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Author Topic: two RP suggestions. M lf F  (Read 561 times)

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Offline Spear80Topic starter

two RP suggestions. M lf F
« on: November 05, 2013, 12:47:11 PM »
Number 1: Fantasy setting.   

The twin fortresses, large castles, mirroring each other,  built on the banks of a large river in front of the mountain pass that leads to the Darklands. For days now they've been besieged, by ever growing legions of the undead. On the meter thick walls the shrinking numbers of defenders are holding by the skin of their teeth. Awaiting the relieving armies from the king.

Amongst their number is a young cleric for the God of War. He revels in the combat, each thrust of his blade is made in honour of his lord. Every kill a prayer. He leads the soldiers from fight to fight, instilling them with confidence and hope. In the heaviest fighting they hear him reciting the book of war, they see his sword shine with the light of their God.

And then there she is, her Goddess and his God complete opposites, their respective temples cordially despising each other and their respective worship practices. She should despise him as she is sure he does her, but she can’t. She finds his bravery and complete faith in his God interesting.


I'm imagining lots of combat, and in the pauses they get to know each other, the situation forcing them into a closer interaction than is normal, they find they have  lot in common and eventually they might grow closer. Your character might be a warmaided to her goddess, paladin, perhaps a kind and gentle priestess healing and blessing the wounded. It up to you really.

Number 2: Fantasy Setting.

For this one i'd like to have a military that's more or less napoleonic in nature, muskets, cannon. Humans kingdoms are existing alongside Northern Elven lands. There's an ongoing coldwar with the Orcs across the mountains to the east. Point of contact various passes and the southern sea. And things are heating up

My character is the youngest son of the king, to keep him out of trouble, he has been granted a small brigade to play with, but unexpectedly he took to it and is proving to be an able commander. So he's sent to police the border with the Elves, working together with their soldiers.

You character is the commander of the local elven forces, she might be and Elf or be a human living amonst them, or a dragon in humanoid form, if its fantastical, more or less humanoid, i can see her fit.

Before they can get to work however, word reaches them that the Orcs have crossed into human lands and are expected to march east to join the war effort.

From there we can develop the story as we see fit, with them growing closer as they fight along side. There'll probably be plenty of extra figures to be portrayed alongside scenes of battle. And Victories to be celebrated and defeats to be mourned.

General info:

*If the above speaks to you, please let me know in a PM.

*If I’m frakking up, tell me, if you expected the story to take a certain turn and it didn’t, mention it. If I don’t react like you hoped to a story twist, let me know. I’d rather rewrite or discuss it and come up with a new plan than lose a partner.

*Same goes if I’m too passive within our game, maybe I’m overwhelmed with the good stuff you keep tossing me and enjoying it, or I’m waiting to see what  you were planning with the twist you introduced, and I don’t want to frak it up. wouldn’t you rather I’d tell you that, than you giving up on me?
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Re: two RP suggestions. M lf F
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2015, 03:02:28 PM »
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