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Author Topic: Unqiue Academy Based RP [M seeking adventurous F]  (Read 453 times)

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Unqiue Academy Based RP [M seeking adventurous F]
« on: October 11, 2013, 11:57:04 PM »
So for this idea I will need a female role play partner that is rather imaginative and open minded since I want to be rather adventurous and have some crazy fun with this one.  Also I tend to write at least three full paragraphs but I can easily do more with the right partner.  I love character development and plot just as much as the sex scenes so the story will definitely be a mixture of many elements as I explain below - so sort of a fifty/fifty blend of smut and story.

This idea takes place in a modern world, possibly something with a bit of a fantasy/supernatural twist to it.  The setting is an academy and our characters would be students.  It's no ordinary academy for this is where the fantasy/supernatural element comes in.  Basically each student is sort of "superhuman".  We can look at it like X-Men, Sky High or maybe even more subtle in terms of powers like Scott Pilgrim.  We can discuss the details on this but it can range from all the students having some superhuman abilities (enhanced speed/strength/stamina/endurance) to full blown manifested powers.

In this world they have done away with kicking students out of school (when it comes to high school anyways) and have established corporal punishment, meaning the teachers/professors can exact almost any punishment they see fit on a student to correct their behavior.  Corporal punishment was established because of the superhuman powers since naturally there are many unruly students that use their powers to cause trouble.  Naturally in such a world of superior physical powers the conflicts between students and teachers tend to get physical.  Since students are unable to actually be kicked out of school or go to jail for any actions other than the extreme such as rape/mutilation/murder, they fight back against the teachers and exploit the system to create a power struggle. 

The academy at which our two characters are at is famous for is correctional rate as it works students into shape even if another school may have failed.  There is a constant struggle of power with various groups and even gangs forming in and around the school.  One side contains the teachers whose goal is to discipline the students and break them, some students that have either been broken, or have cut a deal, join the teachers to help bring down some of the other students that are presenting problems.  There are several groups of rebellious students that have some common goals, each fighting for power as there are many gangs involved in the academy and throughout the city.  This is a world that has gone past relying on weapons and relying on powers and as such massive brawls often break out.

I would like for our characters to be working together as childhood friends (and couple which can be discussed).  They seek to restore balance in several ways.  One - they fight off excessively abusive teachers that take advantage of their right to punish a student as they please, and two - they take down students and gangs that are out for their own immoral gain.  The end game of our characters is to shut the system of corporal punishment by trying to find a way to display how pointless and broken the system is.  The school board of course is doing all they can to convince parents and the government that it's the best way to teach their kids discipline so that they will control themselves but most of these academy board members are as corrupt as some of the teachers looking to get money from funding.  Our characters witness first hand how the system is actually causing more and more students to join gangs and use their powers against the system.  In the end it's creating more problems than it's fixing for the students that do get broken are obviously scarred.

With a different world like this there comes different activities and past times, especially since most of the students are more out-going and "out there".  I would like for our characters to sort of be sparring partners, training together and what not and having some good sweaty fun maybe turning those into moments of heated passion.  There would be several parties and events held in the area as well though, such as fighting tournaments and what not and even sex parties that the two of them go to.  I have some ideas for sex competitions where one couple competes against the rest to see which couple can last the longest, or which couple can produce the must cum by the end of the evening, so on and so forth.  That or just wild parties where couples are hooking up and finding random places to get intimate, even if others are around and possibly might catch them and/or watch.  The academy dorms do have the males and females separated but that rarely stops the two sexes from converging....our characters could easily sneak into each others windows at night.

Overall I would like them to be very open minded and adventurous sexually so naturally I'm looking for a female writing partner that is not afraid to get a bit kinky and even a bit rough with the sex scenes.  I would love to discuss in detail some of the sexual elements they could have fun with.

Your Character:  I want the female character to be categorized as "punk" kind of girl, one that dresses in what some may call an odd fashion such as corsets, tank tops, jean skirts, and somewhat revealing clothing due to it having several rips and tears or just generally wearing something rebellious.  Also I would like her to style her hair in unique way, dying it different collars such as blue, purple, green, pink, white or a mixture.  At the same time she sometimes wears some exotic colored lip stick/gloss much like the color of her hair.  Tattoos and piercings are also welcome.  It is completely up to my partner on how they wish to customize all of this, have some fun with it.  I am just trying to give some ideas of what I am looking for.  Her personality would sort of match her looks as she would be unique in her own way though I want to leave the personality up to you since it's your character.

Some example pics to give you an idea of the female looks, note that these are just some example for you to take from and it does not mean you have to use one of these pics or a pic at all and could just stick to word description.

Some of these links are NSFW
All of these pics were found here:
and also:

My Character:  Now then since I am being rather demanding here I would like my role playing partner to give me some input on the male here and what they would like, maybe even some example pictures though here is a summary of what I imagine him as.  He would be somewhat tall, tone and lean, his body having a few black tribal tattoos here and there.  His hair would be a bit shaggy and messy, hanging down in his eyes and over his ears...preferably black or dark brown in color though I don't mind getting into some blue dye as well.  Personality wise he would be sort of the mysterious kind to stick to the shadows and not say all that much unless he is around your character which he is completely open to.

At what point the role play starts and how our characters come together and their background are open for discussion as are a lot of things.  I am looking for someone to discuss the details with and trade some ideas, suggestions, questions and answers back and forth over the fleshed out idea I have above.  Some things can be changed and added, don't be afraid to ask.   Definitely do not do anything that may be out of your comfort zone but if you want to also try something let me know, note that I will always respect your Offs and limits.  If you are interested please send me a PM.  That is if you read all of this and I have not scared you off already  :-\
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