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Author Topic: Japanese and Chinese Past Themed Rps { MxM}  (Read 293 times)

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Japanese and Chinese Past Themed Rps { MxM}
« on: November 07, 2013, 11:16:51 PM »
Before messaging me or reading these plots consider the following.

♦ | Rules | ♦
• I am fine with using real pictures/photographs or art. I'll use whichever you prefer. I just don't want us to mix match. OCD-ish thing for me.

○ Must be able to post at least two paragraphs.

• You'll talk with me over the plot and see if there is anything you'd like to change, add or deduct.

○ We'll each make a small character profile for one another after talking so we get a feel and vibe before the rp so we can picture the character doing and saying all this. Even if your description is great, a nice profile including notes on his profile would be nice to have rather than learning as we go on what to avoid and such.

• You'll reply at least 2 times a weak minimum unless specified. Which means, give me a warning if you can.

| Ideas |
♦ I Owe You, My Life - Your character has saved mine on the battlefield or from an assassination placed on him by either an enemy or lowly thug whilst he is in the city doing business. After doing so, your character either being a soldier / officer / samurai is followed by mine. Feeling safe within his presence the two possibly go out for drinks or do something together. Much of the city is leaving, due to the fact it is quite heavily known war will take place there eventually and they are being forced out by the knights of the city so that the peasants or commoners do not get in the way. My character follows yours and is under his care whether he likes it or not. They travel together, share a tent and depend on each other.  { Possibilities of incest would be loved for a twist. }

♥ MatchMaker's Son - Your character does not wish to marry, however due to his family he is forced to see a great matchmaker rumored to be the best. Upon meeting the matchmaker and having tea with the, he sees a certain effeminate or twink-ish boy behind the sliding doors. The one whom has been making the tea and learning to possibly be a matchmaker. Though he agrees to the matchmaker's ideas and proposals on girls to meet and things to do he either makes it a point to only come to purposely see the boy or it happens by accident. Regardless the two can not seem to stay away from each other.

♣ Brothel Boy, my brother? - My character is a brothel boy in a small but decently if not very well known house for samurai, not only is he a brothel boy however. Your character an older male, injured in combat stays there, possibly nursed to health or of his own will. He could either not find out until it is too late and he has the boy in love with him as well as lust or the two could commit knowingly. The brothel boy trying to talk his brother out of going to war and only enraging him. { The stoic, dominantly perverted type loved for this. Also exchangeable with cousin or father, even Uncle. }

♠ Sorry, Samurai - Your character is a samurai whom knows of my character. The brother of a man behind hiring assassins and thieves for his own wealth. Therefor he threatens my character, however my character tells him he knows nothing. He could possibly be lying and therefor your samurai to get it out of him rapes him. Possibly in front of his fellow samurai.

♦ Sorry, Samurai II - Your character is a samurai again. My character is a commoner, possibly one stirring up trouble. Or perhaps in the wrong place at the wrong time. Caught listening into a secret conversation or stealing, your fellow samurai catch him and ask what to do with him. You can ask them to stay or leave, maybe to have him hold still. No one is talking on your samurai's hands or going unpunished. Using and possibly abusing the boy for his doing outside in a public place. Whether people are out or not. [ Could be samurai only territory. ]

♥ Bride For Brother - Your character's role is interchangeable with cousin, uncle, father even. Regardless my character is either knowingly or unknowingly matched by a matchmaker to his own family member. Having been given to another family or growing up far away with a distant family friend from long ago. He remembers your character or feels they've met somewhat. However as a favor he is posing as the woman he'd been raised by's daughter who does not wish to get married.

♣ Boy at the Geisha House - Your character comes to the Geisha house regularly, he is in fact dating and casually seeing one of the most prized and promised girls there. However, while she is gone or even there - your character sneaks into the house only to use the boy of the house. The son of the woman whom teaches the geisha or a distant relative of hers that she has pretty much enslaved. The boy is treated like a maid and spoken down to, when punished often times forced to sleep in a small space that was once a shed where your character sneaks. Despite being her lover, your character blackmails mine into doing things for him. Forming an s&m like relationship and possibly noncon or psuedo-rape.
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Re: Japanese and Chinese Past Themed Rps { MxM}
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2013, 01:49:07 PM »
Rules and notes added  O:)