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Author Topic: Roleplay Search [MxM, TGxM, Original, & Fandom]  (Read 526 times)

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Offline ultimategeekTopic starter

Roleplay Search [MxM, TGxM, Original, & Fandom]
« on: September 29, 2013, 02:16:17 am »
Please help me banish my boredom!

Current Cravings
  • I'm craving Brotherhood
  • Fandom Based!  Especially The Sentinel, BBC Sherlock, White Collar, or Buffy.
  • Give me an epistolary roleplay and I'll take just about any scenario attached to it.

I play a number of different genres and I'm open to other plot ideas, so feel free to propose them.  Anything military, political, or scifi will probably fly.

Casey at the Bat
The Baltimore Wreckers have a five season losing streak. There is little question that the baseball team is a mess. Casey a FtM transgender man has been in the minors for as long as he can remember. His stats are brilliant but the fact that he is transgender makes him a liability for any major league team that might consider him. The Baltimore Wreckers truly have nothing to lose, or so they think. They take Casey on the team and the backlash is harsh. A third of their players walk off the field. Once the coach convinces most of them to return to the field almost everyone refuses to throw to the shortstop. Other teams are equally hostile. Pitchers throw at him instead of to him and he has gotten death threats through the mail. Character B the new starting pitcher takes pity on Casey after he is hit by a pitch and injured. The young starting pitcher decides to try to befriend him even though it will mean his team ostracizing him as well.  Casey doesn't seem to be interested in his friendship or his pity.  After all, he's got some real sympathy.  There's a reason he's hidden his sexual orientation and HIV+ status from the medical staff, the public, and most importantly, the rest of the team.

(Casey's a character of mine so I'd like to play him.)

When Character A's parents couldn't deal with the fact that their eight-year-old was transgender they dropped him at a fire station and left him in reasonably capable hands.  Terrified and betrayed as he was his first foster home was LGBT positive and his foster parents, two men in their mid-forties, managed to earn his trust.  They got him on hormone blockers young, and started him on T as soon as he hit sixteen.  He decided that someday he wanted to pay their kindness forward.  He didn't realize that he would get the opportunity, in the form of a sibling, just as he was starting his first semester of college. 

Character B took the more circuitous path.  He ran away from home at twelve when he overheard his dad talk about killing gay people like it was justifiable over breakfast and his mum hum a noncommittal agreement.  He was homeless for a bit before DSS picked him up, and experienced physical, psychological, and sexual abuse at the hands of the foster system.  He's run away so many times it's become routine.  Now seventeen his old caseworker was just counting the days until he turned 18 and became someone else's problem.  However, after the woman's retirement a new caseworker was confronted with the sullen shell of a boy hung over and still shivering from a night obviously spent outside.  He wouldn't talk to her, so she couldn't be certain, but she suspected that he might be gay.  She presented the case to the foster parents who had done wonders in the past.  It was a last chance before the boy aged out of the system, really there was a good chance this kid was too street-hardened.  But she hopes that this family can make the difference.

(I want to play Character B.  I expect we'll have to double up to play the foster parents.)


The Sentinel
OC x OC; Blair x Jim; Jim x Blair; Crossover with Sherlock, White Collar, or Torchwood
  • I love the Sentinel/Guide dynamic.  If we do OCxOC we can do it AU where Sentinels and guides are known and heavily regulated or where they are the only ones known to each other.  Possibly a rogue guide following Blair Sandburg's research to help out a friend?
  • There's a lot that can be done with Jim and Blair.  Let me know if you want to try this and I'm all for brainstorming about it
  • Crossover would be my favorite probably, we'd take an existing pair and interpose the additional difficulty of Sentinel/Guide difficulty on them to explain some of their situation: Sherlock/John, Neal/Peter, Jack or Owen/Ianto.

White Collar

Peter/Neal or Neal/Peter
  • I'd like to explore the ethics of conducting any personal relationship with a prisoner in one's custody.
  • I'm a fan of a vulnerable Neal, and have noticed that Neal's time in prison is laughed off regularly in the series.  I've always wondered if that's half because Neal wants it that way.  Maybe there's something lurking there he doesn't want to deal with.  It would be interesting in dealing with Neal's and Peter's viewpoints on the allocation of responsibility.  I'd be happy to talk more about my thoughts on this one, as I have several clear ideas.

Battlestar Galactica

Gaeta/Hoshi or Tyrol/Gaeta

Jack/Ianto, Owen/Jack, Ianto/Owen

BBC Sherlock
Sherlock/John or John/Sherlock
  • I'd be curious to explore areas that have received extensive speculation in the fandom including autism spectrum disorders or asexuality.
  • I'd like someone who is either reasonably educated/experienced on these subjects or enjoys research for this one.  Blind stereotyping isn't going to cut it.

  • Mal, Zoe, Jayne, Kaylee, and Simon are on some backwater moon running to the ship with enemies in hot pursuit.  Jayne gets shot and Simon stops to tend to his wounds.  Mal tells Simon that if they don't keep running the whole crew will die, Simon included, and goes to put Jayne into a fireman's carry.  For some reason that doesn't work out and Mal sees no option but to leave Jayne behind.  Simon refuses to leave his patient on the moon alone, obtains a promise from Mal to see after his sister until Simon can catch up with them, and stays behind to see to Jayne's wounds.  No one expects Simon to ever return to the ship alive and Mal sees looking after River as honoring a dying man's wish.  Through some extraordinary act of heroism Simon manages to evade their pursuers and stabilize Jayne.  Without any means of communication Jayne and Simon are stuck on the moon, at least for a while, until they can hitch a ride out of there and find a way to get back to the Serenity.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Slayer x Watcher
  • This game will ignore the last several seasons of canon stuff, assume Buffy died for real, there's still only "one girl in all the world" to fight the forces of darkness and my character is the next in line.  Except either he's transgender (FTM) or he's cisgendered male.  His watcher decides it's probably important to figure out why a man was chosen.  The watcher's insistence on pursuing the issue annoys him but his Watcher has also gained his trust and respect.  We can decide why together and create some cool 90s style villains.  Also I want training sessions!  It would be cool to address how the gender of the slayer changes things if at all and possibly any discrimination he'd face from the Watcher's Council.


Epistolary Roleplay
I will almost always engage in a roleplay that is structured in an epistolary format, whether it is letters, emails, or some other form.  It is easily my favorite medium and can make for an excellent memorable roleplay.  I've been thinking that something involving gamers might be particularly appropriate to try.  If we do something related to gaming I'd like to explore escapism, preferably with a positive spin since it usually gets such a hard knock.

Forum threads and Email are both no problem, whichever you prefer.
For more information check out my O&Os.
If you see something you like feel free to send me a private message
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