The Underground Wrestling League (M seeking F or M)

Started by Hurricane, November 05, 2013, 02:54:02 AM

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Hello all,

For your consideration let me offer this plot snippet of the Underground Wrestling League.

I'm hoping to find a partner to play a role similar to that of the luscious young wife in the story fragment who is lured into the dark world of sexual combat:

TLDR: I'm craving an RP that features about catfighting, sexy boxing and sexual dominance between any and all mixes of combatants.

I'd love to find a lady writer who is actually into this topic to write this with me, but I'd happily consider male partners who also love this kink.

I don't care about post length - use the length you need to tell the story you're trying to tell. That said, I'm looking for quality partners who are going to bring excitement and creativity to the story.

Please don't reply directly to this thread, but rather drop me a PM if you're interested in this topic (or anything like it) and we can brainstorm from there!


- Hurricane