Seeking New Partners--Plenty of Ideas Inside. (Current Craving- Deadpool)

Started by temptressdragon, October 25, 2013, 06:44:27 PM

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Hello dearies~

Welcome to my thread on ideas that interest me at the current time. I realize my first attempt at this was very hastily done and without too much thought so I'm sitting down (while enjoying lunch) and re-vamping this to try to include as wide a variety of ideas from myself that may or may not be interesting to yourself. Now if you don't see anything quite to your liking on here DO NOT FRET because 1) This is a vast role play site so there are plenty of other members here who might be your cup of tea and 2) I consider myself a fairly open person and am constantly looking for and considering new ideas. So without further ADO, onto the list of ideas and such that are my current cravings.


This craving encompasses a vast majority of things: vampires (that don't glitter), demons, angels, and I shall throw Zombies into this category as well even though they might very well fit under Horror although any of the listed could fit under there so perhaps this should be labeled differently. I will think upon it.

Plot/Idea One: M/C is a lone vampire seeking a companion of the night. (Male seeking female) He gets onto a tv show set only at night scenarios for females looking for a husband. Some enter for the money and fame. Some enter because they want a chance at love. Think of it like the night edition of the Bachelor. This idea is open for discussion of course as to the degree of intimacy but I'm thinking some Vanilla love at first as they progress through the Show. Y/C of course will be the winner...and then M/C will reveal what he is to Y/C though she may have figured it out before hand. Perhaps Y/C is a slayer who thinks he could be a vampire and ends up falling in love with him as he presents himself as a human (only he isn't). The possibilities are endless here really.

Plot/Idea Two: A demon King is on a bet with another Demon for his throne. Make a mortal woman fall in love with him and willingly bed him before letting her know who she is...and still have her love him after the deed is done or he loses his throne. He has one month to accomplish this task. Y/C is said woman. Will she fall for him and continue to love him, even have sex with him or will finding out break her costing him his throne?

Plot/Idea Three: Everyone knows Angels and Demons fight over a soul. For every human there is a guardian Angel...and a demon. They are assigned to Y/C and people to try to save them...or corrupt them. Will your character be swayed by the delicious temptations of a demon...or saved by the angelic innocence of an Angel? For this one you can decide if its the guardian Angel or the Demon you want after your character. This one can be M/M or M/F.

Plot/Idea Four: Zombies walk the earth and only a handful of survivors live. They partner up when they can or walk the world alone in hopes of making it to the day a cure is found. Who knows. For this one I would like two survivors to meet up and travel together...except...its been a while and no one has been laid in a long time so SEX enters their minds while they are trying to make it. M/C is a male biker. Rough and tumble kind of guy. Born in the south, can hunt and track. Is a bit rude and vocal sometimes. He has a motorcycle that's his pride and joy as well as a cross bow. Silent but Deadly. Now Y/C can be whoever you wish. I'm feeling M/C is more of the dominant type but can be gentle about it. This can be M/F or M/M. I'm not too picky. I just like the idea of zombies making the world dangerous so people are not thinking safe and practical sex. It's up for discussion and something I'm really craving right now.

Plot/Idea Five: Its years into the future and vampires rule the world. Some are evil and some are good. But its hard to tell whose who. Its getting harder to tell whose a vampire and whose not. Humans have gone into hiding, trying to prevent a vampire outbreak within the population. They are trying to figure out how to reverse the process too as well as better ways to kill vampires. BAD vampires have no soul it seems. No emotions. They only care about killing and feeding. GOOD vampires are still viewed as being BAD vampires despite not killing their victims or turning them. If a person is drained dry completely to the point of heart failure and then given some vampire blood...they come back as a vampire. M/C is a good vampire trying to blend in with the humans and protect them like a few other good vampires. They can hide their vampire natures through a series of shots that help them appear human. Y/C is a human helping look for the cure and kill vampires. M/C works alongside them...seeming to become more than just friends...they become lovers, fitting as much sex into their schedules as they whether it be a quickie in a storage closet or an elaborate night with little kinks worked into their schedules.  Well their base is attacked by BAD vampires...and M/C defends Y/C from a BAD vampire but its revealed that M/C is a vampire....Does Y/C turn him in or help hide him from the other humans while still loving him despite his nature?
LOOKING FOR: Female to my Male or even a Male to my male.


This probably encompasses a bit as well. This is my personal kink I think.  I like horror film characters. Freddy Krueger. Jason Voorhees.  Pinhead. Aliens. Predators. Etc etc. Ghost face and Michael Myers.

Plot/Idea One: Freddy Krueger is back, haunting people's dreams and looking for a way to come back. His only problem? The only dream he can reach is Y/C. So how can he get her to spread the fear of him to others?  What if he gave her a sexual partner...because what if she was a virgin...curious to the pleasures of sex? And what if she just assumed this was a strangely erotic dream and played along? Kept visiting her strange dream demon who gave her the best sex she had...Until she starts waking up with her body quaking and sore from it all...with marks on her flesh...and maybe she wakes up with something from the dream his hat? This one could go anyway I think. I absolutely love Freddy Krueger. He was my first horror love and any of my friends know I had been obsessed with him until Pinhead came around. For this I will play Freddy Krueger...and y/c is a female. Open for discussion on this one.

Plot/Idea Two: Pain is pleasure, or so the Dark Prince himself thought. Pinhead does what he always does. Brings hell to the lives of people who open the cube. Well Pinhead is getting lonely and sexual frustrated thought he would never openly admit it..until he meets y/c. Then he his ttasked with the job of making her into a Cenobite...but what if he wants her for himself--And I was going with this somewhere but totally lost my idea here. *shrugs* I'm open to actual ideas featuring Pinhead where I'll play as him unless someone really wants to play him then I might entertain the idea of being the female in the story.

Plot/Idea Three: Its several years in the future. All horror characters have been put into a cryogenic sleep as prisoners aboard a ship somewhere in space. This ship is guarded by two individuals.  Y/C and M/C. (Relationships between them is open for discussion or relationships with the horror characters is open too.) Somehow the killers wake up and get free. Now our characters are trying to make it out alive.

Plot/Idea Four: I have always loved the idea of two horror characters hitting it off together.  Freddy/Jason. Ghostface/Myers. Pinhead/Freddy. The ideas are endless. I'm interested in seeing where we could take something like this right now.

Plot/Idea Five: Y/c and M/C decide to go to a house in the woods for a vacation.  Everything seems to be going fine. Both are lovers of horror and brought plenty of movies to see...well things don't go as planned. The car breaks down. No cell reception and the water heater doesn't work all the time. Life sucks but our characters are determined to make it until it storms one night and things go strange for them. Suddenly certain iconic horror characters are unleashed into the house. Can they make friends with them or will they die? (Soooo many possibilities here and discussion)


** I don't have a plot but I want to try some Deadpool role playing. Either you play as Deadpool or I play Deadpool. I'll probably update this more as I think up stuff but I'm seeking that.


I think that kinda makes it for now. I might update this again depending on what kinda reviews I get from it...etc etc.
"We do not have Man's gift of tongue or of the imagination.  What is - for dragons - is.  We cannot wish it away.  We cannot make the real unreal, or the unreal real.  I envy Man this gift."
- Grandfather Dragon, from Great-Grandfather Dragon's Tale (Jane Yolen)


LOVE LOVE your vampire idea. Would love to discuss it if you're interested.
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Updated: completely re did the original post. Added several new ideas and changed everything about it.
"We do not have Man's gift of tongue or of the imagination.  What is - for dragons - is.  We cannot wish it away.  We cannot make the real unreal, or the unreal real.  I envy Man this gift."
- Grandfather Dragon, from Great-Grandfather Dragon's Tale (Jane Yolen)


"We do not have Man's gift of tongue or of the imagination.  What is - for dragons - is.  We cannot wish it away.  We cannot make the real unreal, or the unreal real.  I envy Man this gift."
- Grandfather Dragon, from Great-Grandfather Dragon's Tale (Jane Yolen)