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Started by Katrina, September 30, 2013, 12:13:40 PM

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I'm looking for something vampire.  I'm looking for someone who knows world of darkness vampire the masquerade.  I'd play a mortal, who's turned ghoul and then eventually turned vampire.  Preferred clans are Lasombra, Brujah or Toreador.

I gotta craving for a mistaken identity and my character gets locked in an asylum.  It can be they lose a patient and she's taken and used as a replacement.  The patient is one they abuse sexually and let other patients abuse as well.  Of course, no one believes these events are happening nor does anyone believe she's not the escaped patient as the girl is a dead ringer perhaps unknown twin.

And finally, I'd like something premodern times.  Frontier days perhaps.  I'd play a widow who owns a farm.  Looking for someone to play an outlaw who stumbles upon her cabin that's far enough out they won't be bothered and he takes on the role of her new beau.