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Started by Zillux, September 25, 2013, 08:46:19 PM

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my search thread.

I am looking for writing partner to share a role-play with that has a health mix of both adult themes and good old fashioned plot. I am also willing to entertain a more smut based roleplay. If you do want a sex base roleplay please make it clear to me that is what you want; so I may think the that mind set for you.

My writing style is based in drama and romance. I also love through in action and adventure. I am hoping for a partner that is creative and has a nice grasp on literacy. I am open to all gender and character pairings, including those between anthro and non-human creatures. I am into playing out adult most things. The only kinks I don't play out are; extreme sexual pain and torture, fisting, rimming, scat, watersports and vore. I can, and i'm willing to, play all genders. I am also willing to play as many characters as needed in the role-play. I have put forth a few of my own ideas below, all of which can be customized to your needs. If you have any ideas or plots you wish to share I would be happy to read them. I am busy during the week so my replies might get a little slow sometimes. I will do my best to post as fast and often as I can.

If you wish to contact me with questions or to setup a role-play, please send me a Private Message or post below. I like to Rp over the message system or a forum thread.

Really In The Mood For...

Role-plays set in the vampire, werewolf, witch hunt, super hero or medieval fantasy genres

The Role-play List

Vampire Rp :: Werewolf Rp :: Medieval Fantasy Rp :: Super Hero Rp :: Anthro Rp :: Mermaid Rp :: King Arthur x Thief/Mage :: Pirate x Princess/Prince :: Witch x Hunter :: Medieval Fantasy :: Dragon x Dragon Slayer :: Scientist/Government Agent x DNA Test Subject :: Assassin x Victim :: Alien Rp

I love fantasy and scifi role-plays. Feel free to suggest what you wish to role-play if you don't see it above.