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Author Topic: Falcon Meets Her Match: A superheroine vs. villain (fanboy) story [Need villian]  (Read 1750 times)

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Falcon is a superheroine that has had an incredible first year of being a superheroine.  She works side by side with the police, and within the first six months of her patrols of Imperial City she managed to take down the top three crime syndicates and the men at the very top.  Her sleuthing skills are only outmatched by her hand-to-hand combat skills, and it's even rumored amongst the criminal underworld that she's meta and has eyes in the back of her head.  The reality is she's almost always aware of her surroundings and waits for people to make their move before simply defending, often without turning around.  In the last year Falcon has gone from a no-name heroine to a house-hold name.  She's had photoshoots, interviews, even commercials made with her to help sell her image. 

Like most famous women the cameras love to follow her, yet she has some way of evading them when she goes home at night.  No one has managed to figure out who she is or even what part of the city she lives in, or if she even lives in the city at all.  There are forums upon forums dedicated to her.  Some of people wanting to be like her, some of guys that fantasize of what they'd do if they could defeat her.  Though those guys tend to never act on their fantasies, just have them.  If they really met her, they may be more inclined to ask her on a date, or wet their pants, or even cream their pants than to do any of the things they talk about on the forums.  Most know that it's just fantasies and that it'll simply never happen.  Most also realize that the fantasy is different than real life, that they wouldn't actually want anything to happen to Falcon, but it's kind of sexy to make up stories about her on their sites.

She has allies, fan boys, fan girls, enemies, people that support her, and people that would love to tear her down.  It's the life of a superheroine, but one that she wouldn't trade for anything else.

The game starts here, with her already established but early in her career.  Only 19 now she still has a long way to go in being a superheroine and many things to learn.  I'll be playing Falcon and am looking for someone to play her arch nemesis.  Someone that you wouldn't expect could take her out, but has the capacity all the same.

He'd go by Horned Owl, which is a natural predator of falcons, and is one of those fan boys on the forums that writes dirty stories about her.  However while there are hundreds and probably even thousands of guys that wouldn't act on a single word they write, he will.  He believes that she deserves someone that is her equal, and he believes that he can be that person.  Where she's svelte, fast, agile, and can deliver precision blows even with adrenaline pumping...he's obese, sweaty and smells most of the time.  His fat can absorb blows, not because he's meta, but because it's just the way he's built.  He's not fast, he's actually quite slow, but he's a tank.  He's strong and fights strong.  He fights like a pro-wrestler (probably having watched too much of it) and loves bear hugs, reverse bear hugs, he likes fighting pulling, crotch kicks and punches, body slams, back breakers, power-bombs.  He'd like to map out her face with his tongue, and he'd palm her face to lift her off the ground.

While he can take hits, they do still hurt, again he's not a metahuman she could, in theory take him down, but has no chance of lifting him if he's out cold and typical handcuffs won't fit around his fat wrists.  He knows about FlexSteel's capacity for being too stretchy and plans on raping her when he defeats her (he's that sure of himself that he'll win).  However it's not all about him, he wants to show her a good time. 

So that's kind of Horned Owl in a nutshell, I'm hoping whomever I partner with will flesh him out, give him an alter ego and maybe some kind of a background of why he's this way.  He has to be fat, I don't want someone fit, I want someone that she wouldn't think twice about defeating before realizing that it's not like all the muscle-bound meatheads that she's fought before.  He should be fairly intelligent too.

As for desires for the game, I'd actually like to focus more on her pleasures than his.  Her suit won't come off, she can't be stripped out of it, and while he "knows" that he can rape her through it, she's gotten something that isn't like that, a better build of costume that she helped design. 

Here's a good list:
  • Groping/Molestation/Fondling: Both during fights and if/when he wins a fight during the capture.
  • Vibrators: Using them to help him get her off.  Anything from realism like hitachi vibrating wands, to fantasy gloves that have vibrating anything your imagination can come up with.  The goal is to make her orgasm after all.
  • Bondage: She's a wily one and I'd like her awake for a lot of her "torture". I'll try anything once, the only absolute NO is spread eagle, it's...not imaginative at all.  If you have trouble describing it, do a google search for it, there's probably a picture somewhere of it.  I tend to favor hogties or something similar, sitting-in-chair bondage, or AOH while standing.
  • Costume Parts Removal: While the bodysuit itself may be off limits, nothing says he can't be a tinkerer that figures out how to take off her cape, her belt, or eventually even that sleek mask.  Maybe he keeps up with the rich folks and will know who she is.  Also her boots can be taken off for full-leg massages, and potentially well-described foot massages aimed at turning her on.
  • Fighting: I really want to explore the different styles of their combat.  They both can take more damage than your average person, let's take advantage of that and have some good give-and-take fights. I don't want him to always totally dominate, nor her.  Though fighting dirty should definitely be in his bag of tricks.  This includes throwing dirt to her eyes, water, spitting, crotch kicks, hair pulling, faking being down...burping, farting, groping, and on and on...
  • Chloroform: He's strong enough, lets have him sneak up on her on occasion and stuff her face full of chloroform.
  • Dry Humping: He may not be able to get into her suit, but why not dry hump her for humiliation?
  • Forced Orgasms: It's been covered a little in the other categories but I'd really like him to force her to orgasm over and over again in that tight suit.
  • Oral Rape: It's the only hole he can fill, so why not fill it?
  • Facials: Goes almost without saying with the oral rape, but I'd much prefer this to swallowing, not that there can't be some of that too.
  • Excessive Cum/Orgasms: While both of these characters are human, it is a fantasy, I wouldn't mind if he could cum a lot more than a normal human could or remain stiff after orgasm...just like she can have more orgasms and produces more sex juices herself.
  • Spanking: Whether it's a spank in the middle of the fight, or laying her flat to watch her ass jiggle, I'm up for it.
  • Roofies/Devil's Breath: Roofies obviously dealt to her in her food or drink.  Devil's Breath is a drug that tends to "zombify" the victim when it's blown into their face.  They often can't remember the previous twelve hours or so, and become susceptible to commands given to them.  I'd like to play both of these like she's fighting it and can remember some of it.  It'd just be another way for him to fight dirty.
  • Traps!: Absolutely, he should lure her into situations that she may not realize is a trap until it's far too late.  We can go super elaborate with false-floors, chutes that lead into pools or whatever, or something as simple as luring her into an abandoned building for a fight.
  • Licking: With the suit staying on I'd like him to do a lot of licking.  Especially if it's to lick her face and mask, her ears, even some of her costume.  Especially if he goes to eat her out between her legs, even though he'd be limited, he could be skilled enough to make her cum. Or it could be just stretchy enough that he could get at her labia and clit through the costume, but no more.
  • Knock Outs: Mostly I want some head-KO's in there, bashing her over the back of the head, slamming her face into a wall, a solid headbutt, those kinds of things.  But syringes, chloroform (as mentioned above), and other ways to knock her out are fine too.
  • Much Much More: I'd like to hear your ideas too on what you may want out of the story. 

Writing wise I'm looking for a descriptive style.  Not only is he licking her face, but how does she taste? Can he feel the warmth of her cheeks? If he kisses her, how is the taste of her mouth or what are his thoughts or feelings on how it feels to live out his darkest desires?  Let's really get into the characters.

Send a PM or respond here if interested, I'd like to talk it out a bit before starting the game.  Also this is only available for one person, I can't play the same character as the lead in two different games.  It's also not first-come-first serve.  Let me know if you like most of the elements I listed but don't like one or two, maybe we can work it out, or include an aspect that you want for yourself.

Finally there's a profile in the spoiler below that fleshes out Falcon.  It'd be niiiice if someone did the same for Horned Owl, but it won't be required. ^___^

Jessica's Full Profile

Name: Jessica Jacquelyn Steele
Alias: Falcon; J.J., Jessi, Jess.
Age/DOB: Just turned 19
Affiliations: She associates mostly with the police in Imperial City, and known as the premiere superheroine there.  She knows Urban in Terminus City, and though she suspects a girl that she graduated high school with, she can't be certain of her identity.  She does go to Urban for supplies.  She also gets gadgets from Blue Bird, but she's never officially met the girl.
Occupation: Full time Daddy's Little Girl. Debutante.
Marital Status: Single. Being a superheroine eats up a lot of her time, not to say she's not looking.
Other Relatives: Cole Steele (father, owner of a multi-trillion dollar corporation), Heather Steele (mother, died when Jessica was seven when she was hit on her bike by a drunk driver)
Personality:  Jessica has a strong sense of what's right and wrong in the world and believes that she can help out.  Like most teens she hasn't thought about her own mortality.  It's not as if she believes herself to be invincible, but she simply hasn't considered the possibility of dying.  She's upbeat and loves a good conversation and tries to see the good in people. She's cocky and surefire in the way she fights, she loves to quip and point out that she's only human to thugs that are twice her size but she still manages to beat up and make fools of.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Build: Athletic build like a runner. She has strong muscles much like a gymnast or dancer, a nice bubble butt, and perky B cup breasts.
Eyes/Hair/Skin: Piercing blue eyes matched with fair skin and strawberry blonde hair.  Most of the time she wears her hair up in a strict pony tail, but when it's loose it hangs down clear to her ass.
Education: High School Diploma

History: Jessica was born with a silver platinum spoon in her mouth.  She's always had more than enough money to cover her, and about a dozen other families if they chose to.  The family's charities often took care of that, though.  Her trust-fund is absolutely staggering, and upon her 18th birthday she was allowed access to it.  Graduating high school and having been taught the ins and outs of investing by her father and his friends, she immediately took it and invested the millions on millions into bonds and stocks.  While she's lost a little here and there, she's quadrupled it in a year.  Even if she took it all out now, even with inflation as it is, she'd still have enough to live more than comfortably her entire life by that money alone.  But she's not taking it all out now, she's letting a large portion of it grow so that she can always do what she loves.  Being a superheroine.

Her dad and mom both enrolled her in military-style hand-to-hand combat training from the early age of five years old.  She'd relied on many of those people when her mother died, and wound up throwing herself into the training just to get through a lot of the emotions.  The result is that she's finely tuned her body for combat over the years.  Early in her life she also didn't want to be a princess.  She always saw them as weak, as damsels in distress (save for maybe Mulan) but she didn't want that.  She wanted to be like the girls in the comic books, like in real life.  And she did read comic books, about sexy superheroines that dressed up in sleek, and often skin-tight costumes that could kick ass and get away with it.  Then she'd read the paper and watch the news about how superheroines were popping up in real life.  She admired (and still does) Mercy and Justice and Vendetta, Crusader, Blue Bird and so many more of the women that threw on the tights and used their abilities to protect the people that couldn't protect themselves.

When she hit eighteen last year she decided that she wanted to be much the same as those other girls.  She knew a lot of them had to be rich to afford some of their gadgets and strongly suspects she knows a few of the heroines out there.  Blue Bird, Justice...and since Urban popped up about the same time as her, she's almost certain she knows who that is too.  Not that she'd ever spill the beans, but she's met them at functions before.  They travel in the same social circles, Urban isn't a socialite, but rather someone she went to highschool with, Blue Bird and Justice both she thinks she might know, but understands why not a soul would believe it unless they're unmasked.  Before she hit eighteen she spent some time setting up shell corporations and getting ready to order her new suit, getting it designed and made so that when she hit eighteen she could pay for it, and take the suit out for a test drive.  She got the most top-of-the-line suit out there, most of those FlexSteel suits she heard stretch a little much, hers doesn't.

She has some minor extra padding in places, not that it's readily obvious, it's still skin-tight, and it still looks to be just another design choice in the FlexSteel.  Her first patrol had been a total success, she went out, found a jewelry store robbery, a rape-in-progress, and several muggings to stop and kick the ass of the guys there.  She managed to patch her way into the police broadband to tell them about the apprehensions she'd made.  And while they didn't know who Falcon was then, they certainly learned quick.

She managed to kick her investigative instincts into high gear and take out one of the city's most notorious criminal empires and the guy at the top.  Granted she has resources that the police simply don't, but she'd done her best at the investigation at well, spent hours that detectives couldn't, and busted him in the act with the help of the police.  Most called it a fluke, at least until less than thirty days later she did it again to the second, and two weeks after that the third major criminal empire.  Every time she'd involved the police, and once the media caught her on video they started up about Bat Lady and how she's helping the police, working hand-in-hand with them. 

Now, at 19 she's done interviews with major news networks, had a commercial taken of her (though they did it with the Bat Lady name), corrected her name back to Falcon, and has done multitudes of photoshoots.  There are YouTube videos with Falcon spottings and stories of people that were saved by the masked superheroine.  She has a lot of fanboys and fangirls out there.  Some want to be her, others wants to be with her.  Some have forums where they write out their darkest fantasies of tying her up and having their way with the heroine (but every heroine does) others have forums where they throw videos up of her kicking ass and taking names.  She likes the attention now, only a year in and she's rather famous as Falcon.  She has enemies and allies alike and she wouldn't trade it for any mundane job in the world.

  • Hand-to-Hand: As long as she's been alive, Jessica has known her dad had a lot of money.  As such her dad enrolled her in military-style hand-to-hand combat training.  The idea was that he couldn't always protect, especially when she got older, and she'd need the ability to fight off any would-be kidnappers.  There's not as much of that as the movies would have you believe, but then people have tried to kidnap her twice, once when she was eight (the poor man ended up with her foot in his crotch), and again when she was sixteen.  The latter time she beat him to a pulp after he'd tried to chloroform her.
  • Incredible Willpower: While not necessarily a skill, she does have incredible willpower for a nineteen year old.  She's strong in her convictions and will prove to be incredibly hard to break.  While she's yet to find herself in too much trouble, when she does, she'll be able to work through it and likely even escape.
  • Lock Pick Expert: Her dad taught his daughter quite a bit about locks and how to pick them.  It wasn't to break into places, but rather if she ever did wind up kidnapped and was held by cuffs, he gave her ideas on how to make lock picks, and then how also to pick cuffs and various other locks. 
  • Incredible Wealth: Jessica's trust fund has been multiplying over the years, especially with her daddy's start-up investment in things like Google and other now-corporate giants, he own trust fund is well into the billions.  She'll never have to actually work a day in her life, if she doesn't want to.  It does mean she has incredible funds to work with when buying gadgets and suits for herself.  She can be a full-time superheroine and never feel the burden of needing to keep up any other job.

  • FlexSteel Bodysuit: Falcon wears a full bodysuit of FlexSteel.  The suit itself is bullet, slice, and rip proof.  Jessica even went the extra mile to find the producer of the less stretchy FlexSteel suit and bought one for herself.  FlexSteel is a little bit like Kevlar in that it disperses force over a large area to deflect bullets, it's just far thinner, lighter, and both breathes and insulates incredibly well which also leaves the wearer resistant to extreme cold and extreme heat.
  • Utility Belt: Falcon's utility belt looks more or less like a strip of rubber around her svelte hips.  However it's home to a multitude of pocket dimensions that she accesses with her gloves and knowing exactly where they are.  They carry everything from military-grade flash bangs to electric batons to medical supplies to...a fair number of things.  The real limitation is the size of the pocket dimension openings meaning she can only fit small objects through them.  It also houses a GPS locator in the buckle of her belt allowing her to communicate with the plethora of vehicles that she owns. Depending where she taps and how she taps on her buckle she can call any of them to her person, or let the cops know, briefly, where to come to pick up a criminal.
  • Reinforced Knee High Boots: Not only do her knee high boots accentuate her height and give her an extra three inches of it (making her 5'10" with them on) but they're made with a reinforced spike heel.  It allows her the ability to punch through steel toed boots with her heels.  The boots are also made to act as a new technology called a long-fall boot.  Essentially it means she can fall several stories and land squarely on her feet without breaking any bones.  Excellent for rooftop travel and jumping into alleys.
  • Gloves: Her gloves have several functions to them.  They house an extra lock pick and blade each for if she manages to get tied up without her belt.  But they also have mini-conductors in them that give off a certain electric signature based on her hands position.  Additionally they also have nano-fiber tendrils that shoot out to over two-hundred feet if necessary.  They can "stick" to any surface and haul over ten times her weight.  She can reel them in and lift herself up if need be.  It allows her to traverse the skyline much like Spiderman, without leaving all of the nasty web-stuff behind.
  • Domino Mask: Her mask sticks to her face with an adhesive that only a special aerosol can remove.  Among superheroines it's a great way to keep your identity safe.  Plus it keeps the mask still during battle leaving them able to concentrate on the fight, not their masks getting in the way or potentially coming off.  Hers even comes equipped with places to touch on the mask for telescopic, thermal, or night vision lenses.  It even has a recording device that transmits what she sees wirelessly to a large databank at her home.
  • Cape: The cape is made of the same light material as her costume, FlexSteel.  She's able to detach it quickly and use it to shield herself or other people from harm.
  • Hidden Compartments: Falcon has several compartment along her suit that aren't readily visible to the naked eye.  Even under close inspection they'd be difficult to see.  The lock picks and blades hidden in her gloves are two, though she has two more in her belt, and another six in her boots.  The ones in her belt are hidden along the back stretch of the belt between the compartments, and one just behind the sophisticated buckle.  All they house are lock picks and blades, and the one behind her belt, even a small laser cutter, powered by her belt.  Her boots contain a hidden compartment in each of her spike heels, along the arches of her feet, and two much higher on the boots along the inside rim along her calf.

  • Falcon Car: Falcon's car is the closest thing that looks like a normal car.  It appears to be a 1969 GTO muscle car.  That's about as far as the similarities go.  She has the ability to activate weapons (non lethal) to lose a tail, stealth mode, and a load of other similar goodies built in.  She even has infrared and ultraviolet headlights that allows her to remain completely hidden in the dark, but to see perfectly fine, either through heat signatures or through the perfectly defined night vision.
  • Falcon Jet: The jet appears to be something out of the future.  It has the ability to hover.  It's completely silent, allowing her to zip across the skyline undetected.  The jet can fly at Mach 10 (ten times the speed of sound) meaning she can get across the nation or even some oceans with little trouble.  It also is equipped to sustain mid-air refueling, either from a tanker or one of her personal refueling stations over various places in the world.
  • Falcon Copter: Her helicopter packs the blades away as soon as it lands. It also has the capability to slowly lower itself to the ground if somehow the power is cut off from the vehicle.  It has a passenger seat behind her, allowing her to carry one other person.  If absolutely necessary she can haul something as big as a large sedan with a cable.  It's built for short travel, both in speed and in maneuverability.
  • Falcon Bike: Her motocycle doesn't look like any specific model.  Instead it allows her to blend in without anyone being able to readily identify it.  It comes with rampless jumping capabilities through a turbo boost and shooting a shaft into the ground to give her the necessary lift.  It has a bullet-proof mode where a canopy forms over the top, giving it a very futuristic look.  It has several other weapons as well, and the same systems as the car...although not as much given how much more compact it is.
  • Falcon Boat/Sub: What starts off as a speed boat can shed some of it's parts and become a jet ski.  Or it can form a sleek canopy and dive below the surface of the water.  She finds that she doesn't have to use it all that often, but she knows it's there if she needs it.  It also comes with a personal submerging device, allowing her to travel quickly underwater just by herself if for some reason she can't use the sub.

  • "Ticklish": Jessica has several erogenous zones that can be taken advantage of if touched sensually.  While her breasts and crotch are obvious, as even her bubble butt may be...there are other regions such as from her hips up to under her armpits along her sides, her flat tummy and especially her belly button, along the nape of her neck and her outer thighs that are just as easy to take advantage of.  What's worse is that besides a couple of boyfriends "tickling" her in all the right ways, she's never run into it in the field.  She's not aware that if she's not in a sexual situation that it'll still turn her on.
  • Crotch Kick: Technically it applies to any smaller surface on her suit.  There's just not enough room to disperse the force effectively meaning she feels just about the full blow.  This also happens on her hands and under her arms.  There are certain exceptions to this rule like if the area were stretched out.  If she were doing a high kick for example, the force would spread along her legs and thighs. 
  • Darts/Needles/Syringes: Because of the slower nature (vs bullets) and tiny surface area of these devices, they can slip into Falcon's costume easily, despite being nigh-invulnerable.
  • Chloroform (and other drugs): Due to being mostly human, drugs and chloroform work exceptionally well on Falcon.  For all that she seems invincible at times.  A simple rag drenched in ether or chloroform could potentially take her down.   Although other drugs work well if someone can surprise her with it (say slipping something in her drink or food, for example.)
  • Unprotected Head: Her head isn't protected by a cowl or anything at all.  While she's never been knocked out in this way (it's rumored she has eyes in the back of her head), she is certainly vulnerable to being pistol whipped, or otherwise conked on the back of the head if someone does happen to be sneaky enough to get behind her.

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