Looking for something related to MLP [Accepted pairing types inside]

Started by TheAuthor, September 29, 2013, 08:45:49 PM

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I'm bored as fuck so I might as well try my hand at picking up someone for a My Little Pony roleplay. I've had...mediocre luck finding the people to roleplay MLP. Out of 5 people, I've only had two that went much of anywhere (two just stopped for some reason and the other...I ain't going to say.). Ironically, the two that have survived have been two of my longest roleplays so far. So...I might as well try.

I have a couple of plots in mind--two semi-plots, one plot that combines the first two in a more coherent idea, and a forth...that I haven't really thought much of. I also have an OC that I would like to try out. There are a couple of characters I'd like to try him against, but I am willing to play against other OC's.

Also, I can roleplay over Threads, PMs, Email, and IMs. Please PM first for contacts over Email and IMs.

Also also, as a general rule for below, Bold means the role I'd like to play.

I should mention this, but characters can be in their natural ponyform, Anthro, or Humanized. Whatever my partner is most comfortable with since I don't have a preference.

**Pairing Types**
Male x Female
Futa x Female
Futa x Futa
Female x Female

**Plot Ideas**
My first plot I had in mind involved a Futa(Can be changed to straight up Female if you aren't into Futas) character of mine by the name of Telos and her two minions, Mr. Slim(A Slenderman) and Khrnous, have been banished from Equestria for a very, very long time, until recent events have allowed her to pass back into the happy world. Now that she's back, Telos is looking to have some fun and get revenge for being banished by Celestia and Luna. This is the Futa/Female x Female plot.

The second plot I've got comes from the /mlp/ board on 4chan and involves a premise called Anonymous in Equestria. Pretty much goes that the titular Anonymous(or in my case Kanonymous) is transported to Equestria somehow and now has to deal with living there. This is a Male x Female plot.

There's a third plot option that basically combines the two above plots into one where Telos pretty much sent Kanonymous to Equestria as an advance scout force to learn what has changed since her banishment.

I'm currently working on a forth plot idea that has to do with Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

**Pairings That I don't have any real ideas for**
OC x Any of the Mane Six
OC x Celestia
OC x Luna
OC x Any Background or Side pony
Discord x Chrysalis (I just really like this pairing for some reason)
Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3 x Octavia
Applejack x Rainbow Dash
Celestia x Twilight
Celestia x Luna

If there is any pairing you'd like to try that I have not listed, please ask. I'm willing to try quite a few things as long as the pairings match up with my pairing types.

As a final note, I would much rather prefer if people private messaged me instead of posting on this thread. It's just easier that way for me.