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Started by godfang, October 15, 2013, 07:24:48 PM

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I recently discovered a system called 'Rapture Academy', made for sensual roleplaying in a school setting involving magic and other supernatural things. I think this would fit very nicely for a game based on the bible black anime/visual novel, is anyone willing to try it out? The link to it is below

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The whole idea is disgusting, count me in.  ;D


Bible Black is awesome. I'm interested, though I may need a bit of clarification on the rules. There's a lot there.

EDIT: Maybe not, actually. I'm noticing a lot of White Wolf's influence.

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Though the different school houses sound interesting enough that I think the Rapture Academy setting could probably stand on its own, too.


I formatted the character sheet for posting. Just to make it easy if we do this game.

Character Name:

Sweet Talk:
Dirty Talk:
Slip Away:







Well i want to incorporate the bible black element into it, so we can probably have the rapture academy take place in Japan. It will be called 'Saint Ophelia Boarding School' and includes all the same houses.  It is said that recently, one of the house came into the possession of a powerful artifact, but no one knows which house.

Why don't you guys try making characters using the rules, i will take care of encounters etc.

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Alrighty then I'll give this a shot. Will give me something to do.


  Oh!  This sounds awesome.  :)  May I play? 
A link for all of us who ever had a shouting match with our muse:

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Let's just see how a character can be made.


@muse: go ahead, just make a char :D

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Man this is... rather in depth. Let's see if I can figure all this out.

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Draft 1 (Rendered Obsolete)

Character Name: Remíssus Acer Tantibus

Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
House: Saturn
Virtue: 3
Desire: 3

Allure: 4 14
Gossip: 4
Manipulative: 1
Sweet Talk: 6
Vamp/Pose: 3

Force: 3 11
Athletics: 3
Endure: 4
Restrain: 1
Size: 3

Study: 4 14
Investigate: 4
Machines: 1
Occult: 6
Subject: 3

Threat: 2 8
Chastise: 1
Dirty Talk: 3
Influence: 2
Wealth: 2

Elusive: 3 11
Sneak: 1
Infiltrate: 2
Subterfuge: 5
Slip Away: 4

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+Power Perversion, ++Submissive Women, ++Shy Women, +Small Breasts, +Large Breasts, +Cock Worship

Merits: Mysterious (4) ; Magic (7)

Flaws: Enemies (1)

Figure: Lean, Flexible and Tall

Equipment: Arcane Tome, Handcuffs, Smartphone,


Hmm... what the heck this seems interesting.


Wait where is the merit for massive ejaculations?  >:)

And can we play staff and teachers?


I'd love to play. I'll get onto my character sheet.


yes, playing staff means you don't have a house (there's a rule for characters without houses)


QuoteTeachers are generally aligned with a house too, and even non-students can be 'honourary' members and gain the associated benefits. Indeed, if everyone is okay with it you can even have characters who are honourary members of the house of the opposite gender - for instance, the Mars dorm whore may be an honourary member of House Mars and gain the associated bonus to Force and Competition (no doubt form the extensive workouts they provide her with.)


Character Name: Lilith Baal, Literature Teacher

Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
House: Mars [Teacher Advisor]
Virtue: ***
Desire: ***
Allure: 2
Gossip: 1
Manipulative: 2
Sweet Talk: 1
Vamp/Pose: 4
Force: 7
Athletics (Swimming): 4
Endure: 5
Restrain: 8
Size: 2/2/2
Study: 3
Investigate: 2
Machines: 2
Occult: 2
Subject (English, Favorite Class Literature): 5
Threat: 2
Chastise: 2
Dirty Talk: 1
Influence: 2
Wealth: 3
Elusive: 2
Sneak: 4
Infiltrate: 1
Slip Away: 1

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++ Cum
+ Cocks
++ Lesbians
-- Monters

Competition-2 Costs
Fit (1)
Martial Artist (5)
Authority (Teacher) (6)
Unprickifiable (1)
Phobia (Monsters) (2)
Reputation (1)

Figure: She is 5'10', athletic but shapely with large breasts

Equipment: tbd


Uh, it would appear that a lot of people missed the part that says you must spend one point in each ability. Most likely to stop the heavily proliferation of 7s and 8s that I'm already seeing.

You must spend at least one point in each Ability. There is no maximum; however, you must spend additional points if your Ability is significantly higher than the relevant Attribute.

It costs two points to add a point to any ability that is equal to or above the Attribute + 2.

Example: You have a Study of 3, giving you 11 points to spend in Study Abilities. You don't care about Machines or Occult but want to be a good student, so you put 2 points into Investigate, 1 into Occult & Machines, and the remaining 7 into Subject (English, Literature). You can buy Subject up to 5 (Study+2) for one point per point. The next point costs double, so for 7 Ability points you've bought a Subject skill of 6.


Abilities have a minimum of 1, or I'd have 0ed a few myself. What are the rules on using background points to improve abilities, Is it like having extra points for the normal phase and attribute+2 costs extra?


Hope I read the Merits right ones in her specialty is -2 and after I buy the most expensive one or one at full price the rest are supposed to be one point. Then I added two outside of the house Merits for fun.

And that is right I took one per ability, her house specialty is 8 the rest kind of average.

EDIT: Anyone want to be her teachers assistant, think male muscle in case a student won't obey?


Quote from: RubySlippers on October 16, 2013, 02:35:38 PM
Hope I read the Merits right ones in her specialty is -2 and after I buy the most expensive one or one at full price the rest are supposed to be one point. Then I added two outside of the house Merits for fun.

And that is right I took one per ability, her house specialty is 8 the rest kind of average.

EDIT: Anyone want to be her teachers assistant, think male muscle in case a student won't obey?
Houses have no effect on abilities, they only give bonuses to attributes. You also need to have at least 1 point in all of your attributes.


Hmm... I have too many ideas for characters.

If someone is interested in having a Nothum girl with Jelly Form to abuse, I could go that route. (Jelly Form, possibly Well Trained, etc)

Daedelus or Obsidere member who has had her brain removed by a member of Pluto and replaced by an artificial one. Her personality and memories are still intact, but her 'creator' made a few alterations to her personality to make her more... accommodating. (Moderately high virtue, Daemonhost [puppeteer AI], both personalities have average threat so they're constantly struggling for control)

Eyes when AI is in control:

Pietas member who was raped and infected with the futavirus early on during her time at school. She has managed to keep it hidden from other members of the house thus far, but she has noticed her thoughts turning sinful and wicked more and more often these days. (Very high virtue, lots and lots of fetishes, Achilles' Heel [Anal rape], Denial [++anal (sub)], Dignity, Dark Secret, Swoony)

EDIT: Hmmm... It seems like we have a lot of rather Virtuous characters, so I'm leaning toward the slime girl or the soon-to-be sinful good girl.


Character Name: Amy Cross

Gender: Futa
Orientation: Bisexual
House: Obsidere
Virtue: 5|0
Desire: 1|6

Gossip:  2
Manipulative: 2
Sweet Talk: 2
Vamp/Pose: 5

Athletics(Dance): 2+1
Endure: 4
Restrain: 1
Size: 6

Study: 2
Subject(+Music, -Science):4

Threat: 6/6
Chastise: 3/1
Dirty Talk: 1/8
Influence: 8/9
Wealth: 8/1

Elusive: 3
Infiltrate: 1
Subterfuge: 5
Slip Away: 1

Fetishes: ++Breastplay(sub), +Exhibitionism, +pets, ++Group Sex

Merits: Celebrity(5), Fit, Great Size, Adorable(5), Big eyes, Looks great in uniform, Clothes Horse(4), Looks great in eveningwear.

Flaws: Flunked(Science) +1, Expectations(Maintain idol image) +1, Dark Secret(Daemonhost) +1, Aversion(Anal) +1, Daemonhost +3, Denial(Exhibitionism) +1

Figure: 5'8", Lithe, Huge Breasts

Equipment: So many Clothes, So Many Clothes

Background: Idol Singer, was kidnapped by occultists who bound a sex demon to her to make her more compliant. She overcame the demons will and escaped. Her talent agency kept the story from getting out, but had no way of dealing with the posession, and were hesistant to seek outside help less they cause a scandal. They recieved a suspiciously timed letter from Saint Ophelia Boarding School which was known for its studies into the occult, and Amy transferred to the school and "took a short vacation from her career to focus on her studies.". The demon tends to let her maintain control when she's doing something it has no interest in or there are too many people around, but it's a constant battle of wills when she's alone with others. Was not a futa before the demon possessed her, and her figure in general has become sexier too.