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Started by PassionateMale4, October 26, 2013, 10:45:28 AM

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Hi, i joined E a few months ago. Then after 3-4 months i lost my password.
I remember corresponding with someone about the issue, but cannot find where those threads are even.

Any help?

Passionatemale2 was my username on E.


If that is highly impossible, i am at least trying to access all of my forums etc that i used to do. Sadly, i have lost most of those friends etc since i can no longer log into my old account :(

my posts in the 'Chat i.e. Yahoo etc' which are hidden to me, those are the ones i am trying to get a hold of. So i can atleast get in contact with my friends again. :(


Do you have access to email that you used to create the pasonatemale2 account? If so you can use the 'forgot your password' function after your first login fail.

Also staff here are volunteers. Please be patient and give them time to reply to you.
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I just tried that, whenever i put 'passionatemale2' into the Forgot your Password it seems the email connected to that is no longer the one i use. Because i do not receive that info in my e-mail. And once i put my e-mail in there, i only get the info for this new username passionatemale4.


It would be really helpful if somehow i could contact <snip> since she is the only friend i am trying to get into contact with.

Please don't attempt to contact specific members here as contact information is not allowed to be posted in this forum.

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Staff is working on this problem so please be patient. 

Please go to this thread for help.


Thank you so much! :) Problem resolved. Seriously, thank you so much, and apologies for all the run-around i caused.