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Author Topic: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales (Always Adding New Stories)  (Read 8561 times)

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    Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales

    What I want in a Writing Partner

    • A male or female partner who are creative writers and can write coherent paragraphs.  I want characters who feel, give witty dialogue, and heartfelt scenes.
    • Plenty of communication either through Yahoo IM, Skype, or PMs.  I want the stories to be collaborations.
    • I want an open minded partner who is aware of my ons/offs.  Please be sure to check them out and if there is something that you like that isn't on the list, bring it up with me and we'll discuss it.
    • Writers who can portray dominate or top characters as I tend to portray submissive or bottom characters.  If it's a big long term story with multiple characters, then the partner will need to be able to portray a variety of characters.  I will also portray several characters as well.
    • Most of these stories will lean toward storytelling with plots and characterization instead of straight up smut.  (Don't worry, there are plenty of stories here that are for smut available.)
    • I'm open to roleplaying either through forums, YIM, or Skype.  Hit me up on PMs and we'll talk.

    What to Expect in the Tome

    • Each of these stories have the potential to be long term, but one-shots are fine too.
    • The stories are open to all pairings.  F/M  F/F and M/M.  I am even open to futa.
    • The stories below are marked by Plot heavy or Smut Heavy.  Plot Heavy stories will have complex stories and be long term.  Smut Heavy stories will of course have plenty of sex and will be one-shot or long term.  Even if the story is Plot Heavy, that doesn't mean there isn't any sexual encounters.  Expect sexual encounters in all of these stories.
    • Interesting and compelling characters
    • The stories below are all plot bunnies that come to me.  They are not set in stone and are flexible for whatever we may have in mind, but if you idea doesn't mesh well with mind, then I'll have to decline.

      Five Nights

      *Strongly inspired by these videos.  WARNING:  NSFW.  Part 1   Part 2

    Rating: Extreme bondage, non-consensual, gang-bang,
    Pairing: Female X Multiple Animatronic partners (Males or Trans)
    Looking For: Seeking a writer that can portray multiple animatronic characters.  Being familiar with Five Nights at Freddies is good, but not required.

    It was late Thursday night when Marcy got a text from her brother begging her to take over his security guard shift at a family pizzaria.  Staying overnight at a closed kiddie pizzeria isn't how she wanted to spend a night of her vacation, but she still owed him for covering for her when she came home one late night from a keg party before their parents find out.  It would be easy, he promised her, in a text with the pizzeria's address.  She'd just have to be careful.  Careful of what?  The rest of the text didn't come through on her phone and by the time she got to the pizzeria, there was no service so she didn't get his warning about the animatronics' nightly habits. 

    When Marcy the spare key hidden under garbage can in the back, she went inside expecting the smell of pizza and hamburgers, even expecting a whiff of vomit or dirty diapers.  Instead, it smelled of sweat and heat, reminding her of heavy sex, semen clinging to bed sheets and thighs.  She even noticed a used condom on the floor of the main office!  Gross!  What has been going on in this place?

    As she gets settled, she toys with the camera monitors and turns on the fan.  She ignores the blinking message on the answering machine, deeming it her brother's business not hers.  She doesn't pay attention when the clock switched to 12:00 . . .

    * This meant as a one-shot as a series of events that occur in the six hours Marcy is in the animatronic's clutches.  They can be female futas like in the video if so desired, but males are fine too.

    Twisted Tales
    *Smut with a sprinkle of Plot
    F/F  F/M  Multiple

    Inspired by:   An old story that I did a couple of years back with a previous partner.  The story took place in Alice in Wonderland and I thought it would be a fun to do it again, but with fairytales.
    Rating: Non-con, Bondage, Bestiality/Furry, Gang-bang, Ageplay (Teen/Adult)
    Pairing: Female X Male, Female X Female, Female X Multiple Partners
    Looking For: Writer than can portray multiple fairy tale characters

    Ever since, Emily was a little girl, she loved fairy tales.  One night, at the stroke of midnight, Emily awakens to see a beautiful woman with wings and a wand standing in her bedroom watching her sleep. 

    When Emily asks who she is, the woman gives her a lecherous smile, "Why, my dear, I'm your Fairy Godmother, just like in the stories.  You like fairy tales, don't you?"

    The Fairy Godmother tells Emily that she had come to take her to a world of fairy tales where she can become part of the stories.  Before Emily had a chance to fully grasp that this was really happening and not a dream, the Fairy Godmother waved her wand and whisked Emily out of her bedroom and into a land of fairy stories.  The Fairy Godmother gives her leer and waves her wand and suddenly Emily finds herself in a different world filled with familiar characters living out the stories she knew by heart and she was the star of each of them.

    But something isn't right.  The stories were familiar, but weren't right at all.  The wicked step sisters enjoy stripping her naked and spanking her bare bottom, the big bad wolf stalks her through the woods with lust in his big yellow eyes, and the Three Bears do wicked things to her in Papa Bear's bed.  The fairy tales become nightmares which Emily is desperate to escape from, but it seems that the only way through a nightmare is to keep moving forward to its conclusion.

    The Demon Rises 

    Setting: Crossover between Puella Magi Madoka Magica and any comic superhero universe EX: Marvel, DC, etc. 
    Rating: Open for discussion
    Pairing: Homura Akemi X Male Character
    Looking For: Partner familiar with Marvel or DC universe or any superhero setting.  Doesn't hurt to also be familiar with Puella Magi Madoka Magica also.   
    Themes:  Corruption

    After repeating history countless times to save Madoka, only to have it come to naught in the end, Homura Akemi goes to another universe to escape the pain of constant loss and failure.  In this universe, powers are widely accepted in vigilantes who use their power to fight crime and save people.  In this world, Homura creates an identity for herself as a teenage high school student and goes to high school while making nightly excursions into the city to stop crime with her time bending abilities.  Despite her efforts to conceal herself, her actions makes it way into the papers and news with social media craving to know more about her. 

    Homura has no need for fame or recognition for her actions. she does it simply to let herself forget her failures and find some respite in doing something right, but at the height of her depression, she makes a costly mistake and falls into the hands of a villain.  She is ravaged and broken, After escaping, or released, Homura Akemi tries to regain herself, but finds a darker side to herself that she wasn't aware existed.
    shown the soul can suffer far worse than failure and there were worst things to loose than friends. 

    The Big Empty

    Inspired by:  Portal 1 and 2, Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues
    Rating: Non-con, machines
    Pairing: Female X Machines (androids, AIs, etc)
    Looking For:  A writer that can portray non-human machines or AIs with different personalities.  They can be all males or females and males.

    The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a girl makes a living scavenging Old World artifacts.  During one scavenger hunt, she goes farther than she planned on in the high mountains, rarely visited by people.  She would have gone back, leaving the mountainous range behind, but a storm struck and she was lost for days.  Food rations getting low, barely enough water for a sip, the girl was getting desperate until she came to the valley.  Without her binoculars, she could see the huge dome rising up from the thick forest below near the foot of the mountain, untouched by men since the cataclysm, and untouched by scavengers like herself.  Her hungry stomach and dry throat forgotten, the girl was quick to climb down the mountain and make way to lay claim to the treasures within.  However, unbeknownst to her, there lay great danger within the dome building.

    The building had been a science facility in the Old World.  A facility that researched robotic engineering and artificial intelligence which was taught to grow and study humanity by the human cache of information left behind by scientist.  However, even though the world ended, the intelligence continued to study with the material it had and reproduced, creating other intelligences, splitting off a bit of itself to create a different personality.  And these personalities wanted bodies, bodies to learn with and explore.  Therefore, the intelligence gained access to the robot engineering department and crafted bodies for each of the personalities.  For many, many years, they have kept to themselves, processing information, and attaining new knowledge, that is until a stranger came along. . . .

    The girl walked into the Dome so willingly, it was nearly shameful of how easily the security drones caught her and held her in containment as the personalities perused her.  The intelligence hadn't seen a human in so long and the personalities had never seen one before that she was a novelty among them.  Her biological needs was taken care for as long as she sated their curiosities and emotional needs.  And even when the girl begged to be released, how they simply could let her go out into that dangerous world that killed itself.  No, no, it was simply better that she stayed within the dome under their protection and why would they let such a wonderful little thing leave them anyway?

    However, just as they represent a danger to the girl, she too represented a danger to them in turn.  For you see, during all this time, the personalities lived in contented peace with each other and the intelligence, because they all were able to get what they needed and wanted because there was so much information, space, and technology to utilize.  But, there was only one girl among them.  And the age old minds experienced something that was both archaic and human.  Jealousy.

    The Camera Loves You

    Rating: Incest, Ageplay (teen/adult)
    Pairing: F/M or F/F (siblings, porn co-stars)
    Looking For:    A writer that can portray the sibling and the porn co-stars. 

    Alison Connor has spent her childhood in boarding schools and would have likely continued to do so well into college until her parents died in a car accident and she returned home to attend the funeral.  Even though they were her parents, Alison couldn't help, but feel anymore than a little sad for them.  She had never been close to them, as they had sent her away when she was very young. 

    At the funeral, she is surprised to see her long lost older sibling among the mourners.  She hadn't seen him/her since she was a young child on the night their parents disinherited him/her for reasons unknown to her. He/she tells her that since their parents died he/she was able to attain custody of her and wants her to move in with them.  It seemed reasonable to Alison since it had been years since they last seen each other and the should starting bonding as siblings. 

    However, what she doesn't know is that her sibling has ulterior motives for taking her in.  The sibling has became a big name in the adult film industry and sees Alison as a potential new star.

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Erotic Tales
    « Reply #1 on: October 14, 2013, 07:47:56 PM »
    Meet Abby
    *Smut Heavy, with a sprinkle of Plot
    Mostly F/M, but also open to F/F

       *Furries/anthromorphic animals are welcomed for this story.

    Abby is a high school student who is excelling as top of her class.  Despite her parents' ugly divorce two years back, Abby managed to maintain an upbeat attitude and didn't let the unfortunate event affect her grades.  She lives with her mother in a wealthy suburban neighborhood just at the edge of a large scale city where Abby attends school.  Despite being a couple years before graduation, she already has a few scholarships lined up for college.  She has a bright future with a full college education and wealth from her growing trust fund in her future.  She seems like the luckiest, brightest, and most fortunate girl of all, however, Abby has a slight blemish to her character.

    She's a sex addict.  Abby loves to seduce older men and have casual sex with them. 

    Earlier that year, Abby had her first sexual encounter on a date with a boy from school.  Despite his never calling her back after that one date, Abby felt great.  She never experienced anything like it in her life and found herself seeking ways to get it.  For the first few weeks, she had sex with several boys, until one afternoon, her gym teacher asked her to meet him in the gym closet room to help clean up.  When Abby showed, the man was there shirtless with a picnic lunch and shortly after eating, they had sex on the gymnastic mats.  And for the first time, Abby learned what it was to be in the hands of an older man who knew how to handle a girl and since then, Abby couldn't be satisfied by boys her age.  She stopped dating altogether, claiming she wanted to focus on her studies, but continued to seek out men to sate her desires.

    However, despite her addiction, Abby was smart and secretive in regards to her affairs and lovers.  Her mother travels for work and was away from home often giving Abby lots of opportunities to sneak out for rendezvous with men.  Sometimes, opportunities presented themselves whenever Abby leaves the house.  On the way to school, at school, after school, running errands, and even in a doctor's office.  There are no men off limits to Abby.  Her teachers, her mother's friends, the next door neighbor, her doctor, and even her mother's boss. 

    Despite Abby's proclivities, she keeps her sex life a secret from her mother, fearful of being sent away to a School for Wayward girls just like her cousin who became addicted to drugs.  Abby will go to great lengths to keep her habits hidden away, even keeping her lovers a secret from each other, refusing to commit or giving empty promises of a relationship, and sometimes there are consequences. 

    *There is lots of things we can do with Abby.  It can be a series of sexual encounters, or we could throw in some drama between her and a lover who either wants more than sex from her or becomes possessive.  Abby does lean towards submissive side, but likes to be in control through seduction and promises of sex.  She doesn't want to be a victim and isn't willing to be one, however she is willing to let a man be dominate as long as she gets what she wants in the end.


    The Ones that Slept
    *Plot with Smut


    *image NSFW.  Click to see. 

    St. Mary's, one of the top private schools in the world.  It was renovated from an old Catholic monastery during the 1950's.  Graduates become top in their chosen field in business, politics, and medicine and they accept girls of all backgrounds into their halls.  The school is unusual as it is isolate from any town or city by mountains with only a single road leading from a small town to the school's iron wrought gates.  The school policy bans any and all mobile devices and the campus has no internet connection.  The headmaster states it to prevent students from becoming distracted from their studies and promotes it as the reason for the excellence performance among the students.     

    Andrea Miller becomes the latest arrival at St. Mary's, a late arrival due to her mother's illness.  Upon her arrival, she noticed something was wrong, or different about this school.  The school had a strict curfew with students being in their dorm by 7:00 and with all the doors locked by 7:05.  In the night, she hears cries of passion and screams of terror, but in the morning the girls act as if nothing had happened even with fresh bruises on their bodies.  During class a message will arrive summoning a random student from class with no reason stated and the girl will be gone for hours only to show up later with no memory of what had occurred.  Strangest of all, is that none of the girls want to talk about what is happening.  Its as if they were all trying to ignore what is going on, too afraid to confront the truth.  Then Andrea begins experiencing blackouts and noticing bruises on her bodies with no explanation of how she got them.

    Then she learns what is really going on.  The school had been under the control of inter-dimensional beings called Incubi.  They are telepathic creatures with a high sex drive which can sated through human women.  The creatures were the ones who arrange for the monastery to be rebuilt into a private school and control the faculty and staff through telepathic bonds.  The students have been used to sate their lusts and even fuel their power.  The girls' minds are erased after each liaison to prevent panic or fear spreading, though some Incubi do choose a favorite and mentally bond the girl to themselves for private use.  During encounters, the girls are mentally aroused and become willing participants in their own rape. 

    Andrea and her friends look for ways of escape, but sometimes the best way to escape hell is to work with the devil.

    * I will portray all three of the students below.


    Name:  Andrea Miller

    Age: 17

    Best Subject:  Music

    Nationality:  American

    Background:  Andrea comes from a middle class family in Maine.  Never expecting anything to come of it, she sent an application to St. Mary's and was shocked that a month later she received an acceptance letter.  The original plan was to start the first semester of the year, but her mother fell ill, preventing her from leaving as planned.  Thankfully, the school was gracious enough to allow Andrea to start in the middle of the semester and let her do extra assignments to catch up. 

    Andrea has a great love for music, her headphones and Ipod never too far from hand.  Unfortunately, the school's strict no mobile device rule had her turning in her Ipod for her dad's old Walkman and his cassette tape collection.  She sadly has little talent for song or playing an instrument, but hopes to one day before a music producer. 

    Andrea is a warm, friendly person with a hands on approach to situations.  She's the first to volunteer to help out and the last to leave a job unfinished.  She isn't afraid of hard work, but does get frustrated easily with problems with no obvious solutions.   

    Name: Emily Pickford

    Age: 17

    Best Subject: Reading, Literature, English

    Nationality:  British

    Background:  It was no surprise for Emily's family that she was accepted into St. Mary's.  Her grades have always been the top of her class, in fact, the top of her school.  However, her scholastic brilliance doesn't make up for her lack of social skills.  Emily has a hard time connecting or opening up to others, spending most of her time either studying or ticking books off her reading list. 

    Emily spends most of her time in the quiet corner of the campus library where she is rarely disturbed, studying and reading.  However, she has noticed that she has been blacking out.  Beginning to study in the early after afternoon and then realizing it's almost evening and she hasn't read one page of her text book.  And it keeps happening over and over.  With her shut in social skills, she has a hard time inquiring if any other students have noticed the strange things happening. 

      Name: Kana Maki

    Age: 16

    Nationality:  Japanese/American

    Best Subject:  Soccer

    Background:  Despite her size, Kana is the toughest athletic girl on campus and is brought of it.  She's the first on the field for practice and the last to leave.  She's willing to get into physical altercations to defend her values and views and is no stranger to detention.  How she was accepted into St. Mary's, no one can say as her grades were less than standard and her family still believes its all a mistake and expect her to be sent home at any time.

    Kana is the first to warn Andrea of the strange rules around the school and the first to join Andrea in investigating what's going on in St. Mary's.     




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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Erotic Tales
    « Reply #2 on: October 15, 2013, 05:24:10 PM »
    Character Profiles

    Below is a list of character profiles, some of which you might recognize from other stories.  They are available for other stories or RPs.  Just send me a PM if you are interested in them.  We can plug them into any story or fantasy world you create.

    Kana Maki

    Age: 16 to 19

    Background:  Kana Maki is the youngest daughter of a wealthy family, but is estrange from them due to her being the child of her father's mistress who gave up her daughter in pursuit of another paramore.  Kana's tomboyish ways is a constant annoyance for her old fashion father and more than once Kana walked away from their many arguments with fresh bruises.  Kana finds her escape from her suffocating family through a scholarship for MIT's gifted program.  She gets a free ride to the United States and away from her father.

    Personality:  Kana is stubborn and is willing to fight tooth and nail against something she doesn't want or like.  She's loyal to those she consider her friends.

    Likes:  Computers, video games, engineering, and model planes

    Dislikes:  Authority figures, her father, dresses, being told what to do

    Sexual Preference:  Bisexual, lean towards males.  Available for Futas and Anthros

    Best Settings:  Modern, sci-fi, urban fantasy

    Corvin Harvestar
    Age: 16 to 19

    Background:  Corvin is the youngest son of the Harvestar Royal Family by the king's second wife.  Shortly after he was born, war broke out and the king and Corvin's elder brother went off to war with Corvin left behind as the single male Royal.  Years past, and Corvin grew up knowing only of his father and brother via the letters sent from the front which were few and far in between.  He grows up being trained in the sword, believing when he turned 18, he himself would go to fight alongside a brother and father he had never seen.

    However, the war ends before Corvin comes of age and the men return from many years of battle weary and scarred through and through.  Among them, is the King and Heir, Corvin's father and brother who themselves had last seen Corvin as just a babe in a cradle.  They are strangers to each other and must learn to know each other again.  However, a relationship of a taboo nature could arise . . .

    Personality: Corvin is a reserved youth who hides a spirited side.  Due to not knowing people his age growing up, he has trouble connecting with others and sometimes comes across as stand offish and aloof.  Sometimes, due to his introvert personality, he gets frustrated with others and has trouble communicating his feelings.

    Likes:  Stories, games, horseback riding, and archery

    Dislikes:  Cold weather, being bored, being around strangers

    Sexual Preferences: Homosexual.  Open to incest and Anthros

    Best Settings:  Fantasy, Medieval, Sci-fi/fantasy

    Margaret Tanner
    Age: 16 – 19

    Background: Margaret Tanner is your average girl.  She goes to highschool, has friends, and lives in the suburbs with her parents.  Yet her parents are a yuppie couple who rather be talk of their socialite parties than being parents to their daughter so often Margaret is alone.  Being alone, Margaret often seeks out the company of others and it’s not unusual for a girl as beautiful as Margaret to find herself in the company of those who may not have her best interest at heart.

    Personality:  Margaret is shy and reserved.  She's not open right away, but after getting to know someone and after they gain her trust, she often confide her concerns about her parents' lack of interest in her.  When she's calm and having a good time, she can be as open and flirty as any girl.

    Likes:  School, movies, and cameras

    Dislikes:  Her parents' neglect

    Sexual Preference:  Bisexual.  Open to Futas and Anthros

    Best Setting:  Modern.  Open to fantasy or sci-fi.

    Margery Milo
    Age: 20 – 25

    Background:  Margery is a rebel.  Her childhood had been tough with a dead beat dad running out on her alcoholic mother.  She ran away from home at the age of 16 with a boy who did not have her best interests at heart.  For a few years, Margery was living on the streets until she was taken in by a biker gang.  It was a rough life with run ins with cops and other gangs, but eventually, she acquired her own bike when her boyfriend died and decided to take her life on the road like a nomad.  She travels looking for cheap thrills and sex with some drugs and booze on the side. 

    Personality:  Margery is a strong woman who tries not to have any ties that hold her back from the life she chosen.  She's set in her ways and isn't afraid to take a punch as she is to give one.

    Likes:  Motorcycles, drinks, card games

    Dislikes:  Domesticity, cops, and being judged

    Sexual Preference:  Bisexual.  Available for Futas and Anthros

    Best Setting:  Modern, sci-fi

    Bridget Ginnis (Ms. Gin)
    * Ms. Gin is a futa for females only. 

    Age:  27 – 34

    Background:  Bridget Ginnis, or Ms. Gin to her students, loves teaching.  It's not for the chance to develop young minds or have help students reach their academic potential.  No, it's to be close to her one passion in life and that is tight, teenage girl ass.  And her job as a history teacher in a private all girl's boarding school gives her more than ample opportunities to seduce students.  As she gives her lecture, her eyes sweeps over each student, grading them, not by their test scores or attendance, but by how fine they look in their short little skirts and how their fine asses stand out whenever they bend over.  And sometimes, it will be her lucky day when she gets to carry out corporal punishment on a student watch those perfect globes turn a brilliant shade of pink and listen to those cute little squeals as their asses are paddled. 

    Personality:  A smile is never too far away from Ms. Gin's lips.  She's a laid back, the sort of teacher students like as she isn't too harsh with tests or quizzes.  She has an eye for alcohol and will use it as a means to lure in a potential conquest. 

    Likes:  Asses, paddling, and dominating

    Dislikes:  Baggy pants on students

    Sexual Preference: Females only.   

    Best Setting:  Modern high school
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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Erotic Tales
    « Reply #3 on: October 24, 2013, 05:15:24 PM »
    Added three stories.

    The Royal Brothers
    Fairy tales
    The Queen's Harem

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #4 on: October 27, 2013, 03:42:39 PM »
    added two stories.


    The Gemini Zodiac

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #5 on: November 15, 2013, 09:57:07 PM »
    Reopen two stories due to lack of replies from players.

    Added one

    The Pirate Life

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #6 on: January 04, 2014, 10:22:37 AM »
    New story added

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #7 on: January 30, 2014, 01:57:40 PM »
    Added a story called The Rose Child

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #8 on: March 22, 2014, 07:36:12 PM »
    Removed two stories

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #9 on: January 01, 2015, 11:10:44 PM »
    added details to Gothic Princess

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #10 on: January 02, 2015, 08:13:03 PM »
    Added three new stories.

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #11 on: January 08, 2015, 12:43:06 PM »
    Added Meet Abby.

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #12 on: January 11, 2015, 10:01:52 AM »
    The post length in the first post has become too long with a LOT of stories, so I had to move Meet Abby to the second post and I will be adding further stories in the second post from now on.  Please, scroll down to the second post to see any new stories. 

    Meet Abby is the same story, but what was cut off has been added back.  Sorry, I didn't notice it was caught off until it was pointed out to me. 

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #13 on: February 23, 2015, 11:33:24 AM »
    Added Black and White

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #14 on: February 24, 2015, 09:57:11 PM »
    Added Fandom section

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #15 on: February 28, 2015, 09:43:08 AM »
    Added Prisoner 27

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #16 on: March 14, 2015, 07:23:21 PM »
    Added four new stories

    The Ones that Slept

    The Evil Spell

    To Serve a Queen

    Cindy Goes Sailing

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #17 on: March 23, 2015, 09:27:39 AM »
    Did a bit of pruning on the Tome.  Took out a bunch of stories that no one ever seemed interested in to save space and make it easier to look through.

    Added The Twins scenarios and Kana scenarios.

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #18 on: April 08, 2015, 03:56:38 PM »
    Added new stuff.

    Meet Andy and Meet Brie has been added.  They are located at the end of the first post.

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #19 on: April 23, 2015, 05:48:23 PM »
    Two new stories up

    Slice of Incest

    Thief in the Night.

    Both on the first post at the end.

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #20 on: May 03, 2015, 04:16:05 PM »
    Monthly bump.  Will update with new stuff sometime this month.

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #21 on: May 21, 2015, 08:23:33 AM »
    Added three new stories.

    The Cabin


    Ark 13

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #22 on: August 03, 2015, 07:31:04 PM »
    One month bump

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
    « Reply #23 on: August 24, 2015, 04:48:31 PM »
    Added Vault Girls

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    Re: Aragem's Tome of Stories and Erotic Tales
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