Descriptive Writer seeking new games. (Male for Female)

Started by Rhynarion, October 03, 2013, 03:43:08 AM

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Current Status: Availible.

Before we get started, please have a look at my ons and offs. PM me about interest, to try and keep the thread clean by refraining from posting in it. Some of these plots are left intentionally vague, as I would like to hear some of your own ideas. Bold is the part I prefer to play.

Gates of Heaven: (Daeva x Angel) God has vanished, and the Archangels have begun a brutal civil war that stains the gates of heaven with the blood of innocents as each seeks to claim the vacant throne. For this story I would like to explore the notion that none of the Archangels are entirely pure, and each has their perfect vision of the world.

My character will be a Daeva - an Angelic being born of a different power then God's divine grace. Amidst the growing chaos, your character finds shelter in the shadow of his ebon wings.