A Game Of Cards [M lf 3F - Light to Bon with Blackmail story elements.]

Started by TheVillain, September 21, 2013, 04:18:55 AM

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It started as such a friendly game of cards, something the kids of the old neighborhood used to do for sweets all the time. No big deal at all. But as the players got older the stakes got higher, bolder, more charged. At first they didn't notice that it was 3 girls and a boy playing, later they did but never did anything about it.

Now all of the players in their 20's and they know it, 4 sexually active young people who get together once a month for a friendly game of cards. Except this time it wasn't so friendly. A bad break-up of one of the girls, a few drinks - and suddenly the stakes are a lot higher then normal.

Now, as the last hand falls, he's won a lot of money from his female friends - but that's okay, he doesn't need paid up right away. In fact, he can think of a few alternate ways they can pay up. . .

Straightforward I think. A friendly poker game results in all the female players owing the male player a lot of money which he is willing to let them pay off with sexual favors instead of actual cash. We can discuss more of the plot.
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