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Author Topic: Safety First! (Story-centric, F/M)  (Read 1767 times)

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Safety First! (Story-centric, F/M)
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:20:34 PM »
NOTICE Word of warning; I'm new to adult roleplaying and as a result I tend to focus more on story and characters as per the descriptions below but I'm not opposed to the adult side of a roleplay. However, I generally won't do stories focused purely on sex either.

NOTICE My post length can range anywhere from 100 to 3000 words with an average of 400-500. That said, I match the posting length of my partner. I just figured that this was something worth mentioning.

NEWS [none]


Click on [Titles] for more details!

Fool's Errand; Action Pending
A bodyguard is hired to protect and escort a wealthy and powerful man's mistress to a safer location in secrecy. There's a distinct sense of illegality about the job but he was paid a royalty with more promised to come if he completes this simple assignment. Unfortunately, the bodyguard is now stuck with an immature ward and people suddenly gunning for his life.

Primitiv magie; Fantasy Pending
After years spent hiding and practicing necromancy in secret, the magician-turned-necromancer Karchemyle manages to revive her deceased husband from the grave. However, he doesn't remember her but is bound to her magic; unable to leave her side he is forced to walk a path of infamy while being looked upon as an abomination for what he now is (or isn't).

Sinna; Dystopia, Sci-fi
Nivose is an ever rising city, built on the relics of an old metropolis. In this city is a man named Mabeth, he doesn't exist as far as city records are concerned and he kidnaps two individuals to help him find something he had lost—he claims peace but is in possession of some dangerous post-war relics. They’ll help him despite not knowing his true intentions but they don't know what unintended consequences their assistance may have.

End 175; Psychological, Mystery Pending
A murder in a small town—the savagery of it warrants the investigation from a homicide detective(s) and upon their arrival, another victim is claimed in an equally gruesome manner. The townspeople are unhelpful, oblivious to any wrong-doings in their quiet little burg and it's only a matter of time until another victim is assaulted; the clock is ticking down while the police and detective(s) try to solve this case.

No Gods, No Masters; Sci-fi
Humanity has since been driven from the Earth, ushering in a new age under the rule of robots as functioning relics of their late human masters. Two individuals (whether robots or humans) meet in the massive robot city Island Three and start a long journey together from the city to the outer world, uncovering a mystery long lost to the passage of time but the new inhabitants of this world are incredibly hostile.

•   Fighting Tournament Pending
•   Character; Noy the Fairy
•   Zombie Survival

*Original characters only
•   General; Dark Souls, Soul Reaver, Legacy of Kain, Armored Core, Baldur's Gate, Starcraft, Tales of (All/Any), Star Wars
•   Manga; Sunabozu/Desert Punk, Yondemasu-yo Azazel-san, Hellsing, Drifters, Berserk
•   Other; Fate/(All/Any)
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Re: Safety First! (Story-centric, F/M)
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2013, 03:20:41 PM »

Fool’s Errand; Action

The mistress of a powerful and wealthy man…

Her place in his home is a strange one; he is known for having many women in his life but his tastes are rather transparent; womanly with a perfect body, perfect face, quiet but stupid, while she may fall into the latter category, she is baby-faced, has the figure of a washing board, is loud and emotional, prone to whining, barely knows how to dress herself (always wearing extravagant and over-the-top clothes), and has almost no knowledge of sex, not at all like the type of women that frequent his home. She is even on good terms with his current wife and his wife seems complacent with her position. In fact, it seems like she’d be better titled as his spoiled child than his mistress given their seemingly platonic relationship. She’s not allowed to talk about her family, not allowed to be on the outside without protection, for someone who has little to no knowledge to give, he seems concerned with securing her and her silence.

And it is because of this that he hires a highly-trained bodyguard. Concerned with the security of his home, he asks the bodyguard to escort her to a safer location but something is amiss and he has been given very specific rules he must follow; they must travel only by land. They must take a designated route, but it can be deviated from in the event that something happens or if it conflicts with the other rules. By extension, they are not allowed to carry any maps with them; any routes to be taken must be memorized. They are not allowed to contact anyone, even by mail. They are encouraged to sleep in a car or outside. He is expected to keep her out of danger and is in no way allowed to harm her (although he can use physical force if she becomes a danger to herself). And most importantly, they cannot draw attention to themselves and if they do, then they must leave the area immediately.

There’s a distinct impression of illegality but the bodyguard was paid a royalty with more to come if he can safely escort her while following the rules he was given.

Unfortunately, the mistress was not warned about her new bodyguard nor was she expecting to leave the comfort of her lavish lifestyle. She honestly seems oblivious to any kind of danger (or illicitness) despite the circumstances and finds the whole ordeal to be nothing more than a nuisance—one of which she is very adamant to complain about. With his now immature ward under his protection he acts as escort, all the while something under the surface seems to be stirring and he may have taken on a job not worth the money.


CHARACTER The synopsis pretty much explains the character I want to play in a nut shell. She’d be a whiny, spoiled, over emotional brat at the completely mature age of nineteen. Words of warning, she will be unpleasant but not malicious. She’s obviously shallow and has little grasp of the real world, very much an idiot but easy to please. She wouldn't be a constant menace...Just most of the time for the start of the roleplay. This is a character I’ve been wanting to play for a while now but people tend to be thrown off that she’s, well, a brat and not an attractive one at that but the idea is that she's supposed to be a useless sack of garbage for lack of a proper definition. She does have redeeming qualities I swear! But I'd rather show it then say it!

SETTING The setting is largely up for debate and can be almost anything, though I do lean towards modern or a future setting so it’s a little more sci-fi but honestly, it’s mostly up to my partner and what they want.

Primitiv magie; Fantasy

Apello; a world where magic and technology are considered one and the same, has reached a point considered to be the Golden Age of Magical Progression.

It is through decades and centuries of research that humans have begun to understand the nature of arcana; magic is not the spontaneous occurrence to make something from nothing as it was once believed to be but the ability for the user to operate on different planes of existence—the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, and the elemental. With the knowledge of the Five Planes of Existence, magical developments have been made in haste.

Every living entity pulses with magic and every human has the innate ability to wield such forces though few ever become masters.

Even though magic is considered a part of the natural world, blessing the inanimate with life is considered unnatural—to give sentience to things that otherwise should not have it; by extension necromancy is evil. Without balance in the world, without control, any person could become immortal, they could transcend death and it is for this reason that the Saranband, an anti-magic authority, came into existence. Under the rule of the Garden of Zax (one of the five major powers of Apello), the Saranband has a duty to maintain order in a world where everything can use magic and have been equipped with anti-magic artillery that they developed themselves. Other countries have been slow to embrace their presence but no one denies their company when it comes to stopping out of control mages.


A magician turned necromancer, in desperation, ignored the threat of the Saranband and spent numerous years studying the revival of the dead. Many failures in her research had led her to infamy but it was not in vain, she manages to accomplish her goal by reviving the dead body of her deceased husband. However, a dead body is all he may be now; he has sentience, an awareness of himself and the world, knowledge that seems to only exist from essence of the body he now possesses, but he has no idea who this necromancer is despite her claims of their matrimony. As far as history is concerned, no one has been able to revive a person as anything more than a mindless husk so there may be truth in her words, it is not impossible that he has lost something (i.e. his memories) by crossing the other side…Or she could just be delusional.

But he can’t use magic and by principal, only living things can. He has the mind of a human but demonic strength; the only magic that affects him is the one keeping his body moving and one that he is in constant need of forcing him to stay by the side of the necromancer, his “wife”, but is otherwise immune to all forms of the arcane. He does not need sleep or sustenance but he can bleed and breathe. An anomaly, truly his presence is a disorder in the world and one the Saranband eagerly wishes to eradicate.


CHARACTER So the character I want to play as is named Karchemyle who I wanted to act the opposite of what someone would expect a necromancer to be like—clingy (to her husband only mind you), jumpy, somewhat of a coward, but mostly optimistic and loyal to a fault, almost to the point of blind devotion. Obviously there’d be something slightly off about her but I don’t want to say more because I’d rather show than explain it.

SETTING Largely an open world where anything can happen. I have certain settings and locations in my mind but I wanted this to be the kind of roleplay where my partner can add anything they want to as well. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Sinna; Dystopia, Sci-fi

Nivose City was built on the relics of an old metropolis now buried by the city that keeps piling up, always rising with new structures and buildings. Ran by unknown people, with unclear motivations—the residents honestly believe their ignorance protects them. It is a cold place where denizens walk narrow passages between crammed constructions, not a trace of foliage can be found here, everything is grey and metal, even the sky cast in a constant haze of pollution; they’re desensitized to the foul smell it emits. The technology is so integrated into everyday life that people no longer notice the metal drones scouring about, performing routine orders of maintenance and sanitation and people—people aren’t always as they appear. There’s a mistrust of androids even when humans own their lives and those enhanced with cybernetics, the former will definitely defy their creators someday and the latter use cheap methods to get ahead in life but you couldn’t tell them apart by looking at them.

Perhaps the pollution, maybe a natural occurrence in a place with so little resources (so they say) or something else; people are often born sterile and those who could once healthily reproduce no longer can. An incurable disease wouldn’t stop humanity from continuing on however. In vitro, cloning, people can be engineered and without flaws. Augmented to be born without defects during their conception, perhaps smarter, stronger, though there’s no basis for this other than rumors and the propaganda the news spreads. The sterility virus however, only presents itself after birth and largely remains a mystery. But those “perfect children” are a menace, no different from the artificial humanoids who imitate human life (you couldn’t tell them apart by looking at them).

So very divided, so very cold—this is Nivose City.


It could have been anyone—two individuals are lured/kidnapped into a dark recess of Nivose, in a place where the old relics mostly remain untouched. Not uninhabited, there are people who live here, there are people who live everywhere but famine and violence are common. Their kidnapper goes by the name Mabeth, he claims to only want peace, in need of assistance in a city where there’s none to be found though perhaps unorthodox in his methods to obtain that help, he only asks that they aid him in finding something he had misplaced. He wants amity? It’s hard to trust someone who seems to have several fully automated post-war weapons at his disposal (remotely controlled drones/soldiers but they don’t know who helms them, if anyone). He won’t harm that, he promises that much, but it’s absolutely necessary that they find what he lost.

This is only a precursor for Nivose’s inevitable fall.


CHARACTER The character I want to play as is named Lise Chawlaw and is a Control Agent in Nivose City (in other words a police officer but with more authority because of how Nivose is structurally set up). Born from in vitro fertilization, she mostly keeps that fact a secret from her co-workers because of the negative connotations people usually associate with “artificial births”. A workaholic and somewhat uptight but is easily flustered when it comes to certain social situations. I don’t want her to wishy-washy and her appearance would reflect that being more tomboyish I guess, short hair and all.

SETTING This is a setting I’ve been gradually creating and have used in several RP’s with varying degrees of success. I’m hoping this is one of the better ones. Nivose is open ended enough that almost anything can be added, so if my partner has ideas, feel free to share them

End 175; Psychological, Mystery

NOTE This plot has been inspired by old school point and click horror games like The 7th Guest, Clock Tower, Last Express, and Sanitarium so expect a lot of clues, talking to people, and all that fun that made those games enjoyable.


Blakely is a quiet and isolated rural town in the mountains. Disconnected from the city and any other nearby settlements, the land is mostly untouched by human hands. Fresh mountain water, grassy hills, a constant but reassuring chirp of birds at day, and hushed serene nights, the people who live here have only ever known peace. It’s the type of place where everybody knows one another, no conflict between neighbors; they are content with their mundanity—but that changes when one of the residents turns up dead, murdered in a grotesque fashion. The sheer savagery of her death warrants the investigation by police from the city over, Primedale.

They’re arrival on the scene of the crime however also warrants the investigation of a homicide detective(s). They call in an expert to inspect the crime scene whom is promptly welcomed with another murder that happens only a house away.

Another disturbing slaughter with little to no evidence left behind and the townspeople are unhelpful, oblivious to any wrong-doings.

However, the more they question, the police and investigator(s) begin to realize that many of the townspeople’s stories directly contradict one another and the residents lies, they discover, have created an even more convoluted mess of this on-going investigation. Buried beneath the image of a humble upbringing and peaceful town is an inner turmoil and tension among residents. Their inability to point fingers at their neighbors stems from mistrust rather than genuine belief that no one could be a murderer.

It still brings to question, who or what could have committed such atrocious murders.


CHARACTER The character I want to play goes by the name of Cath Bancroft whose actual role in the story is up for debate. I’d like to discuss with my partner if they’d like both our characters to be homicide detectives whether they’re partners, simply people who share an office space (but have never worked together), strangers who are meeting for the first time or if one of our characters should be a police and the other the homicide detective who gets called in so they have a makeshift partnership but not explicitly. I want her personality to contrast my partner, if my partner’s character is more reckless then she’ll be more down-to-earth and vice versa, either way I very much intend for her to be somewhat foul-mouthed but good-natured, tactful albeit tough. I do have a slight inclination towards playing the police officer and her distrusting the homicide detective...Mostly because of his position and nothing more. I thought it might be amusing if she instantly dislikes the detective for some petty reason.

As for the cast of characters, my partner is more than welcome to add their own characters to the story as well!

SETTING For the most part, Blakely is explained in the synopsis and has already been planned out but I’ll say that things can be added or taken out so feel free to throw out suggestions or questions.

No Gods, No Masters; Sci-fi

NOTE This story is largely inspired by a combination of Mega Man X and Isaac Asimov if that manages to interest anyone (and I hope it does).

Humanity was long since driven from the Earth—the planet no longer welcoming them and inviting in a new age ruled by robots as functioning relics of their late human masters. They live off the ruins of cities that humans left behind; the inhospitable planet only a minor inconvenience to many of them. Over the course of this new found freedom, robots have developed in an almost organic fashion in regards to freewill but nobody has answers to why or when—nobody seems to seek those answers at that. Despite the advanced technology however, progression has come to stagnation, the ability to create and learn and imagine a relatively new concept among robotic kind. The abstract is something that very few possess and an oddity as seen by their brethren.

Not all robots are content with this newfound sense of individualism however.

Island Three is a large and developed city that only exists in the realm of machines—while plant life and animal life still flourish beyond its walls, Island Three only welcomes the inorganic. Holding over 7 billion robots, Island Three is absolutely massive in size and constantly bustling with non-life. The robots that live here have a diversity beyond the scope of human imagination, with varying degrees of free will and sentience, and nearly infinite forms and functions.

This city is a chaotic mess but not entirely riotous for many have found a balance between utility and will.

Two strangers (whether human or robot) meet in Island Three by chance and their unlikely union soon has them scouring the near endless expanses of the city, hunting down an old legend long forgotten by Robot-kind and one whose records have been lost or destroyed by the harshness of the world. There are clues though, albeit measly when compared to knowledge the humans had already left but it could be enough to piece together the two mysteries that plague robots:

Where did the humans go and what legacy did they leave behind for their creations?


CHARACTER I don't mind either playing a robot or a human and (really in the mood to play a robot) the characters ideas I list(ed) below are, for one, just ideas. They are not absolutes and if nothing interests my partner then I am completely open for new ideas and, for two, the robotic character I mention can either be humanoid (i.e. an android) or a more NEC-like depending on the preference of my partner.

So the first character idea I have to pitch is essentially that of an admiring fangirl who adores my partner's character (whether her icon of affection be human or another robot). The idea is that she's a helper robot whose obsolete as her function was to serve people but can no longer do so for obvious reasons. She however has an oddly diverse array of emotions and sentience for being a machine made to help with housework, this would tie into her background. She'd become involved with my partner's character initially because of her unwarranted and possibly misplaced affections, following him/it wherever he/it goes but gradually become a little more honest with herself and him/it by extension. A one-track mind and a borderline obsessive need to serve someone, she's what I think is a more light-hearted/comedic character. She could meet my partner's character in several ways, seeing him/it in the city and instantly takes a liking to him/it (i.e. starts following him/it) or if he's human, she can perhaps discover him in stasis, hiding, or something like that. They could also have already known one another prior to the start of the story and she's simply been his assistant/helper (whether's he/it's wants her to be or not).

HUMAN The second character is a human female with no recollection of how she came to this robot-inhabited city, in fact, she doesn't even know why robots seem to be ruling the planet. She stumbles into the open city in a stupor and obviously draws attention to herself causing somewhat of a panic among the robots that quickly realize what she is. From here she can be captured and taken away for research where she meets my partner's character (and whatever role he/it serves) or perhaps he's also a human who was captured and taken away to be researched. They could even meet on her initial stumble into the city, maybe he/it saves her with or without realizing she's human or even being a human himself. Even though she's absolutely confused and lost, I didn't want to make her a weak-willed wallflower. She'd be somewhat temperamental, prone to irrational emotional outbursts (as perceived by robots), and maybe just a little hostile to her new-robot-overlords.

SETTING While the setting may lean a little more towards cartoon-ish, I've been wracking my brain for every robot and sci-fi story I've ever read and played, trying to make a setting that is at least a little honest to science fiction instead of science fantasy. I've done a decent amount of research so I think it shouldn't be too far-fetched but I'm always open for complaints/criticisms/suggestions. In any case, the story will mostly take place in the city Island Three (there will be exploring the outside world to) where a vast majority of the robot inhabitants are sentient or display sentient-like behavior however simple programmed machines still exist as well. There are no rulers in the city and everything is free-reign—it's pretty much a coexistence of many, many types of robots, androids, drones, and so forth but the city isn't free from evil or conflict although I haven't decided yet on to what extent these evils should exist in, whether they should be bordering on human evils (ex: senseless violence) or something else (ex: what certain robots think constitute as a "livable society"). I have a few antagonists in mind already but I'll wait to hear what my partner has to say before solidifying anything.
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Re: Safety First! (Story-centric, F/M)
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2014, 09:12:21 PM »

•   Fighting Tournament Pending

I’ve been wanting to do a fighting tournament inspired/based roleplay though I’m not entirely sure how to go about although I do have ideas for a plot. My general idea would be that the story focusses on the two main characters that my partner and myself create and the cast of characters they fight along the way until they reach their goal. Obviously the other characters can have varying degrees of involvement in the story but I’d want the focus to be on the main characters/our characters. I also have ideas for my own character but whoever she ends up being; I don’t want her to be hyper sexualized. I’m fine if they fight people like that through the tournament and I’m not against that kind of character but it’s just not the kind of character I want to play as.

Additionally, I’ve played Tekken, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, Guilty Gear, Mortal Combat, King of Fighters, Bloody Roar, Power Instinct, The Fight: Lights Out and Rival Schools (to the best of my memory) and the plot can take place in any of those settings if my partner so wishes it but original characters only please…Though I do think it’d be more fun to rather create a new setting.

•  Superhero x Supervillain

The setting takes place in Neutral City where I’d play a “mad” scientist specializing in genetic engineering who has many mutated animals and experiments at her disposal but all are mostly useless and passive. He name is Frau Ramonoff, who, while arguably a genius is completely incompetent at her job: prone to embarrassing accidents (and causing a scene) and is very plain, painfully so in fact. It's a wonder why such a harmless person wants to be a villain but there it is and because of her incompetence, she’s unable to attract the attention of any big time superheroes (the worse she’s ever gotten in a slap on the wrist for, as stated before, causing a scene) and decides to go after the most acclaimed and well-known superhero in Neutral City which my partner would play. The catch is though that she finds out he’s actually a sadist and his good-guy persona (whatever that may be) is just a lie. So she ends up biting off more than she can chew and ends up harassed by him from that point on.

That said, I do have a plot in mind and while I know how it sounds, I don’t want this roleplay to be sexually focused, for the beginning at least, and at most just be uncomfortable situations for Frau. Incidentally, my partner can make any character they want but I do want them to be a little more evil than good since the idea is that the superhero is actually more villainous than the villain (whose more normal and stupid than evil).

•  Character; Noy the Fairy
I figured this constitutes as a Misc—I made a character a while back for D&D but never got far enough to develop her character more so I’m making a second attempt to get that chance and hopefully this will interest someone enough to want to roleplay with me despite not really having a plot. In any case, the character is a fairy named Noy who was booted from her home (an all-female group of forest dwelling fairies) because of her materialism and greed. She’s not so such much interested in humans but she sure likes their things, especially anything that people see as valuable (for bragging rights). She however has no money sense. The idea is that she’s pretty much a failure of a fairy, actually, a failure of any kind of fey. She could care less about nature and as a result can’t communicate with it like her other fey brethren can, she’s incredibly cocky and as a result doesn’t hide herself like most fairies, and tends to be judge people harshly instead of simply not caring like she’s expected to. Her only spells are being able to create light (in a very limited area) and her forte is illusionary magic.

While I don’t have a plot, the initial meeting in the story she was originally in was she was captured bandits who were going to sell her because of what she is so perhaps we could work with that. Her two partners (the people she interacted with the most) were an elf who was constantly perturbed by her inability to act normal and a bandit (one of the bandits who captured her in fact but joined the group) who actually got along with her pretty well but they’d often get annoyed with each other because she was needy and talked to much and he had no problems with abandoning her. Again, these are just possible ideas to work with.

•   Zombie Survival

So this is an idea that I’ve been toying with where a cruise ship (or something as large) is sinking over the course of 8-12 hours as the passengers try to escape/survive a zombie outbreak, all the passengers and even the animals/pets aboard wouldn't be safe from the infection; the story doesn't necessarily have to end on the ship either. Now the only thing I'm not entirely sure about is whether to make the "enemy" simply zombified humans or more mutated/horrendous, is the infection instant or does it happen over the course of a few hours. In any case, I have several characters in mind; I could play a teacher who’s there with her students (or a student herself), a simple housekeeper caught up in all the mess, someone part of the crew/maintenance staff, an on-ship doctor/nurse and there are other roles I’m forgetting right now but the point remains, the characters can practically be anyone, likewise for my partner.
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Re: Safety First! (Story-centric, F/M)
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2014, 02:43:45 AM »

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