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May 16, 2022, 01:56:58 pm

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Author Topic: Male vampire seeking capture, any gender welcome.  (Read 807 times)

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Male vampire seeking capture, any gender welcome.
« on: October 31, 2013, 02:33:41 pm »
Basically, Max's opinion of his safety is a smidge too high. He plays the harmless, domestic vampire role pretty well (and mostly earnestly), so he's under the impression that no one would bother coming after him. For this reason, it'd require either a villain (not necessarily a major, terrible one) or an antihero (in the form of a ruthless hunter). I'm admittedly going back and forth about sexual content in this RP. On one hand, it could be interesting. On the other hand, I try to be realistic about character psychology and don't want to ruin sex for him. I do think the danger of ruining sex for him is somewhat minimal, considering he's a vampire and they get over things pretty quickly. Either way, he needs to learn to be more vigilant. Well, uh, let's try for some specifics, eh?

Motivation! This depends on what kind of character you're playing.

A hunter would probably see Max as an especially ugly case of a monster trying to trick the population into believing he's safe. Max killed a jogger maybe a year and a half ago in a starvation frenzy, but was never linked to it. Maybe the jogger was a friend or relative of the hunter's, so they have even more of a reason to be pissed. There's also the fact that, in my larger story, Max has been in a relationship with Dean Winchester for a number of months. A hunter who figured that out might object, to say the least, and might think Max has Dean under some sort of thrall, so he needs to hold on to him a while before killing him to let it wear off, lest something weird happen.

A vampire, meanwhile, would almost certainly be of Maxwell's same magic-using breed. Maxwell does a job for his sheriff that works to hide the existence of vampires' magic from the general population. This is a scenario in which people know about vampires, being originally True Blood-based, but they don't know about these abilities. Much of Maxwell's work involves killing chimeras that vampires have made to guard their resting places, but they've gotten loose and killed or spooked humans. To add insult to the murder, he transmutes the corpses to hide them, usually into something that'd be pretty upsetting to see done to one's pet, like a pile of trash. There's also been an instance or two when, in the process of visiting a vampire's home (in their absence) to kill that chimera, he's freed their blood slaves, because of course he thinks it's his place to do so. Moreover, there is a third, 'lesser' breed of vampire, with a mouth full of terrible teeth and a more vicious disposition that disallowed them from participating in the Great Revelation. These vampires are killed on sight, as they're considered a threat to the mainstreaming effort. Max has taken out at least two nests on his sheriff's command, plus another one in the early 90s, long before the Revelation. I guess if you want to play one of those vampires and have them use the same methods a hunter would to subdue him, that'd be OK, but I was more thinking that Max's participation in the genocide of that breed would just be another thing they hate about him.

What DO I want in the RP?

I want Max to either get flat-out overpowered and dragged off (probably a vampire) or seduced (would work with a hunter, probably not a vampire as he doesn't think of them sexually), then confined, either through good, old-fashioned bondage or being held in a circle not unlike a devil's trap in Supernatural. I made up a vague equivalent for Max's breed of vampire so they're not quite so OP. Their magical abilities can also be cut off by injecting them with dead man's blood or silver, though I'd rather keep the silver to being used to chain him or do shallow cuts/burns, as I've played silver poisoning at least three times now and I'm kind of done with it. Once subdued, they'd basically berate him for thinking it'd never be him. Where they go other than that depends on what they are. Hunters would probably ask what he thinks he is that he deserves a human lifestyle. Vampires, other than the previously mentioned issues, would likely find his very human-friendly lifestyle unbecoming of a vampire and tell him as much.

Some ideas I've had beyond that: Pulling out one or both of his fangs. A vampire pulling in some frightened, innocent-looking human for him to feed off of when he's begun to starve, to prove a point. Keep him up all day, his breed of vampires hate that (though obviously keep him out of the sun).

Sexual content?

I'm OK with it, as I said, probably even actively interested in it the more I think about it. Some images I'm having of it involve being forced to perform oral sex (maybe after having his fangs pulled, or maybe being commanded to hold them in under pain of death or something), or the good ol' 'held down and fucked'. I'll admit that I'm not terribly kinky as RPers go, so I'm not a font of unique ideas.

Overall, I've written all I know about what I want out of this RP. The only thing missing is you! I welcome your ideas and what would make this RP more satisfying to you. Please feel free to talk with me about anything you might like included. I promise I won't be rude about it (but I won't promise to say 'yes' to everything).

Also, be aware that I type rather long posts and prefer partners who can 'keep up', not so much on a word count level as a depth of character level. So, consider your character's thoughts, motivations, etc.. If you don't like RP that includes written exploration of those things, I'm not the partner for you!

Responding to this thread, sending me a forum PM, or sending me an instant message on AIM or Yahoo are all perfectly cool ways to contact me. I'm looking forward to a reply!
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