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Author Topic: Who wants to play? ( F seeking M/F)  (Read 5957 times)

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Who wants to play? ( F seeking M/F)
« on: October 15, 2013, 04:07:20 PM »
Hello everyone! After being around for awhile now and I back on the search for rp partners. I am looking for some story driven play. I do post several times a week (4-5) and can also be found online to do some back and forth if my partner has time. But it is not a requirement.

Here is the link to my on and off page also check out my on and off page!
And here is my role-play preference list:
my f-list

]If you think we are compatible feel free to message me and we can bounce ideas off once another. Here are a few roles I have fleshed out. Don't be shy to ask me to change things around too! Always looking for new ideas.

I am currenty craving a shifter,domestic disipline and or historical settings!!!I have some ideas below but am always willing to try new things. Any of my topics are open for discussion for a story even if they aren't what I am craving. I am definatley looking for it to be nitty gritty!

Accidentally found
She didn't know how she got where she was it was like she had been drawn there. The room was muggy and filled with smoke. She could hardly see through the bodies but it was that they had naturally formed a circle around the middle of the room. Two men were embraced in a battle. It wasn't boxing or even that fancy kick boxing stuff it just hand to hand combat. Sure they had a little skill but it was more their brute nature being each other down. As she pushed to the edge of the circle she gasped as she saw one of the fighters go down and go down hard. She looked down at the unmoving body. It was covered in blood and it appeared to be his own. The victor was standing in the corner his bare back to her as more smoke wafted up to ceiling. As they drug away the other contender the victor turned and with his blood face and hands just grinned. His dark eyes latching on to hers. It was then she realized this was a mistake one that she would not come out of unscathed.
I can see this turning out to be shifter story, mob story, or just plan villainy. I will let you pick your own character and back story. I see this starting non-con even if there is primal attraction. Here is my picture inspiration
Inspirational picture

NEW!!! Roman Captive
This is a historical setting RP and definitely non-con.

Back in the roman times there were those with and those without. Those with did everything in the Gods power to keep what they had. From houses,money, and slaves. But what happens when you have nothing else to give?Adelphia ( who's name means the sibling) was a twin along with her brother. While technically she was born first it did not matter in the eyes of the law. Her brother would inherit all of their father's property. She was nothing more than a token to be sold to the highest suitor. However when the family experiences a big drought their notoriety starts to falter. With no suitors on the horizon for their mouthy daughter they do the only thing they can think of, without her consent of course. They take her in the middle of the night and sell her for a substantial sum as a slave, her sale will keep the family going and in standing while they weather the drought.

Here is my inspiration picture

Royal Affair: NEW
MC is over visiting as a student or maybe just on vacation when I come across YC. He is royal of some sort( preferably a prince or king). I imagine you are engaged to be engaged or promised to someone else. But we hit it off even though I don't actually know who you are, maybe that is part of the attraction. That is until our time together hits the papers and my name is splashed all over it that I discover the truth and decisions must be made.

I am definitely willing to expand on this story line.

Happily ever after?

What happens when your prince charming turns out to be anything but? This is a medieval or modern type setting. (up to you my picture inspiration is definitely old world)  Stuck in a loveless marriage where you must keep up the facade of happily ever after to keep your kingdom's boards intact but secretly your heart lies with another. Is that love worth risking the kingdom's and your own safety?
I image your are a stable boy or even personal guard. But I will leave that up to you.

Andi Meyer grew up in a separated home. Her parents had no right raising a child, they were both successful in their own right but together they were explosive and corrosive.  So when she turned 16 and started “acting out” her parents tried to turn their backs and keep the illusion of a happy family. After one too many “cries for attention” Andi is sent to an institutional boarding school, Cherry Oak’s School for Girls. Her parents wanted her to get the best help without the whole town knowing of their problem. Andi was stuck there for 390 days before she was legally able to sign herself out of the schools care, would she be ready or not to face the world again?
Cherry Oaks didn’t have the most successful rate in rehabbing their patients. They were a joke in the world of rehabilitation schools dealing mostly with snotty rich kids with only minor behavior problems and the occasional eating disorder. But when the new doctor (add your characters name) arrived they started regaining more prestige in there community. His rehab methods although unconventional caused there success rate to go up.  The new doctor was feeling on top of the world until Ms. Meyer’s case came across his desk for review. The school had not had a case like hers in years and he was unsure if his methods would help this girl or not…. but time would tell if he was to be successful.

Mafia Captive=CRAVING
(Insert your characters name) had loved the privileged life as a mobster’s son never wanting for a single thing. But when his dad falls suddenly ill, after 16th birthday, his uncle takes him under his wing to start teach him the family business. Starting at the bottom he worked at basic drug trafficking and petty crimes. Now at the rip age of 22 his dad and uncle feel he is ready to start working at the families biggest moneymaker, human trafficking. After shadowing for a few months they finally let him start over and run his own operation, he will be in charge of picking at taking his first girl. But little does he know how much this one job is going to mess with his whole life.

Wren Delgotti an orphan raised by her uncle was given a privileged existence after her father’s death; her only job was to play by the rules her uncle gave her.
1) Don’t use your real name
2) never go out by yourself
3) never talk about the family
Wren's father used to run a rival gang till he was gunned down in front of her ever since she has been keen to play by her uncles rules until her 21st birthday when she decides to go out for the night with only her best friend. Little does she know that night in the bar will change her existence....

Big Brother is the Law
Growing up in a small town there isn't a lot to do as a young 18-year-old female. Brit is the youngest of the mayors two off spring. She just turned 18 and graduated from high school. She has been spending her weekends partying with some of the other kids. Marie wasn't just a social drinker either she went out of her way to get obliterated at each and every party she went to. She even started expanding into some drugs. Going out to parties almost every day of the week only to return home and spend it in front of the TV.  Brit had been squeaking by on the good graces of her fathers reputation in order to stay out of trouble, but what she didn't realize was how close of a threat her own family would be to her dangerous lifestyle.
(Insert name here) just returned back to town. Having left town to go to the police academy and graduating with honors, he decided to return to his hometown. Having spent some time in Denver working with a bigger population he came home to become second in command. Quickly discovering the massive amount of underage drinking and drug use in his hometown he makes it his mission to put a stop to it. After arriving at his first party to bust it up he is surprised to find his little sister dancing on top of a table.

Professor, May I?
Jenna was a struggling college student. She had done really well in high school a 4.0 GPA but maybe it was being away from home and the lack of guidance since she moved away to school. Now in her junior year at a small private college she was boarding on losing her scholarships and facing two classes with the hardest professor she had ever faced in her first two years of undergrad. Walking into her class was like a death sentence now. She just knew he was going to fail theses classes and be kicked out of college. Walking into her literature class she took a seat in the middle of the room trying to blend in.
You are the youngest tenured professor at a small liberal arts college. You now lead the English literature department. Having only been there for a few years you already have been labeled aloof and distant from your students and a hard grader. But this troubled red head catches your attention. Also along with being the head of the department you know that she is on the verge of loosing her scholarship and will not graduate without your guidance.
Will the two come together or will there wills keep them apart?

Can I get a lift?
Haven was a shy girl, she preferred her books to her peers. Her father ran off when she was a child leaving her and her mother to live with her grandparents. At the young age of 5 every time motorcycles came rolling into town she would run to the curb hoping one of them would stop and her father would appear again. Her mother would have to drag her back into the house as she cried when no one stopped. In the 15 years since her father left her Haven has reminded isolated, staying in their small town in South Dakota she waited tables in between checking on her grandparents and running errands for them. Every summer she would dread when the bikers rolled through. Her mother had filled her head with horrible stories about them and what they did. That was until he rolled into town.  He was everything she hated but became the one thing she couldn't walk away from. 

Do you remember me?

Growing up in a small town has its perks and its downfalls. Good things like close friends and neighbors but downfalls such as everyone knows your business and has no problem talking about. Anna or Annie as her big brother called her grew up in one of these small towns. She lived her childhood blissfully unaware of the world around her. Her big brother and his best friend shielding her from the horrid parts of living in a small town. It wasn't until she got older that she started seeing the horrors of life. Her father turned to drinking, her mother to other men and her brother practically abandoned her when she was 15. Taking his opportunity to run off and find a life of her own. Thankfully being a late bloomer helped her out a great deal. She was able to hide behind the baggy clothes of hand me downs and tried to avoid contact with men. Between her family and her deserting brother she lost all loyalty to her family. As soon as she was able she took off. Running away from home to find a better future. She tried to contact her brother but she could never find him. Ending up on outside a Marine base on the east coast at the age of 18 she quickly found work and managed to get herself a rundown apartment. She tried to turn her life around. But as much as you try to run fate has a way of catching up to you........

NEW More like me?(Shifter story)
This is a shifter story. I am thinking wolves but it could be any type  really.

Adopted from birth she doesn't know anything but the humans she lives with.  However her nights are filled with the most vivid dreams. Most of them include her running through the forest. She isn't on two legs but instead four. As she approaches her 21st birthday she is finding the dreams even more common and vivid. She decides to head out the week before her birthday to find these woods that haunt her dreams.

I envision her has a late bloomer also and going out and finding more shifters like her self just in time to come into her own as a shifter.   

MC plagued nightly by dreams of the future not of all that include her. Mostly of a dark hooded figure. Deciding she has had enough of being labeled insane among a host of other mental illness she leaves home. Leaving her foster families safe home in which she is force to medicate herself daily leaving her in a fog but not stopping the dreams and the fact she knows the future isn't all that bright. After setting off on her own she finds herself living on the street. She has watched for the last two nights in her dreams about how her life ends. Deciding to take things into her own hands she scores her wrists with a piece of jagged glass. As she sits there bleeding she realizes maybe for the first time ever her dreams won't come true. That is until YC steps out of the shadows and shows her the world she has been dreaming of since she was a child.

I am seeing your character as a vampire, maybe attracted to her blood. But then discovered her clairvoyance and shows her the world she was meant for, the one where the creatures from her dreams are real.

While I don't have a set story I am throwing around a few ideas for an MMF threesum romance story. Willing to play this out with on person or two either way. If you interested in that or have any idea don't be scared to throw them out at me.

Here are some non-fleshed out ideas I have been working with also:

Slave owner/ new slave
Bar owner/ waitress
Uncle /niece
best friends
brothers best friend

Looking for some non D/s story ideas also. As you can see I tend to stick with modern/realistic role plays. I am willing to try something different if you have a good idea and can sway me.

I am looking to really build characters not just looking for a quicky.Although I do enjoy a bit of smut. Don't be shy to ask me any questions you have

BTW: I only post on forums, if you aren't willing to write there I am not going to be a good partner for you. Also please PM me do not leave messages here.
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Offline fliyenphoenix

Re: Who wants to play? ( F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2014, 11:06:45 PM »
Are you still down for barowner/ waitress, father/daughter, brother sister? Or a mix?

Offline Mora

Re: Who wants to play? ( F seeking M/F)
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2016, 10:43:02 PM »
I like the plot for big brother is the law :)

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  • I asked her if she believed in love. And she smiled and said it was her most elaborate method of self-harm.- Benedict Smith
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Re: Who wants to play? ( F seeking M/F)
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2016, 01:33:33 AM »
Added two new stories!

More like me( Shifter story)

and Roman Captive

Offline Scarie187

Re: Who wants to play? ( F seeking M/F)
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2017, 12:49:12 AM »
I like the Professor, May I? plot. Are you still interested in doing it?