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Started by Xon, November 05, 2013, 03:52:23 PM

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Hello, I am Xon, and welcome to my thread :) -bows politely, and waves in invitingly- hehe I am a dork, if this is a problem I apologize. If you don't mind this, then hope you like what all you see in my ideas, and such

Also, if you want to do something that is not in my thread, just let me know. I love to rp, so I don't care whose idea it is, I will have fun with it :)

Also as a note, this thread may be a little large, but it might have something you like, so feel free to skim through it, or just pm with an idea you might have :)

Now, on to all the good stuff, right? -looks around looking for a response- ...Yes! -says voice in head- lol I swear I am not crazy -ignore that, that was a lame attempt at a joke, and to try to keep you interested lol, see I care :) -

Also I can use multiple characters, so if you want something a little more complex we can do that.

And to say how much I post, I usually post anywhere from 1 paragraph to about 10 paragraphs

My favorite pairings!
Teacher x student
Vampire x werewolf
vampire x human
werewolf x human
succubus x human
angel x demon
angel/demon x human
prince or princess/servant
2 samurai
Hunter/Supernatural creature

And there are many many more, including god/goddess with a human, just let me know if you want one that is not up here

Ok so here is a list of anime I have seen, and am willing to do a rp based on, or using characters in: Bleach, Naruto, Sekirei, One Piece, Rosario + Vampire, Hellsing Ultimate...maybe, Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z, and Rurouni Kenshin, Fairy Tail!!!!!!!!!!  Sailor Moon, maybe Negima, Gundam, Pokemon, Yugioh,   and many many more

Movies, and shows; Harry Potter, Supernatural, Power Ranger, Criminal Minds, Teen Titans, , and Pirate of the Caribbean, and more if you ask me if I know them! :)

Books: Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Twilight, the Carpathian Novels, and more I can not think of right now

Game: Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Tales of, Boarder Lands 2, Dark Souls, FF7, Dragons Dogma, Way of the Samurai, Resident of Evil, Soul Caliber, Megaman, and Left for Dead

Ok ok, if you managed to see this much, well, I am very glad. Now we get to the section people will probably skip to, or skip over lol

Story lines!

The Knight's Ransom (Femdom, male slavery)

This idea is: A knight goes out on another mission, he has traveled far inside his own kingdom, and has protected it well. Now he was to escort the princess to their neighboring country to be wedded to their prince. On their way though, misfortune would strike. A group of female bandits attacked the caravan during the night, and killed everyone except for the knight. They capture him, and use him as bait for more soldiers to come, not saying if they killed the princess already, or not. They would use his as their personal toy, making him have sex with all of they, or just the leader if she chooses to. They would also make him clean, and they would torture him. Now, this rp could span out, and become more of a romance by someone saving him, a female of course, or he could die in the end, or just stay there forever. What ever you prefer. This could be Dragon's Dogma based, or fantasy, either way.

Vampires have souls too! (Story line is in the air really, this one is more of a basis)

A vampire who has denied themselves blood for years, accepting the loss in power, and energy, is finally tested. Every vampire has a blood type they like more than the others(makes sense it is their food after all), and all have a "soul mate". This vampire finally finds theirs', but a vampire from their past that has been hunting them finally catches up to them, right as the vamp started to make contact with their soon to be lover. So the vampire would have to choose, stay for their lover, or keep running. I think this would be interesting 'cause the rival, well really enemy...could use the human to their advantage knowing the vampire wouldn't willing hurt the human, the human would most likely be afraid of the supernatural being when they found out about the creature of the night, and because I was thinking this vampire might be a more sexual brand of creature, a pleasureful bite, obviously a beautiful face, and irresistible body. Any alterations you would wish to make will be considered if you wish to do this one.

Yet another vampire story (Sick human, vanilla)

The vampire had long since been alone, never finding his soul mate, like most have by his age. He has scoured the world, looked in every city he could, and even tried dating, but none of it was right. So he gave up, now he simply fed, and left it alone, keeping to himself, even from other vampires. One day on his feeding night, he decided to feed on a young woman he saw walking home, he didn't know, or care from where. As he gets close, and is about to go in for the bite, she coughs a little, her whole body shakes, and it is easily seen that she then has trouble standing. He can't help but to ask her if she if fine, which she nods, trying to be strong. this rp would revolve around him trying to make her laugh, and give her the best life he can while she is sick, and maybe in the end she dies of old age, or her sickness. Maybe he turns her in order to save her. I think this one would be cute, and adorable, and I don't mind playing either part in this.

The Witch and the Traveler (I can play either role)

A witch has uncovered a map of a long lost treasure, and the map happens to be written in a long lost language that only a hand full of people know, like herself, though she does not speak it fluently. She decides to hire one body guard, or a few if you prefer. They go out on their adventure, and as it turns out, some of her enemies find out she has this map, or maybe a leader/king, what have you, learn of it, and want it for themselves. The witc would end up making it to the ruins, where it is lightly guarded, and when they get down to the bottom, they learn that there was no treasure. Instead, waiting for them, is a long lost deity that they release by going down there, and giving it a sacrifice, the adventure, which they could be in a relationship by this point. Then the witch would be forced to run, and well the rest of it is in the air, but it will probably be stopping the deity.

My guardian Demon (The sex of the characters can be changed)

Maybe a demon forced to be the guardian 'Angel' of a young woman whose parents are abusive, and being a demon, decides that even a child doesn't deserve this ((good guy demon?)) And ends up protecting her by literally stopping them whenever they try being her only friend? Maybe as they live closely to each other they form a relationship...think of it like a bad anime that at the same time has adorable yet epic moments that force you to keep watching. Though this one is debatable, but I think it could be very interesting.

Two Petals Flow Gently in the Wind (weird name, but I like it lol)

Two samurai, both betrayed by their shoguns, now on their for the first time in their lives. This plot would start where two samurai go on a mission for each of their shoguns to kill one another, but one of them would over hear an assassin talking to their leader about the assassin killing the one that was alive. The samurai would then send a note to the other one telling them about this, but doing in during the night when they could be sure they were not being watched. And then the story can start from their, what if the other samurai didn't believe them, or just what ever. I am looking forward to trying this one out.

those will be updated sometimes, maybe added, or taken away from, who knows

Ok, here are some of my characters, like 2% of them, ask for more, and if people actually ask for them I might put more up here...I doubt it though lol, but maybe :D

Now here are some plots on some of my characters, they may be changed, and such easily.

Xon: He has 2 brothers who want to kill him, and not only that, he comes from a father demon, and a mother angel. He was born after a demon killed his siblings' father, and raped his mother. He was born as a half breed, but raised as an angel by his mother. As he grew up he turned out to be a very nice young man who stood beside all he believed in, but he had a hatred growing in him. He hated demons, and angels. He hated the angels cause the turned their back on his mother, and she was forced to work as a human to gain what she needed to raise her sons, and later her daughter from a human man. When he turned 18 his mother gave him his father's sword, and told him he was the most worthy child to wield it. His brothers got angry by this, and killed their mother, and tried to kill Xon, but he was physically stronger, faster, and even smarter than them. He got away with his sister, and raised her on the road, keeping them both away from his brothers that he spared. This could be an incest rp, with his sister being 18, and his around 26, or so. Or you could let one of your characters find their way into his life.

Myamoto: At the age of 6 he killed his parents, though it was an accident. He had powers beyond what they imagined. He also injured his triplet sisters in the fire he made. He has an older brother who took up as the head of the family, and kicked him from the family, sent him off alone with nothing to his name, though his family was nobles. This rp could go many different ways, but he is alone in the world, and he feels sadness, and betrayed. I would love to do this rp if anyone wants to try it :)

I have 2 worlds to base a story off of, one is where a lot of adventures could happen, and has many different gods, and goddesses, plus hundreds of characters, a lot of races, and many things that could happen. I have story lines for it, just ask, I would love you forever.

My other world is a planet where everything is cursed by a dark mist that corrupts the mind, and body of any who get in it, or drink infected water, or eat infected food. All humans have moved to stay in one city now, which is protected by a barrier made to keep the pollution out. The pollution makes you go insane, and morphs you into a hideous creature, though if in small amounts it can make you grow just a claw, wings, and other caries things of minimal impact to your body. The main story would be about stopping this mist, or getting off of the planet, and this one could be a lot of fun as well

Ok now for everyone's least favorite part, which is why I put them on bottom the:


1: No one lines. I will not give them to you, so please don't give them to me. Though, I do understand the occasional one liner, everyone has writers block some times.  I usually post around a paragraph or more, max 5 paragraphs.

2: Be somewhat literate, I don't mind some mistakes, I know I will make quite a few myself, but try to make it readable please.

3: I have no real limits when it comes to violence, swearing, gore, so yea, but I am willing to lower the amount if it doesn't appeal to you at all :)

4: If we do roleplay, and you get bored, or something comes up, and you want to drop our rp TELL ME. I don't ask for much, but give me feedback if it gets boring, and we can spice it up, or drop it, communication is a big thing for roleplays to succeed.

5:I do not do yaoi, sorry if that bothers you. I will do yuri, or herto, but I will rp as a girl for your guy, I have no problem with that at all.

6: This is not a rule really, just saying I will do pms, threads, or im roleplays, though I do prefer pms, and ims.

7: I would like to get at least one reply every other day, unless something comes up of course, I know we all have lives, and such.

8: But most importantly, just have fun, I mean really, that is what we are all here for anyway. So as long as you can follow those rules, we are fine :)

one more thing, this will be updated a lot probably, but I won't say that it is so I don't bump this page to much so other people get their ideas on top :) sorry :(

Current Cravings

I am looking to be a master/sir/"daddy" what ever, you may play and race, and I have grown to like nekos, and

Hmm and also to be a submissive to a female dominant

Ok, well, that will be it all for now. I look forward to seeing anything you all want to do, and rping with you guys, good bye, have a nice day! -waves-