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April 11, 2021, 01:42:00 pm

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Author Topic: [M/M] [Fantasy] [A God & Their Disciple]: Divinity in Disguise  (Read 553 times)

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[M/M] [Fantasy] [A God & Their Disciple]: Divinity in Disguise
« on: October 21, 2013, 11:15:44 pm »
Welcome! All I have here is this one idea that I'm craving. If it sparks your interest check out my O&O's to ensure compatibility before sending me a PM. Please don't post your interest in this thread.

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Divinity in Disguise
M/M. Disciple/God. Reincarnation. Religion. NC or BON.

There once was a powerful god who ruled over a beautiful, but ruthless landscape and was worshiped by a nation of enduring and clever people. The god was not a lofty or mysterious deity. His godhood was sensible and persistent. He lived alongside his people and shared in both their joys and sorrows. He used his divinity to shelter them and ensure their livelihoods. It was little surprise that the people eventually eschewed all other gods and adopted this god as their one and only deity.

Over hundreds of years the god amassed a great many followers and disciples, though there came a day when one of disciples caught the god's eye in a way no disciple ever had before. This disciple's belief and prayers in him gave the god the greatest surge in his divine power that he had ever experienced. The god took this disciple as his beloved and bestowed him with vast wealth, respect, and authority within their nation.

But fate turned cruel on the lover god and beloved disciple. The god died and was reborn. For the past seventeen years the disciple has desperately searched every city, town, and village within the nation to find his god. The disciple had no luck and waning hope until a strip of gossip sends him to a backwater nowhere town where, after testing all the local seventeen year old boys, the disciple is faced with undeniable proof of finding the reincarnation of his god. But there's trouble. His god doesn't remember him. His god doesn't remember anything. And his god even denies his own divinity.

  • I'm seeking someone to play the disciple. The appearance and personality of the disciple are entirely up to my writing partner to decide. All I ask is that he be a devout, if not the most devoted, believer in the god. How he serves the god is up for discussion as well - he could be a high priest, a captain of a ship, the leader of a band of holy warriors, a hunter, etc.
  • I'm also seeking a writing partner that will be comfortable and happy with a steady, but relaxed pace for the story. About one post a week from me is about all a writing partner can expect from me for this story. I'm fine with a writing partner who posts faster or slower than that.
  • I haven't quite decided the gods powers yet, but I'm fond of possibly making him a patron god of wilderness, hunting or fishing, forests, water, or healing and disease. Perhaps war.
  • The setting would be a small nation within an original fantasy world. I'd prefer the geography of the nation either be a nontropical island, located in the mountains, or across a tundra. Give me snow and trees or snow and plains or sea and frosty shores.
  • All I have is the kernel of this idea. I need a writing partner to help me flesh out what happens to the god and disciple once they are reunited and to do some worldbuilding for the setting. I'm open to what direction the plot could take and wouldn't mind the story having a dark tone. I'm also open to editing the kernel as well to incorporate my writing partner's ideas.

Angles to Explore: The following list is possible plot themes or character developments that I'd interested in playing around with within the story.
  • Deities with mortality. Is a god truly a god if they can die?
  • Gods being powered by the belief and prayers of their followers.
  • Religious worship intersecting with sexual desire or love. Or both.
  • The problem with reincarnation is that it sometimes comes with memory loss. The god spent seventeen years of his life being raised as a mortal and he remembers little of his previous life. This significantly alters his outlook and personality. He's not the same god that his disciple knew.
  • Age differences. The disciple may be physically older than his god, but the god is spiritually thousands of years older than his disciple.
  • Temptation. The disciple's god is still a youth and just learning what his divinity allows him to do. His god is vulnerable. His god is in need of his protection and guidance. And his god doesn't remember anything of their past. Temptation might hiss into the disciple's ear to take this opportunity to manipulate, pursue selfish desires, or deliver comeuppance for past slights.
  • Complicated D/s power dynamics. One might assume a god would exert dominance and a disciple would offer submission, and perhaps in their previous life together it was true, but what if it's now reversed? What if a god demands someone lead him rather than follow him? Is a god truly capable of submitting or is it just another expression of dominance? There's a lot of lovely ways power between an inexperienced god and an experienced disciple can be explored.

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Re: [M/M] [Fantasy] [A God & Their Disciple]: Divinity in Disguise
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2013, 08:42:04 pm »
Update: 10/26. Minor edits and added a few pictures and photos for inspiration.