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Author Topic: The Ongiong Sexual Misadventures of a Superheroine (F seeking M)  (Read 483 times)

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Offline PixelDustTopic starter

No Longer Seeking This RP

Increda Belle,
The Sexual Misadventures of a Superheroine 
First and Foremost:  M/F, Possible NC, Possible Bondage, Super Powers, Characters with tentacles, demonic, etc.

What is it all about?  Increda Belle is a hot young heroine ready to take on the world!  If she only knew how to fight and use her powers with any kind of control, it would help.  Unfortunately, she is a bit of a failure in the super heroine business.  Every villain takes advantage of her.  She sees every hero as a partner in both crime fighting and in bed. 

How will it go?  I plan for this to be a long-running one-on-one story with multiple partners, but only one at a time.  Several one-shots strung together will make up the adventures of our heroine.

How can I join in the fun?  Send me a PM and let me know if you like any of the plot ideas below.  If I am already running a game with another writer, I'll PM you when we can begin our own storyline.  If you enjoy writing with me, you are welcome to choose a new character and start up a new storyline.

Setting?  Based in a Metropo/Gotho/New Yo-type cityscape; we'll call it "Jenopolis".  Modern Superhero style city and play.  The streets run rampant with heroes and villains in constant battle.

Characters?  You can make a character with this handy sheet, or choose from those I will post here as I come up with them.  Here is the sheet with my character's stats:

Name:  Increda Belle
Real Name:  Belle Jennings
Sex:  Female
Age:  23
Physcal Description:[/b]  5'8", 120 lbs. with long, blonde hair.  Fit body with large breasts.  Her costume is a basic pink and purple super hero suit with a cape and boots.
Powers:  Flight, super strength, resilient body
Weaknesses:  Can't resist flirting with anyone who is not a villain
Bio:  Born of a single mother, Belle was sheltered all her life from the hardships of the streets.  Her father had been a cop, shot down by a lowly street thug during a botched robbery.  Belle's mother didn't want her only daughter falling at the hands of similar criminals, and so kept her safe.  During puberty, Belle began to gain powers.  She could levitate short distances and pick up the tv set with little effort.  Upon her eighteenth birthday, the girl donned the mantle of Increda Belle and set out to right the wrongs of those who would do evil.  Though her mom strongly dissaproved, Belle couldn't resist using her powers for good.

A Few Story Ideas:

  • Unwanted Demolition:Increda Belle flies to the sound of sirens.  There is a building shaking under the onslaught of some destructive force within.  Entering to stop whomever is causing the problem, Belle finds her inexperience will be her undoing.
  • Wash and Wear:At the Laundromat, Belle is washing her costume after a filthy fight with the latest villain.  Unfortunately, she forgot to bring any change of clothes.  Sitting naked, a tall, strapping man enters with a basket of his own laundry.  Belle is already naked, so there's no way she can resist having a bit of fun while her costume is washed.
  • Just Rewards:Belle becomes aroused while watching a true hero vanquish his enemy in a street-demolishing fist fight.  Meeting on a nearby roof, Belle decides to reward the man for his good deed.
  • More to come


  • Villain: Bulldozer, a black costumed wall of muscle meant for nothing but destruction.  Powers: Inhuman strength and invulnerability.
  • Villain: Jex Ruthless, a multi-billionaire who plans the demise of heroes from his building-top office.  Powers: Super intellect.
  • Hero: The Javelin, a speedy, flying do-gooder with a forward, flirty nature.  Powers:  Super speed, flight.
  • More to come

Currently Running Stories:

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