A Case of Stockholm Syndrome (Bondage,Torture,Unconsensual->consensual)

Started by GlassMonster, October 10, 2013, 07:50:52 PM

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Hallo and thanks for stopping in! If you think this sounds fun,feel free to get in touch!
I'm looking to start a roleplay about a girl(that'll be me) who is kidnapped by a man (that'll be you!) and in the end she ends up falling in love with her kidnapper. My storyline is not ver detailed,i know. But I want to keep it a bit flexible,as in,i am willing to disciuss the details of it all or just go with the flow.
My first thoughts would be some kind of a rape scene,where he ties down and tortures the unwilling damsel. But after a bit she starts to get into it and ends up falling head over heels. Just a thought. So feel free to join me if you want!