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August 11, 2022, 10:37:16 am

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Author Topic: Crosswire's Game Scenarios (TG/TF Stuff included)  (Read 1067 times)

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Crosswire's Game Scenarios (TG/TF Stuff included)
« on: November 07, 2013, 07:13:22 pm »
Hello I’m Crosswire. I’m new to this site and rather new to adult roleplaying I’ve only had a years’ experience of it and I will admit I’m still green. However I’m a quick learner and I’m not remotely green when it comes to writing and general roleplay. I’m normally quite flexible and as long as I enjoy it and it suits my tastes I feel I’m up for just about anything so if you have suggestions, tweaks, or ideas of your own you’d like to try I’m totally willing to listen.

Stuff I dislike and will not do:

  • Nothing disgusting, no defecation, urination, vomiting, decapitations, extreme gore, vorarephilia, or anything sexual involving the underage or elderly.

  • Not particularly interested in S&M, torture, or sissification. I enjoy roleplaying characters who become women through various means and being teased or taken advantage of; however there has to be a change involved somewhere down the line so I’d be fine with forced cross dressing and the like as long as it leads to a change.

  • Can’t stand sexual beatings or anything like that, nothing really kills my mood then someone having their fingers broken.

Things I’m fine with and enjoy

  • If it’s not obvious already I love gender transformations especially when it’s via second skins/bodysuits. I’m also fine with body swaps, transformation via magic, technology, chemicals, and while I’m not that into it, transformation via surgery. I’m flexible so if you have ideas throw it my way.

  • I love blackmail, disguises, identity theft, voyeurism, being manipulated, taken advantage of, and forced into sexual acts as a women and into to wearing skimpy outfits, dresses, Cosplay costumes, playboy bunny outfits, est. I like being on the receiving end most of the time but anything involving this will peak my interest

    • Vaginal, Oral, and Anal sex is fine as long as fecal matter, vomit, and urine are not involved. It’s not too much to ask for a clean butt is it?

    • I rather like anime and videogames, so if you have any ideas involving them or want to do a setting in a particular canon I’m probably game, just ask.

    • When it comes to being dominant or submissive I’m not sure, however I know I like roleplaying male characters who become women and get enjoyment out of them being manipulated, used, and tricked so I guess that means I prefer being submissive? However I believe I’m flexible enough to play dominate characters as well.

    On a final note, I’d like to say that when it comes to people interested in gender transformation the fun is in being the transformed however in some scenarios or stories it’s not possible for both players to both be the transformed. However I understand this and have a ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine” policy. I’m willing to play the non-transformed dominate characters and control the NPC’s and let you have the fun, as long as you’re willing to do the same for me. Why should I have all the fun?

    Here are some scenarios I've been thinking of. I'll update these now and then. Post (or PM if you wish to be private) if you wish to play or have any questions or ideas of your own. I'm leaving them open ended to express how I'm fine with flexibility and open to ideas.

    Unforeseen Changes:

    After failing to pick up any girls at a bar, I find myself hit being hit on by rather attractive women. After a few drinks she takes me back to her place. Too happy and too drunk to appreciate the irony of the situation I have a rather nice night with the women. Instead of waking up next to her I’m shaken awake by the women and informed that her boyfriend is coming over and he heard that she brought someone home with her last night. I can’t leave the apartment without being scene and the women makes it clear I can’t talk or fight my way out of the situation.

    I think I’m screwed until she whips out some kind of bodysuit claiming it’s the perfect disguise and I’ll be able to pass off as girlfriend of hers who got drunk and had to stay the night. If suits exist that allow you to basically become someone else, how I am supposed to trust this woman? Who is she really? Is there really anyone coming? Is this some kind of plot or scheme? How do I know her ‘boyfriend’ isn’t just another suit tucked away somewhere that she’s going to throw on and have her way with me once I’m a women. How do I know she's not wearing a suit already? Even if she does have a boyfriend coming over do I really want to be a beautiful busty woman when a sex hungry guy comes to the apartment?

    I don’t really have any options and no idea how things will turn out. It's all up to you how things end.

    Cheaters Never Win:

    I've always been into cosplay and when I heard there was a cosplay competition offering 50,000 dollars to the first place winner I jumped at the chance to be in it. Unfortunately it's called the "Queen of Cosplay" competition for a reason, only the sexiest of female cosplayers can compete. Thankfully I have that covered with a bodysuit and a stunning costume. With this body and this costume I'll win for sure. However maybe the female contestants are more serious about winning then I thought. Maybe even if I do win the lead judge won't give me my money unless I give something to him first. Maybe someone knows my secret and plans on blackmailing me. In the end maybe I don't know what's going to happen.

    You however know exactly what's going to happen, don't you?

    The Heirloom:
    I recently inherited a magic charm that allows me to turn into whoever I can think of. Characters, historical figures, celebrities, anyone I can think of. All I need to do is hold the charm to turn into them. I can easily turn back as long as I have the charm. One day I get the idea to turn into my ideal women, a walking wet dream. However shortly after I do someone breaks into my house and steals the charm leaving me stuck as a sexy women. Now that the thief has the charm I'm stuck and forced to do whatever the thief wants. They know what the charm can do and could turn themselves into me and have me thrown onto the streets. If I ever want to be myself again I have to do what they want, and even then they don't have to go by their word.

    Currently being played, willing to do this scenario again if someone wishes to RP it with me.

    What will happen? It's all up to you.

    Never Use Bodywash:
    I'm finally in college and everything is going great! I even have a dorm room with a kickass bathroom. Unfortunately I don't check what I use when I shower. After washing myself with an odd body wash I find I've turned into a girl. Was this an accident? Was this a plot by one of the girls I teased in chemistry or my ex-girlfriend? Is my roommate responsible? Am I the guinea pig of some professor or students research? Or is something more sinister afoot?

    I have no idea what's going on but I have a feeling you do.

    RP didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.
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