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Author Topic: Gladiator's Cravings! Good writers wanted!  (Read 470 times)

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Gladiator's Cravings! Good writers wanted!
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:16:09 AM »
Hello all!

I'm growing a little bored, seeing as how my group rp's are going slower than a snail in the dead of winter, lol. I dunno if the people I have in them are just busy or they've lost interest. I hope they're just busy because I like what I have up, and really want to complete those.

However, seeing as that might not be possible. I have chosen to open up some themes/settings for solo rp's for you people to choose from. I'll also leave some links to some of the settings/themes to my group rp's in case you want to check out the storylines, or the threads themselves if you're bored enough to do so, lol.

Please note that I'm not advertising those threads, this is not a recruitment thread for those group rp's. My rp cravings though, do have to do with the settings those rp's take place in however.

Also, I am willing to discuss story and whatnot for the settings that I mention.

Now for the boring rules. I know it's a pain but, please look over them.

1. Please have good grammar and spelling.

2. Please be descriptive in your posts. The better I can imagine something, the better I reply.

3. Please for the love of god do not god mode. (if you don't know what that is, it's basically controlling my character, and deciding whether or not I get hit by something, say something, or move in any particular way. I hate that type of stuff, please don't do it. Minor actions are fine, major ones are not. If that needs clarified more, ask me and I'll explain. If you do know what that is and want to complain, I am not the rp partner you are looking for *uses the Force and waves my hand in front of your face.*)

4. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

I try to be easy going and understanding. I mean, we all have lives outside of the computer, tablet, or whatever we write on. So, I know things will come up, and that work will exhaust both of us to the point of not wanting to write at times. I'm currently working 4 cleaning accounts, 3 of them are all week jobs, and the last one of them is twice a month. I also help my brother with one of his cleaning accounts once a week. Have no fear, I will reply to our rp atleast once a week, probably more (Depends on how this newest one works out).

Oh, one more thing, if I have more than one person interested in doing a particular setting, I'll think about doing a small group rp.

Okay! Now that I've gotten that crap outta the way, on to the fun stuff!



(M/F preferred but, M/M will be ok too)

I'd really love to do a medieval fantasy rp based off the Elder Scrolls video game series. I simply love that series and while I wouldn't use any of the storylines from the games, I would use the cities, provinces, countries, races, and items from that series. I'd want character profiles for this series though, and yes I'd make one too. If you want I'll make my character profile a sample piece so you guys can see what I'd like. I won't do it tonight though, I'll add it in later.

Links: OOC and storyline for my group rp Elder Scrolls: Stormfront:

Elder Scrolls: Stormfront story thread!:


(again M/F preferred but, M/M will be ok too)

Like the Elder Scrolls series, I'm a fan of the Halo video game series. Unfortunately, they're just now starting to actually do something with it. I realize that really, considering how long the games have been out and going, and how bad/lazy Microsoft and Bungie have been when it came to that series, that honestly, they suck. I mean, the games have been going since 2004 or earlier, and they're only now really starting to incorporate better story and game controls into the games, and that's mostly thanks to 343 Industries.

Then I found out that they won't allow you to play any of the Slayer modes in the multiplayer if you don't have all the DLC, even if you have gold membership. :/

Am I the only one that thinks that that was a incredibly stupid move?

Links: Halo: Shot in the Dark OOC:

Halo: Shot in the Dark story thread:

Robin: Arkham City (I'll come up with something to add to it later)

M/F or M/M/F only. Prefer female partner for this one (the other guy would play Batman, Nightwing, or maybe one of the JLA members if the JLA is active during that time period.)

Ok, so the story for this one would be that it's been a week since the initiation of the Arkham City project, (where that puts it in the game, idk, hadn't really thought about it, lol) and Robin is out searching for clues to the new mysterious Red Hood character, and helping to keep the innocent people trapped in there alive. This originally was a fluff piece that I did with LoisLaneKent, and it was basically just an excuse for Tim Drake (Robin) to kick some ass and bang Poison Ivy, lol. Well, I liked it so much, I've been wanting to do another rp based in that timeline ever since.

Link to Arkham City: Ivy's Revenge story thread:

Other villains/heroines that I'd consider pairing with Robin (Tim Drake) include..

Poison Ivy (got a mad on for her xD)
Harley Quin
Black Canary
Wonder Woman (if you must, lol)

or any other sexy hero/villain femme fatales you can think of. If you wanna play a dude, just lemme know who and we'll work something out ;)

Alright, that's it for now! Thanks for reading!
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Re: Gladiator's Cravings! Good writers wanted!
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2013, 01:07:07 AM »
Name: Illindale Folvyn

Race: Dark Elf/Dunmer
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Good

Age: 300
Height: 60
Weight: 260 lbs

Appearance: Illindale has the dark gray skin, white hair, and red eyes that are typical of his race but, what really sets him apart is the apparel that he wears most the time, which consists of a black hood and mask both with the dark gray symbols of Nocturnal, a black ebony mail curious that is lighter than most armors made of ebony, and last but not least, his black gauntlets and boots, again both with the dark gray symbols of Nocturnal which aid him in combat and stealth. He also tends to travel well equipped, usually with a Daedric Bow that he received when he was part of the Dark Brotherhood, complete with ebony arrows that he bought mostly to match his outfit, and two Daedric Longswords which he calls "Rage" and "Regret" as a reminder to himself to not let either of those emotions guide his actions, or thinking.


Illindale is kind, gentle, compassionate, extremely (and some have even said unnervingly so) patient, sympathetic, empathetic, loyal, and calculating. In general, he tries to resolve disputes with diplomacy, rather than with brute force, or threats. However, there is a large part of him that loves the adrenaline rush of a fight, as well as delving into dangerous ruins, or caves. He loves the world of Nirn, and his ultimate goal is to explore it all to the best of his ability. He takes great pleasure in the beauty the world has to offer

Despite this however, he has a dark side to him, thanks mostly due to his past. If Illindale Folvyn had a button, it would be labeled injustice. Injustice to him is unacceptable, and irresponsible, and it was this motivating factor that led him down the dark path that his life took in his early years. Trained foremost as a swordsman and fighter, and secondly as a thief and assassin, he loves the thrill of the hunt, and the rush of the fight, this can both be a good and a bad thing, as he will sometimes take risks with his own life to protect his friends from harm, however, this also makes him overconfident, and brash. Used to being alone, he sometimes forgets to rely on those that travel with him when hired as either guide, or guard, either forgetting, or dismissing, their skills and abilities until a time presents itself in which they are able to aid him. Also due to his training as an assassin, he's able to suppress his emotions, becoming cold, extraordinarily patient, and extremely calculating, until after a life or death situation is dealt with, all of which makes it more difficult for him to be a team player, as he secretly prefers to operate in this state.


Gear and Weaponry:

Nightingale Hood
Nightingale Gauntlets
Nightingale Boots
Ebony Mail Armor
Short dark gray Travelers Cloak
Twin Daedric swords: Rage: enchanted with fire. Regret: enchanted to absorb health from the opponent.
Daedric Bow with a quiver of Ebony Arrows.
Ebony Dagger.
Survival backpack: 50 feet of rope, grappling hook, flint and steel, whetstone, 5 torches, 3 char cloth, 4 dried ration bars, waterskin, 1 large blanket, and sleeping roll.
more to come soon...
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