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Author Topic: Craving something new (Playing either gender, looking for either)  (Read 520 times)

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Offline Ghostphoenix713Topic starter

I'm back after a long hiatus with new ideas and strange concepts to bedazzle the mind and scare the soul! ... But really though, I do have some plots that I'd like to try out with people. As a general note, all of my role plays will be story driven with smut if the mood feels right for it. I will not, repeat will not, do a purely smut-focused story. I can never get the plots to go anywhere and get bored pretty quick. You can find my O/O's in my signature along with some of my favorite characters and plots, but the ideas listed here are brand new and not listed in that other thread as of yet. More to come and soon, I should think.

Oh, and I'm comfortable playing as the male or the female in equal measure, that's what I meant in the title of this post. I'm male, but I like to write as a female as well, the main character of my novel is female and I've been told I write her very well.

Red means that I currently want to do this very badly.
Maroon means that I want to do this just as much as red, but this idea will require a lot more planning to get off the ground.
Yellow means that this is still very interesting to me, but not as much as the above two.
Green is for the ones I'd like to do, but I'm not sure about because I haven't fleshed it out enough yet.
Anything with a strike through it, is currently taken.

My writing style: I tend to lean towards multi-paragraph games with more emphasis on dialogue and description than your average game. What do I mean by this? I like for our characters to converse, so sometimes my posts will be a bit short if my character has a pressing question that will decide what he does next. This does not negate description and mostly, this won't happen as I can always think of something for my character to do during the conversation. Also, as I said above, I tend to lean more towards story than smut. Sex has to make sense! If it doesn't make sense for our characters to just jump in the sack, then they're probably not going to right then and there. I write very detailed sex scenes when those characters get there, so this isn't a cop out. I like to write sex, I just like for it to flow with the story in a natural way.

Communication: I like to have a healthy rapport before we start the game and discuss the story in detail beforehand, at least the opening. Throughout, if there's something that's unclear or we just click, I like to talk through the private messages on here versus brackets at the top of the game in progress.

Frequency: I'd love to say I'm astonishingly regular in my posts, but I can't be. Mostly I post at work and that has to be done when I'm not actually doing work. I have time between taking calls (I work customer service) and can post on breaks and lunch as well. It also depends how inspired I feel any given day. I promise that if I have to take a break for any length of time I'll give adequate forewarning.
Story Ideas/Pairings
Urban Fantasy Noir- What I'm looking for here is someone to play my plucky assistant or secretary while I play the tough as nails sorcerer P.I. (This could be changed so that the P.I. character is a bit of an idiot and the secretary/assistant solves all the cases while giving the P.I. the credit if you want to go for a humorous angle). This will be set in late 1940's Los Angeles and include elements of urban fantasy and classic noir. I don't expect anyone to be perfect with their 1940's slang, but the P.I. character will be using it. Also as a fun twist, the assistant or secretary could be from the future if that route sounds more appealing. I really, really want to do this story idea and soon. It's been bouncing around in my head for a while now. Taken!

Night Vale- I know that there's a group Night Vale game going on right now, but the game that I'm proposing is different and standalone. Instead of playing as Cecil or Carlos or Old Woman Josie, what I'd like to do is have each of us create original characters living within Night Vale and experiencing the daily horror that is their horrifying existence. The lovely people at Commonplace Books have provided a broad world in which to operate and the podcasts are free for anyone to listen to, so if you haven't listened to it and this sounds like fun, look up Welcome to Night Vale on iTunes or PodcastAddict for Android/Kindle. Personally, I just want to play a fictionalized version of myself living within the town limits of Night Vale and seeing the things that Cecil talks about on the air. There are tons of different ideas we could incorporate here so possibilities are pretty much endless for this particular idea. Just so long as you don't want to play the Apache Tracker because he's a racist jerk.

World War Z- This idea is only half formed and not actually based on the movie, but rather on the actual novel by Max Brooks. I loved the interconnecting stories and what the bigger picture actually turned out to be. I'd love to try and play as a film crew traveling around the world in the same way The Interviewer does in the story to get the first-hand accounts of the survivors of the zombie war, possibly during it, and fighting off incursions of zombies and hostile humans in the process. This one will take a lot of work getting a more structured plot together and isn't high on my list of priorities.

Supernatural Steampunk- I'd love to do a role play with not only a steampunk theme, but one that also includes elements of the supernatural. This idea is likewise not fully fleshed out, but I'm thinking there should be a mystery that needs solving and our characters shouldn't like each other that much, but have to work together. PM me to help flesh this one into a workable plot.

Superheroes: This one is based vaguely on an idea that came to me while browsing a genre of books I recently came across. I was never able to get into comic books as a kid and I still really haven't been as an adult, but the concept of writing full-blown novels about superheroes really intrigues me. I like superheroes, or just normal heroes like Batman and Iron Man, that have great back stories and reasons for having powers/doing what they do. I'd like to do a Hero x Sidekick pairing ideally, but I also think a Hero x Villain pairing is great, too, provided their alter egos are dating and their costumes don't make it obvious who they are (I mean really, who did Superman think he was fooling putting on a suit and glasses?) More detailed plots are open to discussion, of course. I just don't want to do the Hero x Human where the hero has to hide their identity, it's been done to death.

Bardic Magic: I haven't fleshed this one out nearly as much as I'd like, it just came to me today. I want to have a story where the main character (me) has the ability to influence others through story and song. I'm not entirely sure where I want the story to go yet, but I will get it there. I'm thinking of this as a possible new character for a story I'm working on, so I want to try him out and see how he thinks. This one will take some planning on both our parts.
Pairings I'd like to try-
Werewolf x Skinwalker (Doesn't matter which is male or female)
Sorcerer x Witch
Felix (a character in one of the threads in the thread in my signature) x Your original character

If there's anything not listed there that you would like to try or any variation of the above you'd like to try, send me a message so we can talk about it. My main cravings are in my signature as well, so if you don't see anything you like here, you're more than welcome to look there. Thanks for your interest!
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Offline Ghostphoenix713Topic starter

Re: Craving something new (Playing either gender, looking for either)
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2013, 06:25:39 PM »
**Updated!!** Added a bit more to how I role play and added another craving. Soon to come: Adding a sample post for each idea.

Offline Ghostphoenix713Topic starter

Re: Craving something new (Playing either gender, looking for either)
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2013, 11:07:43 PM »
Updated!! Added in a new idea and took one out as it happens to be taken now.