:55:34 am »
Hi there and welcome to my request corner.

Here under you’ll find a list of idea’s and/or cravings I have that I really want to play at this moment.

As time changes these might alter, new ones might be added and old ones deleted depending on the moods I am in and what kind of stories I want to create.

So if you like an idea, or have an idea that you like to run by me, please pm me. Don’t answer in this thread.

As you can read in my preferences I’m really open minded when it comes to sex. But still I like to go over each other’s kinks and no’s beforehand. Just to make sure we are all on the same page.

Also I love OOC talk and even if you don’t want to create a story with me, you can always hit me up and talk to me. Though keep OOC chat out of the stories.

One last request, if you’re going away or dropping the RP you are doing with me, please at least have the courtesy to let me know. No I won’t bite you or be angry and go all bitch-mode on you. This is more likely to happen when you just up and leave without a word.

Now my ideas I am looking forward to at this moment. Those that have been crossed trough are no longer available

1. The art student (fxf)

A girl, who’s an art student, has to make a portrait for her final project so she can graduate. Though the problem is that she can't find any inspiration to make this final painting. That is until one day she walks around in the local park. There she sees a girl sitting before a fountain and is immediately captivated by her. She quickly makes a rough sketch of the girl and decides this person would be the perfect muse for her painting. After finishing the sketch, they somehow meet each other (how we can discuss as I have no real preference. Can just be the art student walks up towards the girl, or the girl noticed that she was being sketched and went to see how it looked or another reason where one of them ends up in the fountain somehow.) and the art student asks the girl to become her model. The girl agrees only if she gets something in return. (Once again all options are open. A place to sleep because she just got kicked out of her home, pretend to be the girlfriend to get her parents of her back, just be friends because she never made any for some reason or once again something else). And well that's the general idea and we take it from there. Kinda want this to be a story that slowly builds up to them falling for each other. Not where they strip nude and fuck each other's brains out after six posts. Also you can play either the art student or the other girl, depending on what you prefer.

 2. A Devils deal. (fxf)

Cecilia Astisani still was only twenty one years old but already had become a name in the underworld the be feared. Daughter of Don Astisani, who had been murdered by his most trusted lieutenant when she was only ten years old. The attempts on her life had been foiled and Cecilia had gone into hiding for six years. As she came back into the spotlight as she turned sixteen, she made sure people would remember her name. The sweet little young lady had been turned into a ruthless, cunning and manipulative woman. The men responsible of her father’s dead and those that betrayed him all came to a gruesome dead. Some bodies weren’t found and those that were found just weren’t recognizable anymore. That still hadn’t been enough and soon she had taken over all the local families and rivals. Those that didn’t join her, were never seen again. Now at the age of twenty five, she controlled all the human, drugs and weapon trafficking, the prostitution rings, money laundering and all other criminal activities in her region.
Now one of her couriers has messed up once again and lost a shipment of drugs. As he has no money to repay her, he instead offers her his eighteen year old daughter as payment.
The idea I had for this one is a bit more dark. I was thinking that in the beginning she takes the girl in as just one of her new maids, planning to sell or dispose once she got tired of her. But as time goes on, the other girl starts to show real promise into becoming her second in command and lover. The only thing is there will be violence and bloodshed in it but your character will come to no harm. Also I would love it if your char would really hate mine in the beginning and she would seek out the borders of patience of mine without crossing them.  And off course everything is open for debate.

3. The new member. (fxf)

Elise had been an idol and popstar ever since she had turned ten years old. Now eight years later she still was as popular as back then. Millions of fans all over the world kept on buying every record and album she created generating her more money than she could ever count. Not to mention the merchandise that had been created around her. But money wasn’t something that interested her. Elise loved performing and seeing how her songs and music made people happy. That’s why she was looking forward to go on another world tour. However they day before they would start, one of her regular band members got sick and now had to be replaced last minute. She was told the replacement was as good, if not better as the original girl, however she came from a different music genre. Because of this Elise and the new girl always seemed to get on each other’s nerves. Though one day Elise sees the girl practicing on her own and realizes how talented she really is. So she tries to befriend her and get closer to her. Will she succeed? What will happen between the two of them?

4. Star wars idea (fxf)

The idea I’m having is basically set in the Old Republic Era during the New Sith Wars. It’s a pretty simplistic idea to be honest. A Jedi and Sith, bitter rivals who have met each other on dozens of battlefields on ground and in space, both were in their personal starships after another skirmish in space. Somehow something messed up with their starships, pulled them to an unknown planet where they were captured by an unknown species. They get chained together and it’s soon proven that instead of being considered prisoners, they are considered lunch. Not wanting to end up on a plate, they somehow manage to escape together and now have to find a way to work together to try and survive. Which isn’t easy as in the beginning they’ll have no weapons and they can’t use the force as they had been drugged by something that stopped them from using it.
That’s the idea and well we take it from there.

The Demon Queen (fxf)

The setting is simple, a medieval world where humanity had been run over by demons. Now like almost the entire world has been taken over an humanity has only a few last bastions left where they are fending of the demons. But there is hope for humanity as a new hero has been chosen, one that would be able to slay the demon queen. As the hero sets out to do so, she has only one problem, she has no idea how the demon queen looks like, as every human to ever come into contact with the queen has died. So in an attempt to find more information the hero decided to go and charge to local barons mansion to pry information out of him, or a location where she can find more information about the whereabouts and looks of the queen. The thing the hero didn't know was that at that moment the queen was visiting that baron to get an rapport about his advanced against the humans. When the hero attacks the mansion she decides to play a little game with the human. Taking on a human form the demon queen acts as if she had been captured by the baron and was about to be put through horrible things. She then asks the hero if she can travel along her until they reach a safe place for her. That way she plans on discovering a weakness of the hero and a way into the human bastions. However as they travel together she starts seeing things in a different light.

The hunter hunted  (fxf)

This story takes places in a universe akin to that of star wars. So future, space travel, lots of different planets and races all around. Though no Jedi or use of the force please. The idea behind the story is still a bit rough as I don’t have any details yet. The premise it that a mercenary is hired to assassinate a princess from a certain planet. Her parents had been successfully killed in an uprising however their daughter got away and was hidden somewhere. Scared that once the princess will be old enough she might return and take in her rightful place as ruler, she is to be taken care off immediately. The problem however is that nobody really knows how the princess looks this day. Only that she’s been hiding at an immense popular boarding school on a certain planet. The job of the mercenary is to infiltrate the school, find out who the princess is and eliminate her.
However the party supporting the princess gets word of this plot to kill their future queen, so they send in their own mercenary to track down the assassin and stop her before she can successfully kill the princess.
Well that is the idea I’m playing with. It’s not yet complete so I’m more than willing to talk about it and how to play it but hopefully somebody gets interested in it

Well hope to hear from you soon!
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Re: Krisje's little request corner! (FxF)
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2014, 11:41:54 am »
New idea The demon queen added
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Re: Krisje's little request corner! (FxF)
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2014, 04:21:39 pm »
Updated and restarted :)

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Re: Krisje's little request corner! (FxF)
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2014, 08:23:27 am »
New idea: The hunter hunted added