Simple 1x1 Request

Started by Plussizebiscuit9168, October 24, 2013, 12:51:21 PM

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What I want is pretty simple

-Supernatural beings (demons, Weres, witches, elves, etc)
-Oddly wanting something fxf
-Something futuristic
-Also wouldn't mind doing some Fallout, Bioshock, or Mass effect

I mostly play biracial characters

All in Modern or Fantasy settings. Im usually the submissive one but I can be Dom to.....prefer switching.
Let me know if the RP is not working for wont hurt my feelings.Its going to be on forums or through PMs....Unless I get to know you I wont be giving out my IM name. If you wanna talk in an OOC pm Im ok with that. Im usually pretty consistent with responding, I do work odd schedules so my times on may vary.

I've had issues with people on here throwing fits if I dont respond to the rp right away....I'll respond when I feel like I can give you enough to go off of. If there's no life in the rp it makes it a lot harder to respond, so one liners and two sentences calling it a paragraph probably aren't going to work for me.

If you abandon the rp no hard feelings....everyone does it and sometimes stuff in RL is more important, I totally understand that ^^.

I'm literate....I make mistakes to but spell check catches the bigger ones. I can write anywhere from 1-several paragraphs depending.

I am also open to plots...can usually make them up myself once I know what you like exactly but if you have one as well I am always open to trying.

I wont do :

-anything gross (vampire blood letting Im ok with)
-Wont play characters below the age of 16 and above the age of 35

We can discuss kinks and further likes and dislikes while plotting
I'm a boss ass bitch