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June 29, 2022, 10:53:31 am

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Author Topic: The Strange Case of Mr. Klimaxxx [M lf F, Sci-Fi, Soft-NC, Impreg]  (Read 862 times)

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The Strange Case of Mr. Klimaxxx [M lf F, Sci-Fi, Soft-NC, Impreg]
« on: September 21, 2013, 02:03:55 am »
Subject A498 appears to be a Caucasian male in his mid-to-late 20's in age. Current clothing is a standard hospital patient gown and the current cover story is that he's a carrier for a rare communicable disease. For the sake of proper handling, it should be noted that interaction with males is perfectly safe - but under no circumstances is a woman to get within arm's reach of Subject A498, nor should there ever be any women between him and an air filter of at least a class 4 rating.

"Allo? Someone is on other side of glass, ja?"

Subject is able to communicate thought that is ill-advised, especially with women. Subject does seem to be a polyglot - he speaks with a heavy Dutch accent but subject is confirmed to also be able to speak English, French, Spanish, Swahili, Japanese, Chinese, Russian - frankly we have yet to find a language Subject A498 doesn't speak and understand fluently, if with a heavy Dutch accent.

"I vear someone. Someone who has cards, maybe?"

Despite his rather unassuming appearance and presented personality, Subject A498 has been confirmed to in fact be a genetically engineered lifeform. On the surface the enhancements don't seem immediately obvious but one would eventually notice a sex drive comparable to a mythological deity. The medical personnel also report that when his penis is fully erect it's 30 centimeters long - just about double the normal human average. Large enough to expect major medical issues to begin to arise and yet it seems to function perfectly fine, reported to even out perform teenagers.

"Ears are burning!"

The strangeness really begins when you get to the biochemical level. Semen collected from Subject A498 appears Jet Black in color instead of the normal off-white, but shows enzymes undiscovered to science. Sperm mobility is peak human, sperm health is peak human - the few ways in which Subject A498's reproductive abilities aren't peak human are superhuman. When Subject A498 has an orgasm, he releases approximately triple the amount of semen a normal male releases and yet he'll be ready for more sexual activity in less time. On top of all that, whatever enzymes turn his semen black also neutralize many of the womb's defenses against pregnancy. Whoever made Subject A498, he was meant to repopulate cities.

"Ja, the ladies love what my cock does to them - is that a problem?"

Subject A498 also seems to produce an ultra-pheromone, transmittable through the air or through skin-on-skin contact. In short - women that can smell him become intensely sexually attracted to him, and women who touch him find him, quite literally, sexually irresistible. And there's signs that he is not only aware of this but has complete control over it. Thus Subject A498 has over the past 5 years, at least in effect, drugged and raped hundreds of women. Enough that the office estimates he might of fathered as many as 800 offspring over the past 5 years. The only reason there hasn't been a panic is that by the nature of the attacks the victims rarely realize that they've been victimized in the first place.

"Sure, when you put it like that it sounds horrible."

Oh, and how else would you put it?

"Let me start at the beginning, ja?"

Pretty self-explanatory - the sexual hijinks of a hyper-fertile genetically engineered male posing as a dutch porn actor. We can talk about the rest.