Newbie seeks his first.

Started by JustaChanceMating, October 13, 2013, 05:19:24 AM

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Hello folks!

I'm a newbie to E, seeking my first partner to play with. Here are a few scenarios I'd love to try out:

TAKEN - From Son to Sir - (Male / Female) - I'd play your son who came home after college when my father died. We'd spend lots of time together as we grieve and during that time I learn about your and my dad's D/S relationship and I realize you need someone in that role. And that you realize you want it to be me. - TAKEN

Captain and First Mate - (Male / Female) - I have an idea for a sci-fi story that involves a two-person starship. Would be romance and adventure based I feel. Not sure, I've never done it before!

Two Person Groundhog's Day - (Male / Female) - What if Bill Murray discovered someone else going through the same day over and over with him? We wouldn't replay the movie. We'd decide our own day and setting and see what hijinx could be caused as we struggled to come to grips with the endless loop we seemed stuck in.

If any of these strike your interest, shoot me a message. Again, I'm a newbie so - advice and insights even if you're not interested in my scenarios are welcome.