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Author Topic: The tableau of Ko [M looking for F]  (Read 348 times)

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The tableau of Ko [M looking for F]
« on: September 22, 2013, 06:33:38 PM »
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Hat off to whoever started to use this forum to summarise their kinks and archive their story ideas and suggestions. Brilliant idea.

I'm making a cautious return after some time off. I RP via the forums or via PM, several posts over a week and sometimes in bursts.

Scan the concepts below and if any tempt you then PM me. If any inspire you to a suggestion then a PM is also welcome.

No longer available. Thanks for the interest. Why not have a scan of the stories below and bookmark this thread if any of them might tempt you in the future?

Story ideas
My goal is to note story ideas here. A tableau of ideas and inspiration that'll be updated as and when.

The darktek
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A near-future sci-fi in the cyberpunk theme set in a world filled with corporate greed and a growing resistance.  All citizens receive implanted cybertech during their first week of school. Only the uneducated are technology free.

“Dark” appeared first on vid screens as the name of a gang responsible for a mass shooting in London. Later the press reported that “Dark” was just the leader of one of the many global criminal gangs; or perhaps one of the mercenary forces.  Before the Hack it was reported that “Dark” may actually be working alone, may have been a strange religious group or the name of a computer program.

The Hack effected 70% of the world’s neural implants on day one. That figure had risen to 95% by day three.  "Dark" was blamed. Hacked civilians become unable to tell reality from cybernetic induced hallucination. Bankers donated their life savings to charity.  Housewives reported being the centre of gangbangs, spending nights serving a whole biker gang before blinking again only to discover they were actually at home, washing the dishes, and no time had passed. Two famous sprinters, the captains of the national male and female relay team walked into a TV broadcast station and had sex in front of millions. No one could turn the broadcast off or unlock the studio doors until the building’s computer released control. Dozens of countries have fired their entire collection of ground-to-air missiles into the sky, wasting millions in weapons but creating some spectacular firework shows. One university professor hallucinated spirits of warriors rising from the weapons on show in a local museum, forming bodies of heavy mist and raping her. One of professor’s students insists she was controlling the mist warriors. Giant companies claimed they had lost control of their HR systems and millions have gone without pay.

The world economy has crashed. There is no more confidence in banks or in the computer systems that have become required for simple day to day living.  The global criminal gangs are waging open warfare against embattled militaries and whole cities are falling.

You would play someone special. You could be one of a government unit set up to investigate the Darktek. You could be the leader of hacker gang or biker gang. You could be the wife to a husband who went missing in the first week of the Hack and who investigators now believe may be a person of interest.

The Sign of the Sea (TAKEN)
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In the space of one week your apartment burned down, you lost your job and discovered an inheritance you knew nothing about.

With no other prospects and curious about the castle in the highlands of Scotland some unknown relatives have apparently left you pack your bags and travel.  You know you’re not going to be alone. The castle’s caretaker is actually a distant relative too but neither her nor his two sons have any claim on the ancient site. Tradition demands that the castle passes down the female line.

Unknown to you the castle is home to ancient rituals and dark rites. Your long lost uncle is priest of some demonic religion and he, the sons and the whole village at the foot of the castle hill pay homage to the humanoid creatures that live in the cold sea below the cliffs. The basement of the castle is home to inhuman labs, cages of people, unfortunate travellers, as well as animals transformed into whole new species and horrors.

You will play the central role in a Lovecraftian survival story with elements of transformation or even furry thrown in according to taste.

The star demons
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This is a mash-up of an idea. A high fantasy world (orcs, elves, dragons, werewolves, tentacle monsters living in the moonlight pools outside dwarf temples) is transformed beyond imagining when high-technology invaders arrive from the sky in their metal ships. We might call the newcomers aliens but the residents call them the star demons.

The star demons are only a small part of the problem. The disease and virus they brought to the world have caused far more damage. The local monsters, catching the viral infections, have mutants, warped and changed in thousands of ways. Even the civilised races are prone to catching the mutating effects of the star demons’ taint. Orcs transform into thunderous beasts. Elves become tall, sinister, psychopaths with a hunger for corruption. Owlbears become more intelligent, more able to stalk their prey and play with their captives. Whole tribes of Kobolds have become slavers, able to raid villages, slay the defenders and drag away the womenfolk.

You would play a survivor in this torn world. You could be a hero or a villain, a human or exotic race, someone with power or a victim trying to survive.
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Re: The tableau of Ko [M looking for F]
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2014, 09:13:01 AM »

Dieselpunk pirates
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Bodies covered in grease and leather. Piracy with chainsaws and grappling hooks, diplomacy at gunpoint as nations battle each other for control of islands and trade.

It is a world where smog chokes out much of the sunlight, travel by road on great vehicles that bleach out clouds of soot is dangerous and travel by sea in ships powered by mighty engines is even more dangerous but faster and allows the transport of precious cargo and trade goods. Port cities are over-crowded, stuffed with soldiers, criminals and people who will do anything to survive.

The dieselpunk pirates roam the seas, some working for nation state sponsors, others simply in it for themselves to raid merchant vessels for their wealth or food supplies.

You could play a pirate, part of a successful  - or, if you prefer, failing crew. Or you could try your luck as a pirate captain with the hard decisions to make and crew to control. You could play a serving wench;  used by a pillaging pirate crew but rather than being left in a mess on one of the tavern tables, kidnapped and taken on board their ship. You could be a spy, sent by one of the naval powers to track down a certain pirate, you could be an engineer favoured by the captain for her ability to get the job done or even a merchant sailor just trying to make an honest living.

The legions of the sun gods
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The pantheon of gods was born from the sun and they raised intelligent life on dozens of planets in their system. Their alien races met as each planet developed space travel and technology but quickly discovered they had a religion in common. Four-armed Vertik warriors shared a belief system with human engineers and fur covered Crex scientists.

The peace did not last. As giant spacecraft built in honour of the gods explored father and further into the darkness of space they encountered other alien races. These races did not follow the right gods – these heathen races followed a pantheon born from a different sun.

The wars began. There were dozens of sun pantheons and hundreds of races who would battle for control. These wars have lasted a thousand years.

This is a sci-fi story of alien militaries clashing. It is one of battle, of dozens of different cultures, creatures, tech and monsters.

You could play a marine conscripted to fight in the wars or a loyalist who volunteered to defend her pantheon. You could play a rookie fighter pilot who gambles her life in dogfights each time the launch light flashes red. Perhaps you’re an officer in charge of a ground invasion, leading troop of mixed aliens through a dangerous jungle in order to raid an enemy base. You could play a prisoner of war, captured, held and now forced to fight perverted gladiatorial games held in honour of the enemy’s unholy gods.

Zombie street wars
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The outbreak was man made. It wasn’t a rogue state that released the virus but a wealthy church with a flock of healthy and wealthy families. These were normal people with jobs, kids, computers and cars. These were normal people who believed that the way to Heaven would only open after the final battle.

The plague did not discriminate. Men, women and animals all succumbed to its effects; dying, their heart stopping, only for their body to reanimate, changed and driven only to follow the most basic urges.

No one expected the plague to level out and no one expected the zombies to be so easy to program.

Survivors discovered that the body parts of zombies would merge if pressed together. A headless zombie could have the head of a zombie dog attached to its bloody neck if someone was prepared to push the two corpses together.

More than, survivors also discovered that the unnatural desires of the zombie creatures to hunt and eat flesh could be overwritten – providing there was a brain still intact in the body – if instructions were given on the right frequency.

A hundred years after the outbreak and the world is in ruins. Civilization as it was once is gone. Most survivors shelter in fortified buildings and are ruled by gangs or warlords with tiny armies. Wild zombies are a constant danger. Trained zombies, mutant creations of many body parts, and which have been programmed to be warriors, kidnappers (zombielords are always on the look-out for fresh parts…), steal or guard are the new weapons of mass destruction.

This is a future were tuning forks, solar power, recording devices and computer parts – anything that would let you issue verbal instructions in a range of different harmonic frequencies – are treasure.

You would play a survivor. You could be part of a small group of innocent survivors, trying to stay out of the gang wars and the hordes of zombie warriors they throw against one another. You could be a defender, determined to protect your home from the new terrors or you could be a fighter determined to get revenge of a rival warlord or gang. You could even be a zombielord; someone who has mastered the arts of building and training zombies to do what you will – but watch your back as there are many who envy your skills.

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Re: The tableau of Ko [M looking for F]
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2014, 09:47:04 AM »
Cowboy furries and dark rituals
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Capernaum sits on a strip of land between two deserts; the only anthros desperate enough to reach the town by crossing either desert are those looking to flee, hide and avoid the law or those attracted by reports of gold and silver in the nearby Princess Mountain. 

The town’s sheriff, a well-built anthro-lion, is a man with no past. No record of him exists in the State and yet, despite the fake name and the mysterious past, the Capernaum townsfolk trust him to try and keep the peace.

The town’s church burnt down years ago and now the raccoon-priest preaches from a rundown hut on the other side of the street. Rumours whisper of a ghostly lady haunting the area and preventing the church from being rebuilt. The locals also suggest the priest is too busy tending to the numerous strips of iron and protective circles of salt that decorate the graveyard in order to keep the town safe to worry too much about buildings.

The madam of the Shadow Parlour was once a treasure hunter,  they say, but now the black mink-anthro spends her days and nights looking after her prostitutes and the customers who visit.

Capernaum is a town rich with dark, dangerous secrets. It is built on top of an ancient prison, a mystical chamber that holds a dark and unnatural force. It is surrounded by Indian graveyards and the final hiding place of numerous dangerous relics.

In Capernaum the furry residents are balanced between the forces of good and evil, a collection of misfit anthros each with their own secrets and stories.

You could play someone special; someone connected to either the more active of townsfolk allied to either good or evil. You could be an undercover agent hiding among the prostitutes of the Shadow Parlour, a shopkeeper’s wife who is really an assassin, a treasure hunter pretending to be an ordinary prospector or an Indian brave in the town on a mission.

What doesn’t kill you...
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In the near future mankind is recovering from multiple alien and inter-dimensional invaders.

Contact was made on the dark side of the moon when explorers connected this world to another by launching a drone through a crater rimmed with mysterious metal.  The result was to plug Earth into the inter-dimensional super highway of inhabited planets with space level technology.

Contact was made 100 years ago.

It is believed that the first supers were created when the Xur aliens detonated a strange energy bomb in the planet’s atmosphere. The blast knocked out satellites, heralded the first attempted invasion and started a chain of unpredictable reactions as the alien energy interacted with Earth’s systems.

The wars have changed Earth. Most countries are ruled now by right-wing authorities who clamp down on freedom and liberty in the name of public safety. There is a planet wide state of emergency. Police states and dictators are the norm. Few people have the will or the means to rebel. Many believe cooperating with the draconian human authorities is better than weakening the planet’s defences.

Most countries welcome the evolution of the super-powered human. These supers are still incredibly rare; perhaps no more than one or two for every large city, but they make an incredible difference.

Only a few nations ban the presence of supers. Some suggest the supers are nothing more than alien spies.

You could play either a super or a mundane human in this near future world. Your super may be aligned to a government, part of an elite team that responds to national emergencies, a vigilante or even a rebel fighting against the control of the local government. You could play one of numerous alien races, perhaps trapped on Earth after an invasion or misunderstanding and now trying to survive or subvert the planet.

Dragon leather and manacle dungeons
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This roleplay would be perfect for anyone with a world-building itch.  Let’s create the high fantasy setting together.

Woolf’s Brigade is named after an adventurer who died a generation ago. His Brigade continues; replacing members as needed on the long slow and barely successful quest to find fame and fortune.

The surviving four members of the Brigade have come to the town of Halim. The small town sees adventuring parties four or five times as year, mainly in the summer, as heroes try and make their way through the neighbouring range of Silver Mountains and to the wild lands on the other side.

The Brigade have accepted a quest from Halim’s mayor. They’re to find out what happened to Merchant Salis and his wagon. It’s presumed orcs or perhaps even goblins from the Silver Mountains ranged out further than normal and ambushed the wagon. No one expects good news. Many in the town still wish for some news.

Posted on the signpost beside The Hawk’s Inn, where the Woolf Brigade rest, is a “Applications Taken” sign. The group are looking for one new member – someone to replace a Druid who died on their last quest.

Do you have what it takes to join Andu the human ranger, Gorak the half-orc fighter, Aimee the elf sorcerer or Alun the dwarf bard?

You could play any low level character suitable for a traditional high fantasy adventure. I’m not suggesting anything other than freeform RP but will likely use D&D5 for monster, race and class inspiration.