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Author Topic: Minerva's Playground [Updated 5 Jun]  (Read 3734 times)

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Minerva's Playground [Updated 5 Jun]
« on: October 04, 2013, 11:06:52 pm »
Hello There!

Welcome to my little playground where all my ideas for play are laid out for your consideration.
I am still pretty new to this site so there could be things I have missed out so please kindly guide me and accept my apologies if I only highlighted them later.

One important thing is that I only do M/F roleplays and I am always writing as the female. Please also note that I only write in third party. First person role-play freaks me out. I don't really mind if my partner is a female or male writing for the male counterpart of the story but strictly not F/F play nor contact in my roleplays. I am suddenly curious about the F/F scene but I will only play it in a MFF with majority of the play involving the M and not wholly on F/F. It's not an On for me but it's something that I am curious and would be willing to explore.

A few key points about me is that I am not a fan of bondage but I like dominant guys in bed. Non-Consensual plots are nice but they have to turn into Consensual at a point of time or even subconsciously. I am not a fan of pure rape roleplay. Those are disgusting to me. I like to write multiple characters in my play and I like it too if my partner enjoys and is able to do so too because life is more than just two person.

Important Note I have a problem with short response from my partner.  If I give you 3 paragraphs worth of stories and you responded in one to three liner, sorry honey, you have just killed the role-play. In addition, what I want is to weave a good story together and not me weaving it and you replying in respond to all I have written. If your reply has less than 60% progression, it means my interest in the role-play is not moving too. Two to three continuous replies of such nature means I am going to drop the story sooner than you can count A B C. You can always talk to me via pm to discuss how you want to move the story in your respond. A good reply is very much preferred to a fast reply. I prefer someone who can match the length of my post and be descriptive in their response.

To know more about what turns me on and off, do check out my not so detailed O/Os thread.

My Active Timing
I am living in Asia in the GMT+8 timezone. I've decided to include my active time here so that my partners can have an idea when to expect a respond from me whether it's a pm or to our story.

Weekdays - I will be online daily between 6p.m to 11p.m (GMT+8) unless I am overloaded with work. However, I might not be replying to a thread because I am usually mentally drained after work and I'm only logging in to check on PMs and also reply 1 or 2 threads.

Weekend - No specific timing but I am more active and I tend to reply all outstanding threads for the week over the 2 days and you can expect me to post more than once per thread during this period if you are active over weekend too.

The above is just a general guideline to when I will respond if there isn't any unusual event in my life. However, do always check my Absence Thread if you haven't seen me for more than a week.

Ideas marked with Craving are those that I will be very keen in discussing irregardless of the number of threads I have ongoing at the moment. Ideas that I am not craving for, I might passed up the offer if I have too much on my hand now.


♥ One on One Soloplay Idea - NC: Human-Freeform
♥ One on One Soloplay Idea - Light: Human

♥ One Shot Stories
♥ Special Craving - The Neighbourhood Man

♥ Taken Ideas
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One on One Soloplay Idea - NC: Human-Freeform
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2013, 12:01:58 pm »
One on One Soloplay Idea - NC: Human-Freeform

CravingStudents Abroad! (MxF plot, Multiple Characters, Dub-NC, Age Gap)

The two of them were selected to be exchange students in USA. Both of them were Australian born Chinese. Jenny has a wild nature while Mildred is a quiet girl. They had never met prior to this trip and were slowly getting to know one another.

At the end of their first week in the new school, their new friends decided to throw them a welcome party. The theme of the party is Slumber. All of them had to come in their sleepwear and they should be as sexy as they can be. Jenny was excited about it but Mildred was skeptical about it. Although she wasn’t keen to join, she was dragged along by Jenny. Jenny even forced Mildred to wear one of her sleepwear to the party. The girls soon arrived at the venue which turned out to be a huge mansion. It was then they knew that it belonged to one of the girl’s boyfriend. His boyfriend was a man in his 30s and to their surprise, the party wasn’t made up of just the college students but matured man too.

Jenny had fun flirting around and getting to know all the new friends while Mildred sat alone in a corner sipping her cocktail.

Things soon got out of hand when everybody had a little too much to drink and it seems like someone had slipped a pill or two into everybody’s hand. Mildred was sick of the partying and went to look at Jenny, wanting to inform her that she was leaving. She was shocked to find Jenny in one of the bedroom upstairs, making out on the bed with their new friend’s boyfriend! The guy had his hand under Jenny’s dress and Mildred could tell that Jenny is drunk and wasn’t aware of what was happening. When Mildred try to pull Jenny away, Jenny pushed her and called her a goody two-shoe. Then she tried to get Mildred involved in it. Before Mildred realised, the guy had another two friends coming out of the bathroom and they were standing naked before her. It seems like Jenny had more than one man in mind for tonight.

For this idea, although Jenny is drunk, she wasn’t really unaware of the situation. She wanted to get an overseas fling and when the men suggested an orgies, she was even more excited about it. Mildred happened to step in and was dragged into the play. She would be a NC character here but of course I would make her enjoy the rough play more than she expected. The idea is for the man to actually want to pick up these girls and hence why they gathered at this party and the boyfriend to offer his house. His girlfriend would be somewhere in another room drunk and wasted and fucking another guy.

CravingWhen Mum Goes on a Vacation (MxF plot, Incest, Multiple Characters, Dub-NC)

Mum is away on a vacation and Dad brought his business associates home for a strip poker game. He thought that his son and daughter were away for the night but little did he know that his daughter wasn’t feeling well and was asleep in her room. When she woke up and came down the stairs wanting to get a cup of drink, she found her dad sitting at the dining table, stripped down to his boxer and another stranger half naked with his pants still on. Seated right between them, was a young lady having not even a piece of clothes on her.

Shocked by the image, she questioned about their doings and was told that they were having a game of strip poker. The male associate immediately invited her to join them and the curious girl joined not knowing that he was cheating with the dealing of hands and soon she was sitting there with an arm across her naked chest and a hand over her bare sex.

The idea here is that the male associate will make a move on her and she will be fighting but the female associate helped out by pinning her down on the kitchen table. The father would be objecting to this but was soon tempted by them to join in the fun. She will be raped first by his father’s friend and then the couple will urge the father to take her. Of course she will be powerless but she’s definitely loving the feeling of the cock buried within her. Once she is weakened, the guys can take her together until she fainted and continue the fun with the other lady. Or they can just have a foursome together.

Future game will involved him getting the kick out of fucking his daughter so he will be continuing to visit her in her bedroom at night or even bring her to social business event and offer her to his other business associates.

The Songstress (MxF plot, Set in 1920s, Dub-NC)

Set in the 1920s Shanghai, she was sold by her poor father to the owner of a host club. She was brought up and live the life of a  songstress. Every night, she would performed on the stage with songs in Mandarin and her foster parents were unkind to her as they only treated her as a money tree.

Despite the many hostess in the club, the foreign man only had his eyes on her. He wanted her to serve him at his table and one night as she was getting down from the stage after her performance, his men dragged her towards his table and demand her to serve him drinks. She insisted that she was not a hostess but a songstress and the men slapped her. He wouldn’t let her go unless she sat with him and drink with him. She did not escaped the fate of being molested by him.

After that incident, he came every night and she always had to hide backstage after her performance. He was furious when he couldn’t get her to come so he lodged a complain to the owner and swore to burn down the club unless she slept with him. Her foster father immediately offered her to him. She was raped by him that night at his house.

For the scene where she was raped by him, I would need him to tore her cheongsam apart from the top and slowly down to the high slit at the bottom. She wouldn't fight him since her father had commanded her to do so and if she didn't, he would beat her to death. Back in those days, woman were of lowly status. Of course she would react to the sex despite it being a NC. She would cry but he wouldn't let her go since he wanted her body.

Long term plot was for him to want her to become his mistress and her slowly developing feeling for him but didn’t knew that he was married back in his hometown and all she was to him was a sex toy in Shanghai.

CravingDisciplined by the Headmaster (MxF plot, school theme, Dub-NC)

A fresh intern teacher in an all boys school. Besides being teased all day long by her students, whenever she made a mistake, she got molested by her mentor teacher to make her remember and learned from her mistakes. One day, she was ambushed by her student and the tore at her clothes and attempted to rape her by the headmaster happened to walk passed them and stopped the boys in action. Bringing the distressed her into his room, he tried to comfort her as she told him all that had happened to her since she came to the school.

Unknowingly that she was in the hand of the most fearful man on the campus, she allowed him to hug her for comfort until she feel his hand peeling off her remaining clothes and pushing her down onto the couch.

He then told her how he would not tolerate a teacher making out with her students and he needed to discipline her by fucking her till she came to her senses.

After her unfortunate encounter, she was afraid to make mistakes in school for fear that she would land into the hands of the headmaster again but things were not going smoothly for her at all...

CravingLearning about a Real Cock (MxF plot, Virgin, Dub-NC, multiple characters)

The twins were out for volleyball camp with the school for a week. On the first night, the older twins started touching her sister and the soft moans attracted their coach who was on patrol during the night. When he saw what the twins were doing, he couldn't helped but felt aroused from the scene. He peeped on them for the whole night until they fell asleep.

The next day, the coach rounded up another teacher and the captain on the male volleyball team and told them what he saw. The men decided to show the twins what is a real cock that night.

Idea here is, the sisters are not lesbians. They are just curious about their body but when the men crashed into their room that night, they will be shocked and of course said no to them. But the men will used teases and foreplay to pressure them and aroused their needs. The sisters could be tied up together on the bed while the men played with them but I am looking for the guys to get their approval before breaking their virgin lips. No forced sex here. It's all about teases and corrupting their mind and soul.
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One on One Soloplay Idea - Light: Human
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2013, 12:02:23 pm »
One on One Soloplay Idea - Light: Human

Live Porn for the Husband (MxF plot, Threesome, Voyuerism, Interracial)

She had caught him watching a porn movie in the living room when she came home early from work as she wasn’t feeling well. Being married for 3 years, her husband had always been a decent man in her eyes and he even criticised his friends who were sleeping with their co-workers or surfing porn sites. She couldn’t believed her eyes when she saw him watching the very thing she despised. All those acts he had been putting up were just to please her and not what he really thought. In fact, just recently she had heard from his colleague that he had a threesome with two of his female colleagues in the club when they went to celebrate the successful tender of a new contract. She didn’t believed the rumours initially but now, she was beginning to felt as if she had turned a blind eyes on all the piling evidence in order to deceive herself.

Wanting to get back at her husband, she found two 2 black men from an internet dating site and invited them over to her house that very night. When her husband came home from work, she teased him and told him that she was gonna give him something very exciting and requested for him to allow her to tie him to a chair in the bedroom. He had thought that she wanted to do something kinky to him and was eager to be tied down. What he didn’t expect was the two large black men to walk into his bedroom and started making out with his wife right on his bed.

Future plan for this game will have her getting the kick of the threesome and her husband shocked that his wife was actually so wild that they would get more people into this game. For example MFF or even foursome.

Legal Affairs (MxF plot, Lots of foreplay, Con)

She's a young legal associates and she knew about how competitive it was in the law firm to become a real lawyer. In order to achieve her goals, she had her eyes set on the married partner in the firm.

She flirted with him in secret and even offer him blowjobs in his office, allowing him to touch and fondle her body but there was never sex involved. She had gained his attention and he was aware of her presence in the firm.

After months of cocktease and foreplays, the partner decided that he wanted her more than that. Recently the firm won a huge case and to celebrate, all the employees were invites to a two days one night cruise. During the party, he slipped a card key to her. It was the card key to his room. Together with the card key was a note "Use this if you want a promotion".

I am looking for someone to play the partner who is in his 40s and my character is a young graduate in her 20s. For this game, she wasn't really offering sex as she always stop him when things got carried too far in the office. She had thought attention was what would provide her a good start in the firm. She couldn't decide whether to sleep with him or not but realized that she had teased him too far so that's no way out of this except sex.

There will be many posts of foreplays and teases in the game before they get to the real thing so if you are one who don't like all the teasing and want to jump right into smut scenes, this game will not be suitable for you.

My Journey as a Social Escort (MxF plot, Materialistic but Naive girl, potential MFF/MMF)

She always wished that one day she could owned a branded bag or a pair of branded shoes. One day, she noticed her best friend had been buying lots of expensive bags and upon inquiring, she realized that she was working as a social escort. Apparently the job is easy and she doesn't even need an agent. All she need is a facebook account and post a few pictures of herself in her undergarments and if she's daring enough, naked pictures of herself. Of course she need to join a secret group where a group of rich businessman started in order to look for an escort. Half the agreed sum must always be transferred to her bank account before the day to ensure she don't get cheated and the remaining payable upon meeting up. All she needed to do was to dine with the men, go to some party with them or some of the clients were more direct in just wanting sex.

She will meet up with one of them and upon learning that she's new to the job, he proposed to start the day with sex to get her warmed up on the job. She was nervous but he even paid her the full sum prior to meeting up so no way she could cancelled the appointment.

This story here is for her to be lost on her first day and he will be making all the advances on her telling her what a social eacort should do to a man in bed. He will of course fuck her slowly and with care since he didn't want to scare her off. A naive girl thought that was what her job would be. Slow and easy sex. But on her second appointment with him, he treated her roughly and fucked her till she lost her mind. He told her that she shouldn't be expecting the same everytime. Everytime they meet, he wants her to show him what she had learnt and him to show her things he had never done to her. And of course gifts followed and he could bring her to a party and share her with his business associates while he watched. Of course he could get her friend to join them in a threesome. Lots of potential areas to explore.

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One Shot Stories
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2014, 08:40:37 am »
One Shot Stories

Name: A Foreign Affair Craving

Content: Con, Affair

Scenario: He went on a business trip to Vietnam and was warmly welcomed by the locals. They even send their new intern to be his guide around the city. In order to let him experience the culture, she decided to dress herself in their traditional costumes, Ao Dai. The costume completely enhanced her full figure, showing each and every curve in the right place. He was completely enchanted by her and soon noticed that she do felt something for him too. He decided to take a risk and send her an invitation to his room for a drink.

Setting: Hotel Room

Requirements: Any one who can write for the male character.

Other info: This is inspired by the picture of a Vietnam lady in their traditional costume. The man in the story must be a married man in his early 40s and my character would be an undergraduate in her early 20s. She was attracted to him for the fact that he is not an Asian where he was attracted to her for exactly the opposite reason. It would be an affair purely based on attraction and lust. The need for your character to praise her in the costume is required to show that he was first attracted to her physically.

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« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2014, 11:52:06 am »

Name: Late Night Swim

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Content: NC - Con

Scenario: She went on a vacation with her girlfriends but when she can't sleep at night, she decided to take a dip in the pool. A group of men came by and decided to strip off all their clothing for some skinny dip. She was deeply embarrassed but the sight of their naked bodies and decided to head back to the room when one of them groped her and pulled her back into the pool. That was when she realized that they were high on alcohol. They asked her to swim with them and reluctantly she agreed since she couldn't escaped from them.

Things soon went too far when they started pulling her bikini off and groping with her. Despite herself not wanting them to, her bodies were reacting strongly to them and she ended up being fucked by them in the pool.

Setting: Modern, Open Air Swimming Pool like this where other hotel guest could easily see what happened in the pool

Requirements: Just someone who is literate and is open to exhibitionism.

Other info: Inspired by the following picture. I am thinking that the party could moved to the girl's room where the boys send the girl back and get to fuck the rest of the girls in the group.


Name: Coffee Break

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Content: He is taking a break from work and decided to venture into this Cafe for a iced coffee. After ordering from this cute waitress, he had his eyes following her around. What he loves about this place is the cute and kinky uniform that the waitresses wore.

When she finally brought the coffee over, he purposely put out a leg and she tripped and spilled the whole thing over his pants.

Acting like an angry customer, he demand that she clean him up by sucking his cock clean. Embarrassed by the way he treated her yet with her manager glaring down at her, she reluctantly do it.

After the blowjob, he gave her a namecard and demand her to buy him a new pair of pants and delivered it to the address stated on it. What he had in mind is definitely more than just the delivery of a pair of new pants he could easily afford.

Scenario: Semi NC, Cafe, Office Private Room, Exhibitionist

Setting: Modern

Requirements: Someone who is comfortable with NC play and likes exhibitionism. He will pressed her for sex (threaten) once she is in his office and of course the window to his room is clear glass and everyone working outside could see him fucking her on the couch.

This idea is inspired by a real Cafe in California. Here’s some picture of how their waitresses dressed.

Your Daddy is My Daddy (MxF plot, Con, Affair)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Entering the college where almost every single student is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, she didn’t want them to know that her parents were just poor sales people. She realised the need to dress herself from top to bottom in branded goods in order to blend in to her peers. Unknown to anyone, she actually earned those money by providing phone sex services. She has a sweet voice which made her customers happy. She had never revealed her true identity and she felt safe hiding behind the phone.

But when someone new came into competition and was snatching away her regular customers, she realised that the cash is not coming in fast enough to maintain the lifestyle she was already so used to. That was when her favourite customer suggested to meet up with her and promised to be her sugar daddy. In return, all she had to do is to satisfy him in bed. She was no virgin and having sex with a rich man who would pamper her with endless of her wants sounds too good to reject.
On the day of her date with him, she received the greatest shock in her life. The man who opened the door to the hotel room where she had arranged to meet her future sugar daddy looks exactly like the father of her best friend in college (or it could be a boyfriend's father. Leaving the option open to my partner).

Hello Doctor? (MxF plot, Cosplay, Semi NC, Affair)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Her husband had been busy with work in the hospital for the last few months. Even when he came home, he always fell deep asleep on the bed before she could seduced him.

On their third wedding anniversary, her husband had promised to be home for dinner and she decided to set him up for some fun. She bought a sexy nurse costume off ebay and changed into it, lighted up candles around the bedroom and awaited for his return on the bed. When she heard the door opened, she posed herself seductively on the bed waiting for him to find her. But to her surprise, the man who stood outside the bedroom when the door opened was not her husband but his colleague! Screaming out of embarrassment, she grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her. Apologizing for her actions and attire, she tried to explain her reason for doing so. She was craving for sex but not getting it out of her husband.

His friend’s exotic Asian wife dressed in such a revealing attire deeply aroused him and when he heard of her troubles, he decided to fulfil her needs. But she wasn’t going to betray her husband. He knew her husband wasn’t coming home since there was an emergency at the hospital and he was to come to inform her about it. He decided to an advance on her, coercing her and touching and teasing her, letting her slowly submit to her needs.

Benefits of a New Job (MxF plot, Affair, NC)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A fresh graduate went for an interview as a secretary. Innocent and not knowing that to pass the interview for this big corporation, sex is an important chapter in the interview. Forced upon by the CEO and she went home crying to her boyfriend. Although he wanted to sue the company, she did not want to risk the chance of getting into this company after she had made such a big sacrifice at the interview.

Her boyfriend soothes her by trying to make love to her in bed that night to wash away the nightmare. But that was when she realised that her body is no longer reacting to the slow and lovingly sex that he is giving her. She yearns for that rough and forceful feel that she experienced in her interview.

She didn’t want to make the words of the CEO came true but she did went back to him on her first day at work. This is not only the start of her life at a new job but also a new chapter in her sex life.

This story will of course starts with her going for the interview but I want the rape scene to be short and sweet because I don’t like to linger on NC content. I am looking for someone to summarise the rape in just one post and move the story forward to their affair where he could teach her more things about sex. She will be the secretary of this CEO that had raped her so this give them more time and place to carry out the affairs.

Please fuck her for the Contract (MxF plot, Dub-NC)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Her husband brought her along for the discussion of the new investment in his company. His company was facing huge financial problem due to one of his partner absconding with a huge amount funds. If they couldn’t get this contract signed, it would means that he had to face with bankruptcy. During the dinner, his black investor had taken an apparent liking in her. He couldn’t stop looking at her and even mentioned how she had never fucked an Asian pussy. She felt offended but her husband immediately knew what he meant and for the sake of the going concern of his company, he offered her to him. She was angry and pissed but she would never defied her husband. There was nothing she could do except to swallow her pride and offer herself to the man for the night. The man was impatient. He couldn’t even waited till they got to the hotel and fucked her right at the back of the car while her husband drove.

When they reached the hotel, he offered to let her take a shower but little did she know, he wasn’t planning on letting her into the bathtub alone.

Long term plan for this story is that it wasn’t going to be a one time event. The investor will be threatening to stop pouring funds into the company if the husband do not meet his request. And that will be the continuous offering of his wife to him at anytime he wished to.

The Growing Specimen (MxF plot, Fantasy, Tentacle, Dub-Con, One-Shot)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Picture NSFW

This is a one shot tentacle roleplay so unless you are up for it, I will suggest you to skip reading beyond this point.

Labotary researcher was examining a new sea species. The scientist found this small sea monster that is barely bigger than a chihuahua in a near lake. None of them could find out more details about it. She had been looking it day after day but she couldn't get any information out of it. Her co-workers had been telling her that the creature seemed to be growing rapidly in size but she couldn't really tell since she faced it almost 14 hours a day and it looked just the same to her.

One night, she fell asleep in the lab after working more than 24 hours on a report when she fell something slicky crawling all over her.

The creature had grown so large than it was double her size and there eight tentacles spreading out from under it. Each tentacles seemed to have a life of its own. They tore her clothes and slipped round her body, practically raping her. It felt that there were eight pairs of lips, four pairs of hands and eight cocks all over her body. She was being fucked till she lost consciousness.

The next morning she woke up in the lab and the creature was back to normal. If not for her torn clothes, she would never believed that last night was real.

The Asian Housemaid (MxF plot, NC to Dub-NC)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This is set in the modern days for a very rich man. His wife had just sacked the latest maid after she stole some jewellery from her. After trying out various maids, the wife decided to employ a foreign housemaid. The agency recommended this Asian girl who would be willing to live in the house. The girl was originally here as a student but because her result wasn’t good enough, she dropped out from college and is looking for a job to repay her tuition loan. The wife hired her.

When she came, she was very hardworking and pleasant and the wife was extremely pleased with her. She gave her lots of freedom and even off days. What she didn’t know was that her husband had taken a liking in their new maid and on a night when she was away on a cruise, the husband sneaked into the maid’s bedroom.

Here the maid will not reject her master advances since she can’t lose this job that pays well. He made nightly visit to her until she began to yearn for his visit. When he noticed how she stopped fighting and began to touch and made initiatives of her own during his visit, he took things further by bringing her out on her off days to fuck her for a whole day in a posh hotel or even a resort. Luxury things she couldn’t not afford but he would supply her if she would be his mistress.

A Staged Gangbang (MxF plot, GangBang, Multiple Characters, Extra Plot)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

She’s 16 and working as a social escort. When she was returning home late and her parents kept calling her, she decided that she need a valid excuse to explain and no way she is telling the truth that she just had paid sex with a 45 years old man in a hotel.

That’s when an idea popped up into her mind. Still in her ‘working’ clothes, she visited a nearby club and flirted outrageously with a group of man. She told them that she wanted to experience a gangbang and if they were willing to help her with her fantasies, she would be very grateful. Of course the men helped her out. They dragged her into the corner of the pub and fucked her for hours.

After the whole staged gangbang, she went home and cried that she was gang raped on her way home. Her parents brought her to the hospital and all the medical checkup shows signs of multiple violation. They lodged a police report but she was vague and said that it was dark and she was blindfolded so she couldn’t identify anyone.

Weeks passed and school reopened. A new headmaster came. When she saw him on stage, she almost fainted. It was one of the man who had sex with her in the club.

She will lie about her age in the club and also the police couldn’t get any suspect since she was telling the truth the whole time. I’m looking for her to approach a group of man most probably in their 30s to 40s. Only one man will become the lead in the later story. The story can go on with him recognising her too and there can be more fun in school.

The Connecting Rooms (MxF plot, Multiple Characters)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Four co-workers went on a business trip. The two ladies shared a room and the two men shared another. However, the ladies commented that they were afraid of sleeping alone as they heard too many ghost stories about hotel rooms. So the four of them ended up with 2 connecting rooms. The girls took the one with the King size bed while the guys took the twin bed.

That night, the girls were bored and one of them suggested to watch a pay movie since they had never seen one before. The girls were amused by the scenes and they began to play with each other, touching a breast here and there. The men heard some weird noise coming from the other room and decided to check it out and they were in for a surprise when they saw two half naked girls on the bed.

The idea here is for the men to decide to help the girls out since they were both so bad at pleasing each other. The guys will take one girl each and maybe they can do an exchange or a four way. Plenty of options. My ideal characters will be one of the girls to be an intern in her early 20s, the other one to be an executive in late 20s and as for the men, I prefer them to be in their 30s. One of the guy could be the manger or something.

Future game can involved them getting back to the office and having more plays together while working overtime.

Who’s Fucking Me? (MxF plot, Incest, Con)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Little Ginny is already a grown up and yet her parents still think that she is the most innocent girl on earth. What they didn’t know was that Ginny had been sleeping with her uncle since she was 18 and the secret affair had lasted for a year without anymore discovering it.

Her uncle wanted someone to know and to share the pleasure he received from Ginny. One night, he blinded folded Ginny and tied her to the bed in his room, promising her new excitement for the night. She was highly aroused by the play and when she felt his hands on her, she couldn’t wait to talk dirty to him. She couldn’t see but yet she felt how eager those hands and lips were over her.

It wasn’t until he entered her and suddenly the blindfold was removed and she realised that the person who was fucking her senseless was her father. He too was blindfolded and had thought that his brother wanted to share a special woman with her but when he felt the woman’s body turned stiff, he removed his blindfold and was shocked to find himself fucking his own daughter.

Long term plot would be having him enjoyed the session so they will carried out a secret affair at home and maybe even meet up with the uncle for a threesome at times.

Name: Private Tuition
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Content: NC-Human

Scenario: She was receiving a tuition from her maths professor in the library when she suddenly felt his hands sliding onto her thigh. She was a timid student who would never dare to voice out her opinion. He kept moving his hands under the table, slipping it into her skirts and finally into her panties as he began to finger her. As a virgin, she had no idea what was happening to her body but she asked him to stop and he wouldn't. She couldn't even shout in the library for fear of others seeing what was happening to her. The day ended when he withdrew his fingers just before she climaxed.

The next day, the professor asked her to visit him in the student's office for her tuition and this time round, he hugged her from behind when she was doing her homework and he pulled her clothes opened and played with her breasts. She couldn't stop him and could only swallowed back the tears as he threatened her.

Things goes on and on as he continued to molest her at each session and even told her to suck on his cock.
A week passed and he finally took the big step forward when he pushed her across the table and took her from the back.
By then, her body had already been craving for it after a whole week of tease that she gave in to his needs without much struggle.

Setting: Modern, library, student's room, washroom, locker's room

Requirements: Anyone who can write for the male part.

Other info: there will be lots of molesting of her for a whole week before sex. He was trying to reduce her defense for him by teasing her and getting her all horny and then drawing back at the crucial moment. Never giving her the real thing.

Name: Birthday GangBang
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Content: GangBang, Drunken Sex, Dub-Con

Scenario: The girls were always joking about getting gang bang by strangers and even talked about gang rape like it's a joke. Despite all the talks, none of them ever did it. On her 21st birthday, her friends decided to give her the best birthday present she could ever had. They got her drunk before getting a group of men in the club to offer to gang bang her, declaring that it was her fantasy and they are trying to help her fulfil her fantasies. The men gladly took her into the back of their limo and fucked her while driving around the city with the windows opened for everyone to see before dumping her back to her friends at the club.

Setting: In a Limo

Requirements: Any one who can write for multiple male characters

Other info: This is inspired from this picture and the idea is for at least 3 men to take her into a limo and the men were supposedly rich men who didn’t mind having a toy to play with for the night. She will be too drunk to resist and all she could do was to follow their command and moan as her body reacts.

Name: Bang My Sister, Please?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Content: Gangbang, Bachelor Party, Incest

Scenario: Her best friend told her about how she was being gangbanged for 5 men during her vacation. Despite some of their friends feeling turned off and disgusted, she felt jealous. She had read erotic novels about stories of girls getting a gangbang and how they had all said that it felt good and it was a once in a lifetime experience for them. She wanted it. She really wanted to at least try it once.

That night, she told her brother after her fantasy of getting bangbanged by strangers. The siblings were close as their parents had divorced when they were much younger and the two of them had lived together for years until her brother got married last year. Although nothing had ever happened between them, they had always felt a secret arousal for one another.

Wanting to fulfil his sister’s wish, he told her about an upcoming bachelor party for his buddy and how they had wanted to call in a stripper for fun that night. She immediately picked up his hint and offer to be the stripper for free. She was finally going to get her fantasy come true.

Setting: Bachelor Party

Requirements: Any one who can write for multiple male characters

Other info: The brother will not be telling the bachelor about the real identity of the stripper so they would be fucking her until she screamed brother when her brother fucked her and that’s when they realised they had been banging his sister.

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Special Craving - The Neighbourhood Man
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SPECIAL CRAVING - The Neighbourhood Man

Inspired by a korean movie of the same plot but I changed a few details to my likings.

Quote from: Original Synopsis of the movie
One man and five women?!
Chic, innocent, sexy, tough and mysterious, take your pick.
Myeong-tae was a hot shot in a stock firm who had everything from looks to a hot body but was fired for a mistake he made and is neglected by his hot shot wife. The women in the neighborhood who are always at home for different reasons, start looking out for him. Monin the innocent one, Avante with 9 tails, Sportage and mysterious Genesis. Myeong-tae can't get over the taste of having an affair with them and gets busy...

And now, here's my inspired version of it.
The man was fired from his job and is neglected by his wife, so he began to get to know the women in his neighbourhood.

There will be 3 women in this story.
1. 26yo - Innocent naive housewife corrupted by the man
2. 35yo - Slutty housewife who seduced him into sex
3. 18yo - His Adopted Asian virgin daughter

For this story, I want a dominant man  who is perverted in character and who isn't afraid of forcing his advances on these women even when they didn't want it initially. (For woman 1 & 3). I prefer the man to be in his late 40s. There will not be any threesome or orgies in this story. This is purely his separate affairs. I will rotate the girls in this story.

1. Innocent naive housewife
Her husband never pleasured her. All he does is to stick himself into her and thrust till he cum and goes to sleep. She had beared with it for the 4 years they were married. She didn't even know what is an orgasm since she was a virgin when she married him.

One day, she was on her way to bring a pie she made over to his house when there was a heavy downpour and it soaked her clothes completely. He immediately invited her inside to dry herself but when he noticed how her clothes clung to her body and how they were now see through, he felt an arousal growing at the young woman. He hugged her from the back tightly and began to kiss and grope her. She fought and struggled but he held on tight. When he pushed her onto the kitchen counter top and began molesting her, she realized that it was a whole different feeling from what her husband did to her. He also noticed the change in her and he knew it was a yes sign for him to fuck her now. She finally knew what is sex. Soon this became a regular affair because she wanted more sex and he was more than willing to give her. He was in full control of her body.

2. Slutty housewife
She had started noticing him when he was jogging every morning. One day she suddenly called on him, saying there's a break-in at her house and wanted him to go back with her to check if its safe. At her house, he found nothing suspicious and it didn't seemed to have a break-in at all. But she clung to him saying she's afraid and want him to stay here with her.

When they were seated on the couch, she didn't let go of him. Instead she moved in on him, offering to suck his cock and then stripping herself for him. Of course, he didn't reject her.

3. Adopted Asian virgin daughter
They couldn't have a child and the wife wanted one so badly that they adopted one from Vietnam. Their adopted daughter is now 18yo and his wife had tight control over her, not letting her have a boyfriend and curfews imposed.

One day he happened to look into his daughter's bedroom when she was in the shower and discovered the porn video she had been watching on youtube. Videos where innocent girls were violated by man. That's when he decided that he need to be the one to teach her the pleasure. He slipped into the shower room.

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Re: Minerva's Playground [Updated 3 Jun]
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Added Learning about a Real Cock