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October 18, 2018, 11:30:47 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking partner to write opposite my Satyrs and Fauns. . . [MxM and MxF!]  (Read 378 times)

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So, I've had this little itch that I've been wanting to scratch here on Elliquiy, but interest has been a little slow. I decided to create a thread selectively for my ideas centering around the use of Satyr characters (or Fauns – I use the terms interchangeably. For my purposes they are the same thing). They are a bit of a niche type of race in terms of fantasy creatures, so I thought the chance to broadcast them slightly more heavily might yield some interest!

First, brief things to note about me as a player:
  • University student. Just finished Midterms, so now we're entering the stretch before Finals. What this means for you as a player is that I may periodically be inable to post for a day or two while I prepare essays. I promise that I will always try to inform you before I hit a patchy spot.
  • Multi-Paragraph Poster. I rarely will ever write a response that falls beneathe a two to three paragraph response. For details as to my writing, please feel free to check in the “my posts” section of my profile. What you will see there is my average posting! What this means for you as a player is that I ask for multi-para responses as well. The more you give me, the more I have to respond to. I will not accept one-liners and one-paragraphers. I am sorry to make this distinction, but I find my muse wanes quickly when not given a good chunk to play with.
  • Playonly MxM or MxF. I do not usually participate in FxF oriented games. When playing in a MxF game, I usually make no distinction as to which gender I would prefer to play. For my satyr I do : I prefer adopting the female role. What this means for you as a player is simply that I would enjoy to have a male to work from. You may choose the gender of my character.

And things to note about my Satyrs and Fauns:
  • Not lust-addled goats. While I believe sexuality to play a large part in their lives, I do not play Satyr who are going to move from village to village stealing men and women away to rape them. They will be enthusiastic lovers when the time comes, but will not be consistently overwhelmed by their baser needs.
  • Part human, Part Goat. You may receive a traditional Satyr with goat horns and a goat lower body. You may receive one that has no fur, but has discolourations to suggest fur colour. You may request otherwise. Interpretation is open, and included will be a few different designs of Satyr and Fauns for your persusal. Feel free to pick a design and tell me this one is the one I like. All I ask is to be able to keep some trace of the goat with them (even if it is only horns, ears and a tail!).
  • Highly intelligent. My Satyr will not be stupid. Ever. You're going to get something smart, and it may border on smartass. My characters do tend to sport attitudes. So saying, they may also be a bit shy in regards to humans. Who knows – Depends on the situation.

Having gotten through the introduction, let me introduce you to the ideas! If one of the ideas do not interest you but you would still like to write something involving Satyr and/or Fauns with me, please let me know! We can craft something together! Please feel free to use the images at the bottom of this post as inspiration! I just really, really want to work with these guys finally.

PM me with interest, please and thank you!

A Stubborn Goat
     Status: Open
     Possible Rating: Light to possibly NC?     ||     Genre: (Possibly) Forced Relationship, Antagonistic Relations, others?      ||     Pairing: MxM or MxF Accepted     ||    Preferred Character: The Satyr/Faun    ||     Seeking: The human.
Sometimes referred to as Guardians of the Forest, Satyr have been known to protect woods with a fierce passion. These woods are particularly old, concealing within ruins that contain infinite knowledge that is heavily desired by man. While other creatures of the wood may bend to the will of men on the outskirts, Satyr are not so welcoming once they have been charged to protect and guard.

This particular Satyr has been put in charge of the ruins and has faithfully guarded them, and the surrounding woods, for the past two hundred years. They are young, stubborn, and not particularly lenient towards others. An explorer, sent out by their local village to lay claim to the ruins within the wood, will meet this Satyr.

This can't possibly go well.

This is a very open idea at the core. The Satyr character has been placed in charge of guarding ruins. The human character wants what is in there. What your human is (traveler, scholar, explorer, warrior, what have you) is completely up to you! Whether he coerces the Satyr into helping him or simply takes what he wants is also up to you. I've left this idea excessively open.

This piece may also be moved into a modern setting where the Satyr still guards the ruins from snooping humans. I imagine it would be quite the shock for a human!

Teaching the Hero
     Status: Open.
     Possible Rating: Probably Light (Open to turning this to NC)     ||     Genre: Adventure. Student/Teacher relationship (vaguely)      ||     Pairing: MxF or MxM accepted.     ||    Preferred Character: The Satyr/Faun    ||     Seeking: The Student
Descended from a long line of Warriors and Heroes, high expectation is placed upon the eldest male of this particular family. His Father was well-renowned and known, respected. . .idolized, and these are the shoes that he must fill. Accepting this challenge, he sets out to find the same teacher his Father once used.

He isn't expecting to find a Satyr instead of some hulking warrior.

At first he's pretty bummed – how in the hell could this be the same one that taught his Dad? – but grits his teeth and decides to go through with it. The Satyr promises him that they will make him greater than his Father ever could have been, but it comes with a price : The young son will not leave the Satyr's keep until he has been well-trained and he will do everything the Satyr commands without question. Desperate to live up to expectation, the young man accepts the Satyr's offer and begins his life with the creature.

Why, yes, that does sound vaguely like what happened with Phil and Hercules in the Disney film, doesn't it? The truth is it actually wasn't inspired by that! I swear, haha. Anyway, this tale is about the man and the Satyr's relationship as the Satyr keeps up their end of the bargain. The man will be training, put through tasks (sometimes completely inane ones that may be more frustrating for the character than fruitful), and overall taught to surpass his Father. The relationship that blooms between the two is one that we can discuss.

It should be noted that I am not opposed to taking this in a more NC light wherin the man decides he isn't going to listen and chooses that he's tired of listening to the Satyr all the time and takes what he wants. If you want to go this route, let me know and we'll modify!

Male Satyr and Fauns
Slightly NSFW

Sadly, a good deal of these have antlers as opposed to ram-style horns, which would be my preference, but we make do with what we must!

Female Satyr and Fauns
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