A little craving or two...(Dom Lady/Lord/Liege wanted)

Started by Inari, September 29, 2013, 05:36:11 PM

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Before you read my ideas please bare in mind the following:

1) I am a college student, gamer and have other stories going on. This means my activity can range from posting daily to not posting for a few weeks. If I were to take more than a week I will notify you. I will also be honest on what is causing the delay.

2) Please don't nag as this really kills the mood and the rp for me. I have a lot going on in the real world and would appreciate it if pressure about posting wasn't there.

3) I am not a grammar nazi but do expect average at best. I have dyslexia so I know we can all slip up, however, if you make it obvious that you aren't trying I will pull you up on it. Politely of course. So please be sure to proof read.

4) I expect a decent length post and my general rule is no two liners. I also do try my best to work with that I am given. You can see how I post from my games below.

5) Please don't meta game or god mod. It annoys me and spoils the entire rp for me.

With that little thing out the way, feel free to read~

Current active games:

Pharao Faring Fairly
The Magical Girl and Her Limiter
Man-Machine Interface
Hidden Agenda


~You will be mine~ Taken

Content: Non-con, deflowering, FXM, claiming, bondage... whatever else we can think of.
Possible parings: Princess human x furry/werewolf/demon
Title: ~You will be mine~

My character:

The Kingdom of Haven has always been a peace loving city that has acted as the hub of traders and art collectors. The ruler has always been male  the current one is both feared and revered by all of his citizens. He has had many sons, all of which have either been killed or banished for crimes against the state. However living with him is his is only daughter, who's beauty is renown throughout the land and by all who know of her. Rosetta is her name and since she is the only daughter and child of the king she was spoiled. She was given the best education, nanny, clothes, food... she wanted for nothing. Since the age of 14 she has had many suitors but has refused them all. Now she is in her mid 20's the king wants her married off and for her to give birth to heirs. His health isn't what it used to be and when he dies his land will go into chaos as the few sons he has will invade to land to retake the throne. So out of desperation and no longer caring about what his daughter wants he has issued an invite to all men who deem themselves worthy of his land and daughter.

The challenge is first to fight all whoever else wants such power and the fair maiden. Then after that the survivor would then have to endure fights with the best of the royal guard. If they survive all that they will win the position of being next ruler of this land and more importantly the hand of his beautiful daughter.

Your character:

He can be a prince of a neighboring village, city, continent, a bounty hunter or just a warlord who wants power.

Upon hearing the king's invite to win his daughter's hand in marriage and to be next in line to his throne you traveled days to get to the city.  You fought other tribes, kings, princes and whoever else wanted this fair maiden for weeks. After a long battle and being the lone survivor of all this chaos which has left many dead, you have been officially named champion and no one else has objected to what you are now entitled to. The king's rule is law. After being healed, you are now free to claim your prize. You have been warned that this fair maiden has rejected many suitors and that you will have to take her and make her yours by any means. All the king cares about is carrying on his line and by fighting you have earned his blessings and pride in joining his family. As long as she is kept alive and well she is now all yours for the taking.

So how will you take this fair maiden?

Pictures to get the ideas flowing: (Some aren't safe for work)


I haven't decided if this will be a one shot or long term yet so we can talk this over if you want as I have a few ideas if it swings either way.


I haven't decided if this will be a one shot or long term yet so we can talk this over if you want as I have a few ideas if it swings either way.

I will add more stories at a later date.

If there are any questions feel free to ask them. :)



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