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Author Topic: Lythe's Idea Box v2.0 [M for F]  (Read 363 times)

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Lythe's Idea Box v2.0 [M for F]
« on: November 02, 2013, 01:38:01 PM »

I hope it's not considered bad form to repost this here from the non-forum's area, but I'm increasingly interested in setting something up on the boards too so it seemed fitting!

Anyway, recently I've found myself with an itch to scratch and no writing partner to help, so here I am with a shiny new ad seeking just such a person! I'm looking for moderately active partner(s) to write long term, sexy, yet story-lead scene(s) with. I am available most evenings GMT, which is afternoon time if you're a friend from across the Atlantic, but obviously if your preference is for email or forum RP then that eases things a little. My rough intention would be to roleplay by IM every couple of days and post once or twice a day on slower formats, but I can be pretty flexible. 

Things that get bonus points are being awesome OOC too, not vanishing mid scene, and writing competent, descriptive posts. In turn I like think I'm a decent writer with plenty of ideas and a knack for keeping stories interesting. I lean toward about a paragraph or two per post, with more when there's details or exposition to add. I'm also pretty reliable, laid back and friendly.

So that's that. Hopefully between my o/o page and what I've said above you're starting to get a decent idea of who I am and who the ad is aimed at.


The Ideas
Many of these ideas are intentionally left rather open, generic or vague. In general, they're done this way to invite a bit of chat about how to improve them, who your character might be, and so on. I'm totally aboard with trying to pin down the details, but the more back and forth we have, the better catered it'll be toward our interests and desires. I've ordered the scenes by rough order of kinkiness because I'm a bit anal.

Giant Blooded (Setting: Fantasy Apocalypse - Suggested Kinks: Reluctant Romances, Size Difference)
Grant Giantblood was, true to his name, an enormous fellow. The village rumours were thick with tales of his grandmother having ventured into the hills or whatnot, but regardless of the true story, he and his family towered among most folk. Still, they were a decent bunch and his size and strength gave him plenty of work as a labourer. Life was good, if quiet, for the brawny farmhand. 

And then an evil spread across the land. It was rumours at first. Distant drunken tales of necromancy, demons, black evils. But then rumours became warnings, which in turn became first person accounts from haunted, broken refugees. Then it was the next town over and then on one cool, crisp winter's day... The evil came to his village. 

Their hastily erected defences were nothing. The wraiths and twisted creatures were too many. For each that died, two more burst forth, and like a tide they swept through the rural area. Many good men, women and children died, and those that didn't fled. In the chaos, Grant forged his way out of the masses and escaped; alone and with nothing. He fled, but the darkness kept spreading through the land, consuming every possible retreat. He survived, hunted and fought alone, for a while... 


So the continuation of the scene would be highly dependant on your character. My expectation would be some other survivor he bumped into; perhaps she has machinations on a fix? Or plans to get to somewhere, that he decides to tag along for? Maybe they just survive? The relationship dynamic could be interesting here.. I'm seeing a sort of co-dependence between possibly differing personalities. Bonus points for playing something slight, perhaps an elf.

Night Owl (Setting: Modern Vampire Scene - Suggested Kinks: BDSM, Monsters, Indulgence, Deprivation)
Jeremy Bookham was one of those affluent, twenty-somethings that had inherited more money than he could ever need and promptly abandoned any aspirations to earn more money. Instead he was a socialite in every sense of the word; he haunted prestigious clubs and bars citywide, cultivating friends, contacts and followers. To aid this he was silver tongued, handsome and intelligent - of course - but that was offset by his narcissism, laziness and a short temper when things didn't go to plan. 

At least, that was how the human world saw him. In the true depths of night, after the mortals were staggering haphazardly to bed, he had a different and much more eventful unlife. His father - both biologically and by siring - had been the Prince of the city. That was to say, he was the figure that kept the vampires, wolves and other ghouls that prowled the night in check and more or less ran the dark side of the city. He'd done a good job too, leading for centuries before some unknown assailant had staked him, and left his torpored body to be devoured by the sun. 

Just like that, the city fractured. Jeremy was to be the one to bring it back together, to unite... And to rule... The place he had rightfully inherited! Of course, there were others with the same idea... His brother, for one, along with a fierce wolf alpha and a coven of witches. While the war raged, factions formed, chaos rose and the danger of their kind becoming public increased. It was a turbulent and dangerous time.

The story, at least his part of it, would follow his attempts to control and fight over the city. The obvious pairing would be for you to pick up some new woman he turns, for some strategic use. Perhaps he sees her as a spy, perhaps she's got magical talent, or perhaps she's someone noteworthy? I picture the relationship as quite dom/subby with training themes as he corrupts her into her new life, but it could possibly take a more romantic lilt if preferred.

Outsider (Setting: Modern Day College - Suggested Kinks: Non-Con, BDSM, Training, Abuse)
Ethan was a decidedly troubled college student. He never quite fit in, and though he had a brilliant mind his isolationist attitude prevented him from having a real shot at being anything beyond the bright, weird kid. 

He was okay with this. He didn't like people and people didn't like him; it worked well. But... there was a girl... One girl who out of the hundreds he had to attend classes with, was worth his time. She was perfect and, as time passed, he wanted more and more of her. 

He turned toward trying to win her. At first this was by striking up conversation, but he was already too much of an exile to be taken seriously. So he made... Other plans. Take her. Drug her. Create a dependency and nurture it, or simply break her down into giving him the relationship he deserved. He'd care for her, treat her well, but she would be his, one way or another. 


So this would be the possibly slightly dark story of a stalkery type fellow with his eyes set on your character. It's a bit unlike anything I've tried and will probably be quite kinky and sexual. I should state, I don't want the whole thing to be non-con rapey stuff, so we'd have to figure our way around that.

Arden Talius had, in his younger days, been something of an adventurer. He dared claim some of the legends of the lands were about him, though considering he sowed the seeds of many of these tales, it's hardly surprising. What he had, irrefutably, done though was to find the amulet of dracos. That, in turn, was why the centuries old mortal was young, healthy, and stuffed with as much knowledge as he was reasonably able to take. 

For years he'd been studying, advising, watching the world go by. He made himself a respected, but neutral, figure... After all, he had more life to protect than anyone else! His life was good, if perhaps unremarkable for one with such valour. 

Until something happened more intriguing than all good years of studies combined. A woman descended to the mortal plane, seeking him. Mortal or otherwise, he was wise and learned and she - being new to this world - needed a guide in his work. And, well, how could he pass up such a chance? 


This one needs lots of work, and I'm not at all sure how it'd work, but I wrote it so I'm keeping it!

You really want more ideas? See my old two ads, I'm still up for some of the ideas in there: 1 2

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Re: Lythe's Idea Box v2.0 [M for F]
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2013, 03:36:32 AM »
Oh darn! I can't choose which of these I'd rather play - they're all rather enticing! Is there one in particular you really want to play out?