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Author Topic: Body Harvest! (Seeking MALE Aliens)  (Read 420 times)

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Body Harvest! (Seeking MALE Aliens)
« on: October 29, 2013, 09:52:47 PM »

JULY 10TH, 2007
The remains of a male college student, _______, was found hillside in Boulder Creek, CO last night. Police were baffled by the grizzly scene. Coroner reports claim the man appeared to have been eaten by something, possibly something large. While no suspects have been officially named, it was reported by victim's friends that he was going to Boulder Creek to spend time with his girlfriend, fellow college student _______. There was evidence that she was present at the scene, but no body was recovered. Police and family have authorized search parties to locate the missing woman.

Ten years ago, this snippet of an unsolved murder and disappearance was reported in the local newspaper. Police searched for weeks, even months, but were unable to come up with any evidence leading to a killer. The woman that disappeared also never reappeared, living or dead. This was because the incident wasn't caused by a human or an animal. An experiment was performed here by outside intelligences. A race of insectoid aliens was quickly dying out. Females were becoming less and less frequent and now, their numbers are dangerously dwindling. In their panic and need for survival, the remaining aliens scoured the universe for creatures that could become suitable breeding hosts. They blew through dozens of planets with no success, no matter what methods they tried. Then, they happened upon Earth. There numbers were so few now, they were borderline extinct. Desperate, two Scouts were sent from the mothership, landing near Boulder Creek. They were drawn by the pheromones of the two college students getting hot and heavy in a convertible.

Desperate to put their experiment to the test, the two aliens swooped in on the couple and dragged them both out of the vehicle. The Scout that had trapped the male quickly killed and devoured him. The Scout that carried the woman, however, sedated her with the venom that was held in his stinger
then hauled her off to their ship. Once finished with his meal, the other Scout joined the other two and they returned to the mothership. The woman was quickly bound and locked up in a cell on board the ship after a DNA sample was taken from both her and the Scout that fed off the man. Surprisingly, the human male's DNA bonded with the alien's and, when tested for genetic compatibility with the woman, they meshed perfectly! Their race was saved, but at a price. They would have to feed off of the human male population and abduct young women to bring back their numbers. If they were lucky, the blending of the two species' DNA would create stronger offspring. They would also need to bolster their troops and come up with a plan. After all, humans were a bit nuke-happy.

JULY 10TH, 2017
An unexplained event has set the country into a panic. Colorado appears to have been quarantined by a bizarre shield of some sort. Military and air support are unable to break through and any attempts to reach the citizens via radio, phone, or e-mail have ended in failure. Satellite images have also failed. It actually appears that no satellites near the area are functioning properly. Nothing can be seen beyond the force barriers aside from a barren landscape. Officials from the government claim to believe that we are seeing a projected image rather than what is really behind the shield and are working hard to find a way to work their way through the walls.

No one outside of Colorado has a clue about the horrors going on within the shield. The aliens have invaded, planning to take one small area at a time, only invading when necessary. The aliens have begun their feast on the male population and abducting many of the state's women. However, they are not looking to leave the area devoid of life. Some of the male and female population will remain alive and on the Earth so they may repopulate in case they are needed again. Males and females who have not reached full maturity (in this case, under the age of 18) will also remain untouched, as they are useless to the cause.

Phew, alright. So this is the basics of this thread:
Aliens are dying out. Aliens need to repopulate. Through some B.S. fake science, Aliens are able to mate with human women and fully intend to. Think B-Movie alien sex story.

I am looking to play whatever woman happens to fall into the alien grasp while someone else plays a multitude of aliens from the video game Body Harvest (or just some giant insect/insectoid aliens). I'm not looking to go very graphic on the aliens eating the men, really. This is mostly for the bugs hunting down and kidnapping beautiful women to take back to their ship and be used for breeding. Also, not looking to RP the actual pregnancy or birthing process. Never really appealed to me.
Kinks to be involved here:
  • Stockholm Syndrome - Of course, the beautiful ladies will be horrified at first, kicking and screaming, but eventually they will learn to be happy in their situation.
  • Biting - In regards to the women, not to feed on or even break skin.
  • Breast/Nipple Play
  • Damsel in Distress - Sometimes, the women can be saved by human men, but ultimately...they will be captured.
  • Face-Fucking
  • Forced Nudity - Giant Bug aliens are impatient with women's clothing. Rip 'em off~!
  • Handjobs/Fingerjobs
  • Licking
  • Oral Sex
  • Sexy Clothing - I'd like to have the ladies scantily-clad or wearing sexy clothes~
  • Titfucking
  • Vaginal Sex
  • Multi-Penetration - Maybe, not sure yet.
  • Breath Control - Via choking of some sort. Could be used as a form of domination.
  • Caging - How else are the aliens going to make sure the more rambunctious women aren't going to cause trouble?
  • Excessive Precum/Semen
  • Exotic Cocks - Throw some ideas at me. Would prefer the aliens to each have different dicks.
  • Fear - Obviously.
  • Light Bondage - Wrist and/or Ankle restraints only, please
  • Size Difference - The aliens are much larger than a human. Some are the size of cars.
  • Corruption - As I mentioned earlier, the women will eventually come to enjoy the situation they are in.

This is just a few things I'd REALLY like to see in this. Not all are required and more can be added with some persuasion. Feel free to inquire.
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